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  1. tomwaters85

    The Great Midlands Blizzard 9th December 1990

    Hi, I've been reading the posts on this thread since the heavy dosage of snow in December and it certainly makes interesting reading. I have resided in Wolverley near Kidderminster all my life, and the recent snow was the deepest I can remember there in my lifetime, topping that of even the snowfalls of 2009-10 in my opinion. I have only rose tinted memories of the 1990-91 winter though, and none of the December blizzard on the day it happened (being just a nipper and all that). So in light of the December 2017 snowfall, I'm interested to gauge how it compares to the snowstorm of December 1990 and the snowfalls of 2009-10 in the eyes of others. Was the recent snow a comparable event or was 1990 worse around that area?