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  1. Mo del s ,believe them beyond 5 times when there's cold weather forecast at your peril and as for each 6 hour run beyond 5 days is like putting trust in a politician Cold weather is here and it might get colder and snowyer but some of the recent chart runs have been unbelievable so let's calm down and enjoy the fact it's not mild and stay positive for better blocking in a few days time
  2. Because until we get proper blocking our weather will always be mainly influenced by the mobile atlantic and gulf stream
  3. GF'S has hinted for the first in while now some northern blocking at plus T 300 tonight which we need to hope is that in the coming days this is going to start to be repeated otherwise this winter will be remembered for again for azores block which gave Europe record snowfall and the UK for the picking s from a mainly northwesterly flow which dominated our weather till the start of February, let's hope I'm wrong with the latter
  4. Evening all, Looking at gfs this evening up to T 192 there is a trend for lows to keep tracking southeast bringing us mild then cold then less cold then cold with the cold periods increasing all the time ,beyond looks very promising as I feel we will see heights to our northwest taking control of our weather pattern in the last week of January
  5. ECM showing good positives at T 240 strong cold NW flow with even colder air coming
  6. Eastnorthwest

    Sky Bet EFL Championship Discussion

    Ipswich are in deep trouble ,120 million in dept,11 points from safety with the goal difference ,up for sale but with no buyers yet and so no real money to improve the squad, mick Mccarthy must be glad to be out of a thankless job working for a business man instead of a sportsman Such a shame ,and sad situation for a club which achieved so much under Ramsey,Robson and to a curtain extent burley ,if lambert does keep them up he will become the club's latest hero
  7. Lemon shaped P V I felt and I do have cow pats in my valley But interesting to note I zygote on sky news mentioned much colder spell of weather towards end of January into Feb so all still good
  8. P V lemon to hints of a spit is very encouraging and should now help build heights to our northwest in a week or two ,but in the meantime enjoy the gradual cooling zonel before the real fun begins It's still all good in the valley where the cow pats lay thick
  9. One thing I didn't mention in my earlier post was the AO keeping the same negative theme which is very pleasing ,what we need in the coming days is for it to head even more negative down to around -3/-5 then that should help our cause, but still all good in the valley tonight
  10. Gfs comes good from T 300 which is about the time we are hoping the reversal will kick in ,its still looks good to me
  11. We've had the SSW ,we are now waiting to see if it will reverse the winds and create blocking which should start happening from the 15th to the 20th,if not it will be a huge disappointment for all ,but we are still 9 to 14 days away yet so still plenty of time for things to change with the models , I personally don't take the forecast models very seriously beyond 5 to 7 days as they always change on each run beyond 7 anyway ,I am still very confident of reversal happening but like you guys it will be a great dissappearment if it doesn't happen this time round