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  1. Surely you’d expect the west coast to be more marginal than BBC are showing?
  2. As someone with no experience at model watching I enjoy looking the netweather forums to see how the prospects of cold are developing. However, something that is really annoying me and confusing me is when such strong statements with the exact opposite meaning are put side by side. For example, all day long people have been saying the charts are showing upgrades but then somebody comes out and says that the runs are constantly getting more mild. Just thought I’d post this because it does confuse the hell out of me.
  3. Slightly confused by this approaching system because all the models look pretty bad for my area, west of Scotland, but the met office are only predicting 44 mph gusts.
  4. Surely the Met Office forecast is wrong. Going against every other weather service and predicting light sleety drizzle in spells while the radar show a massive band of snow heading towards my location.
  5. How come this show lots of snowfall in Scotland when we’ve only been forecast the odd shower? Is there a chance that the Forcasts are well off the mark?
  6. Reckon if this Easterly comes off next week there will be similar streamer potential to last time?
  7. About 7 miles Noryh West of Dumbarton and its very bad. Everything going through Stirling has hit us plus a good chunk of the Streamer has banded with it just before reaching us. At full pelt the intensity of these showers/mini bands really is impressive
  8. Been horrendous/brilliant here tonight. A good 10 cm minimum and the road up to the Naval Base loooks to be getting near being cut off. Could be major issues in the morning if people have to get there.
  9. Here, not far from the west coast we were told by the BBC (I didn’t listen to it btw) to expect 1 or 2 showers during the day but mainly dry. It was partly right in that we have had about 4 showers max today although it a shame that the current shower started over 2 hours ago?
  10. Good Luck to everyone today. I am doing well in the west so far with a dusting at the moment and showers are now getting blowen in here more frequently without fading away.
  11. Realky hope the Streamer works wonders here in Helensburgh because if it doesn’t then it looks like snow flurries with not much lying this week.
  12. Could someone please explain what a Forth-Clyde streamer is? Is it when the showers travel further inland because they’re going over water?
  13. Hi guys, was just wondering what you think the chances of me seeing any snow are, I’m just north west of Glasgow by about 15 miles. I am realistic enough to know I’ll miss out on most of it but would be disappointed if I didn’t get at least a wee bit. Cheers.
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