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  1. That’s pretty spectacular! One of the MO Senior meteorologists even ruled this out initially before confirming it happened. Also, there are reports that Brogdale Farm hit 38.4 degrees yesterday albeit not yet officially confirmed just yet. The BBC reported live from the site yesterday and it looks very much the same as previously with a thick tree boundary. However, when questioned on Twitter, someone of the MO simply said it’s not one of their official sites now so presumably can’t take the July record. However, I’d have thought the Stevenson Screen issues would have been improved comp
  2. I never said that we would reach 40 today or every year for that matter - that’s just taking my original reply out of context. I’m just saying there is an increased frequency of significant heat records, certainly in comparison to cold weather temperature records. There is a warming trend! Yes there are significant cold spells and records at times, but are generally less frequent and extreme at the other end of the temperature scale it would appear. I don’t think it’s fair to suggest from my original reply though that I was saying we would get this weather event every year - and again, a
  3. Yes I remember that as I follow AurorawatchUK on Facebook. I think they were very embarrassed at that and there were a lot of annoyed people. ? To get back on topic, it would be really interesting to see a study on today’s weather, temperatures and observation sites, a bit like the study for 2003 which Knocker pointed out.
  4. Quick question if anyone can answer...was there cloud cover moving into the south east in the heatwave on 10th August 2003? Did it put a lid on temps going even higher that day? I recall severe thunderstorms up in the north east that afternoon and it was cooler in the west. Cardiff had a predicted record of 34 degrees on the Saturday 9th but unexpected cloud cover scuppered that (think it was 30/31 instead so below the city record from 1995 which is 33 degrees I believe). Would certainly be interesting to know although can’t remember cloud cover over the south east that day?
  5. It was always about 60% so not really sure it would have had that favourable odds. Probably evens if the bookies would have offered but didn’t see anything offered when I looked.
  6. Thank you for confirming Rob K. I did indeed notice earlier on after it was on the way to claiming the hottest July day today! It’s a shame that there aren’t the Faversham (at least officially) and Gravesend stations to compare to previous heatwaves though - particularly 2003.
  7. Sunshine still coming out intermittently at Heathrow for anyone’s thats interested. I suspect the peak time for max temps is passing now however.
  8. I can confirm it’s just about clouded over at Heathrow now although amazing to to experience 100f temps here. Had some good strong sun for a period up to now.
  9. Hi all. I had an unexpected afternoon off so decided to drive up to Heathrow and am on official heat watch! I’m in Longford more specifically just to the north of the observation station and can confirm it’s roasting! Cloud is milky at worst and only for short periods with shadows always visible so maybe still in the game? Not seen the latest temps but plenty of clear sky around at the moment.
  10. A very interesting article and surely doubts will persist if the 38.5 degrees isn’t beaten today (although I think it will be). The previous record was Cheltenham at 37.1 degrees on 3rd August 1990.? I also recall Cambridge being an official site a few years back but also not sure this is now? Too much tinkering for me with the weather stations over recent years and in my view, with the climate change debate raging on, these sites must be given stronger protections (ie via national planning policies) and more closely regulated (eg no large trees or bushes within the vicinity that coul
  11. I don’t know much about the specifics, but I have just read that this site was closed due to landscaping changes in relation to the development of a new theme park. I personally think this station should have have been retained and find it ironic that Paramount Park was granted via Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project status in 2014, yet a nationally significant weather station in terms of its hottest day records (including briefly the UK record) in particular has had to close to make way for it! Whilst a fan of theme parks, I think some or all of the station could have probably hav
  12. It’s the ‘one offf’ comment which gets my interest. 34 degrees in Gravesend in mid September 2017; 36.7 degrees in July 2015 from a one day plume event; much more in the way of hitting 34 or 35 degrees as the top temperature over the last five years here in the UK. Oh and we may have dodged a bullet last summer since there was no southerly flow to allow 38 degree temperatures at the time. It could easily have happened. So don’t really think it can be called a one off. Ok, like getting snow at Christmas time, we have hit the jackpot (heat lovers that is) for this heatwave at the hottest part
  13. Thanks Rob K yes I recall that the 38.5 degrees was officially confirmed some weeks later with a monthly data collection taking place. Are some weather stations still subject to the collection of data on a weekly or even monthly basis then? If so, that could mean we won’t know of the official top temperature of these until sometime after Thursday / Friday... I also saw that the top temperature from the June heatwave in central / southern France was revised upward by 0.1 degrees a week or so ago so guess it’s possible?
  14. Pretty sure it was just the 10th in the end with a second push of heat! I recall Cardiff was forecast 34 degrees for Saturday 9th August (living there at the time) which would have been a record but didn’t materialise because of cloud cover...something which may of course have localised influences this week! Sorry for going off topic mods no more deviating now....
  15. I’ve read about some debate about the Brogdale site and the variables which contributed to the 38.5 record such as the sandy soils (and is it the same as the Faversham weather station or separate since Brogdale is not referred to when Faversham has often since had a hottest day record?). Regardless, it’s going to be scorchio! ?
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