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  1. Had to drive through town..awful conditions i almost lost it several times..really bad
  2. I have to agree...i was driving at 50mph max on the a12 yesterday for someone to fly past at atleast 70. Snow on the ground and loads coming down. Most people and i stress most do drive to the conditions but I'd hate to read about a child getting mowed down by a muppet. My daughters school was open today..late registration..roads were mental around her school..wind blowing a gale...snowing...and people almost falling over..yet theyve only decided to close an hour early...after the snows cleared. Why dont they just say the rest of the week off to save people driving in it.
  3. She didnt go yesterday as couldnt get out of street but now snowing heavy..kce everywhere and radar saying strong ppn
  4. My daughter school is open again..same as yesterday 15 mile round trip for me...headteachers are heartless
  5. The ppn in the north sea is turning nw..and gaining strength. The other blob seems to be pushing further north. And east than expected
  6. That maybe the case. I was confirming that on the model/forecast 1992 was mentioning was infact in mm not cm. If you think the general rule is x10 then all power to you. However, i think you'v got more chance of me playing upfront for town than that happening...come to think of it i think most people could do better than who we'v got atm. I hope im wrong though and we do get those amounts
  7. Well uts -6 outside here..very bitter. And people are right. More showers..beefy ones are developing. Its very hit and miss which we knew it would be. Its not a single front carrying lots of snow. I havent seen the latest forcast but i suspect itll be more of the same tbh. Still exceptional for the end of feb
  8. Im pinewood so hoping my 6 year old gets snowed off this week. About time we built a snowman
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