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    Poulton,Wirral, Merseyside, altitude 17m
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    My children and my dogs,fish keeping(mbuna,malawi)working in the counryside ('which i miss doing),Wildlife documentary's, gardening.and extreme weather hot or cold. And i can't stand bullying. Everyone is good at something
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  1. My house is west facing, and getting a good battering, it backs onto a park so there's nothing to buffer the winds. I expect there'll be a good few big branches down. Our old American bull dog will be happy out on walk today
  2. Newbie!! Here. i don't believe them to be gospel. Newbie doesn't equal no common sense. When they post i read them as we have more of a chance of proper cold
  3. It is here's a better pic of what i actually got. Not much at all
  4. this is what Central park area got
  5. Were? You've no location on yr profile
  6. Its trying to snow again.
  7. We did get a bit of sleet/snow mix. Not for long though
  8. Finally got some sleet/snow mix. Sea level
  9. Just rain here. Think for my part of the wirral the chance may come later. It is a colder than early this morning though
  10. Lol with all the mistakes Vettel made last season Prince Philip would be a step up
  11. That will do nicely. Im not bothered at this stage what amount we get, our winter's been that bad... just to see falling snow will do. Edit Christ didn't realise that chart had been posted do many times.haha.
  12. Lets hope. And as above fingers crossed.
  13. Stupid boy.lol pikey get the shovels for down south
  14. Feels alot warmer this morning and raining . Roll on sun/'mon