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  1. Will be very interesting to see how the models evolve as we get closer to next Monday. The charts in recent days have shown perfection for cold and some for snow in addition. Surely there will be some sort of watering down? Cold is nailed on, now just a case of how cold. Snow - bound to be plenty about, but frontal rather just showers would be ideal. GFS has shown to deliver the former - have the others? Already had 12 inches here in Hereford back on Dec 9th which was incredible. Unlikely to see that amount this time around but any that falls will not disappear, even it melts in the sun and refreezes!
  2. That puts us bang smack in the firing line for that deep cold. It feels flipping freezing out today, but next week is gonna be almost of the chart - literally.
  3. Ice days less than a week away according to GFS. On another note, around 170 pages in less than a week, got to be a record!