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North Norfolk coast

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  1. I've got a dusting of snow here in Sheringham, hopefully some more coming in on the radar very soon.
  2. Don't worry "Sleety"with dew points below freezing, it will settle. Nothing has gone wrong.
  3. Always going to be the way, to many false alerts put out nowadays, especially express newspaper, makes my blood boil...lol. People have lost trust. Only this time it's looking like it's going to happen.Look east forecast online giving a maximum daytime temp of only minus 4 on Thursday.That is going to to shock alot of people.
  4. Wells next the sea is your nearest, just down the road, great fish and chip shop overlooking the Quay, you can't miss it.
  5. Ha!?I live in sheringham which is on the North n Norfolk coast, can highly recommend No1's at Cromer, just 5 miles away from me.
  6. Can but only agree with what you said,and how the weather models are looking, not seen anything this extreme since 87.A great deal of worry coming up for many both young and old, and those who are carers towards them.
  7. Yes I would kill that trip now, don't think the highway boys will be wanting to dig you out of the snow, they will be struggling as it is.
  8. And don't forget in the heavy snow showers there will be evaporative cooling going on, probably knock the temps down another couple of degrees, plus if you have already got snow cover then it will have its own low level of cold. Really day after tomorrow stuff.
  9. That is very insane, and quite worrying if you have no choice but to be out and about that day...
  10. Yes kinks in the isobars showing a possible trough feature moving through off the North sea.
  11. Yes I'm a veteran from the big winters of the eighties.With a strong east wind in place it will be blowing snow showers right across into Cambridge,likely to be heavy at times.
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