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  1. Gfs has been poor for the last 5 or so runs isn't that a trend ?
  2. Well quote me if I'm wrong but 00z control run looks an outlier to me and there seems to be a trend with most ensembles going below average now the control run would do nicely !
  3. Ok I was wrong about the atlantic but usually in most cases when the US is cold we stay on the mild side of the jet and every cold spell the mid and north US have it just fires up the jet stream more I can see us just being in a zonal pattern with westerlies or south westerlies
  4. I really want to be positive I want cold weather but i cant see it happening at the moment especially the runs the gfs was churning out yesterday was as bad as it gets for us coldies
  5. Because its just the norm for UK winters nao is going to go positive I think and also the Atlantic is so warm and mild after that long hot summer we had
  6. Knew this would happen always does in this country we just always seem to be desperately unlucky when it comes to blocking. The ECM was the first to point out no snow at the end of November and bravo to it cool/cold then milder next weekend until next time ?
  7. Eyes down for the GFS 18z yes it's the pub run but interesting if it sides with the ECM or dare I say it upgrades further!
  8. I think we can be quite certain that next week looks cold now how cold we get is open to question.There will be a lot of chopping and changing on each run so we wont have any real clarity of what's Happening until around Sunday evening or Monday so let's just sit back and see where the runs take us ?
  9. Liking the snow maker in my location on Tuesday on the 00z GFS ? but of course this will change by the weekend
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