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  1. That's what I keep saying, if this rain was only snow. I'll be over the moon if we could get halve of the amount of rain that fell today as snow
  2. It's not happening here, I had a brief flurry earlier. All the snow symbols have gone from metoffice as well. Where is my snow???
  3. We have had a dusting, road and cars covered but not the grass. It's a start...
  4. funny, I just checked bbc and they have the same time frame with 3% and clear skies.
  5. The metoffice has me down for 40% snow on Thursday but I guess its very unlikely.
  6. I started to think that I have broken winter. I bought snow chains August and since then it's been warm to mild but never cold. It's good to read that the cold is on its way finally.
  7. Some fine snow falling here but not enough to cover the roads
  8. at this rate it wont reach us here in the snow starved east at all
  9. We've got some powder over night but nothing is really covered. I think the wind just blows everything away
  10. Me too, nothing over here, it's like it never happened
  11. I have some thing falling at the moment, tiny little white specks but nothing to get overly exited about. My location is pretty much smack bang in the middle between newtownabbey and ballyclare.
  12. just below ballyclare and nothing here, very disappointing.
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