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  1. View looking towards the IOW from Fareham at the moment. A lot of cloud but trying to brighten up. Also some small gaps appearing to the north east of me.
  2. I don’t often post on here but Ice Man 85, I have to seriously challenge your views on people’s love for ‘extreme weather’. I haven’t read of anyone excited that floods, extreme high or low temperatures could result in death or even life consequences. No one wants anything like that! As for anything ‘extreme’ with our weather more recently, the temperatures cumulatively are higher and there have been a few storms with big rainfall totals, but hardly the extremes other warmer countries can have in such conditions. We are actually lucky to live in a country that our extremes are less so really compared to many others! Where are the hurricanes and extreme droughts that other countries suffer? Just look at the lightning storms that have killed dozens in India very recently! If anything, people such as the many homeless can get killed from a few cold nights below zero which is hardly extreme as one example! A first warm spell of the year as another can and does often result in tragic consequences when people take a plunge in cold waters! I’d also challenge your views in that it’s the same fanatics of more extreme weather that are the first in warning and raising awareness of any danger to those less informed and more vulnerable. As noted, I very rarely post but your views although with a good underlying sentiment, in my personal view (and others it seems), are without doubt misplaced at best.
  3. Currently in Fareham and without doubt it’s an ice day for the moment here at least but see clearer skies to the north which should start to thaw out the remaining ice and snow.
  4. I think they had to stop running a few weeks ago for a time but not sure about this time round to be honest. Either way hopefully people won’t need to be travelling far on a snowy Sunday evening -it’s more tomorrow morning which could be messy.
  5. Ha ha I know the area! Will be moving to Eastleigh soon...I’m not far from the Fulflood pub. I’m lucky my car has been in an MOT so will be training it to work tomorrow and won’t need to worry like some as quite hilly in my locality too. I see you have been missing out on the snow! Knowing what the bus drivers are like round here they probably will still be running if you still need a snow fix!
  6. Hellooo! Fulflood Stormforce~beka. and you? Went for a nice walk after watching the radar just after 7pm and it was great to see a top up covering only take 10 minutes or so once things got going again! Going to be carnage in the morning I think and hear that some places such as Battery Hill are already seeing problems with one or two abandoned vehicles!
  7. Snizzle now in Winchester (Fulflood) but it’s been a good few hours with a decent top up covering.
  8. Exactly what I said in quoting a previous post although in hindsight now see it was part of some banter going on! I think we did well both a few weeks ago and certainly this time!
  9. I’m in Winchester and can confirm it’s taken about 10 to 15 minutes for a dusting to settle from 7:15pm onward. We didn’t do that badly last night either at least 8cms. Yes there was a gap in the radar at one point in time (yesterday evening I think?) but negligible in the grand scheme of things really!
  10. Mr Bartlettazores

    Model output discussion - the beast arrives

    If this was to come off it would be exactly 10 years to the day after another deep low which passed over the country! Unusually deep for March from memory. Models do appear to be suggesting some sort of storm for next weekend but with finer details to be decided, including how deep it would be along with whether it would still have some remenants of the SSW effect with placement etc.
  11. No idea why my message is quoting the above can’t seem to remove it? Anyhow heavy snow for the past 20 odd minutes in Winchester bucketing it down here.
  12. Re freezing rain, I’m sure it happened at some point in December 2010 and the M27 near Southampton Airport was shut for a short time. Can anyone else remember this?
  13. My usual work route that Dean E! Glad I’m not on that this afternoon. Coming back from London instead today to Winchester where I hear the snow has pepped up a bit.
  14. That term has been around for ever. I certainly remember it used in February 1994 when we had a Scandi block and easterly for a few days then (interestingly back then the weather also broke from the south from memory). For me it’s no different to how Americans describe a Nor’Easterly or whatever it is. Granted it does sound more tabloid like however!