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  1. Wow, how typical that I would actually end up too far EAST for today’s snow! I’ve mainly missed out this far due to being too far West for the heavy precip to make it I basically live on the west coast.
  2. Finally got a dusting here! Nice to see as it will probably remain here for a couple of days. A couple of showers going through Stirling finally decided to reach here. Any idea why now? More of a flat easterly flow?
  3. Nothing here at all. Angle of the streamer all wrong, pretty gutted but looks like we won’t get anything lying. hope everyone is enjoying it though! Some of the totals sound very impressive!
  4. Anyone know if the flow could become just north of west? Right now everything is falling just south by about 5 miles
  5. Nothing here and not confident - all the warning are just east of here. A shame because I was just hoping for 1 small covering all winter
  6. Encouraging signs here on west coast. Not expecting anything til tomorrow but we’ve had very light flurries all day and a proper shower has now made it through here! Nothing to show for it on the ground but good to see.
  7. 950? I’m so confused now I know about 850s, 500s, 2m’s, wet bulb and dew points but now I’m lost
  8. What would be the difference? Looks less disruptive to me - but I’m pretty clueless so just wondering
  9. Out of interest which one of those events does this set up look more similar to?
  10. If only it was about about 3 miles west we would be in the warning Still in fairly content if it’s a streamer they’re going for. I’m not sure the weather companies are aware quite how much snow made it through here in 2018! 10-15 cm at sea level minimum. What is different this time around that suggests less intense showers? Honestly don’t think I’m being unreasonable to ask for 1 cm lying on the ground
  11. Would we be more likely to see upgrades or downgrades from here? Looking forward to this, good luck to everyone! Despite being in Scotland I haven’t had a single cm lying here since Feb/March 2018 so pretty hopeful
  12. I know it’s uncertain but do you think there’s a chance of a decent Forth-Clyde streamer? Yet to see a single bit of snow lying yet so this is the best chance! Hoping everyone enjoys the upcoming spell!
  13. Is that precip coming in from the east coast here showers or an organised band? Just wondering because we’d definitely rather showers for the streamer potential in the west
  14. Thoughts on chances for low ground near us? I was hopeful because of the stalling nature to the front
  15. I know it’s a while off but what do you make of the potential for next Tuesday?
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