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  1. On bbc weather said rain could turn to snow quite quickly as moves northwards into northern ireland. Something to keep eye on.
  2. Looks amazing. Had 2 minute dandruff shower tonight in East larne over 2 days. Like in a different country with everywhere getting snowed in. Great to see tho
  3. Do ye think that area will move up Irish sea across from Liverpool and Isle of man. On track if pushes up
  4. Nothing last 2 days but snow now falling. Light but maybe get heavier haha. It pushing further north.
  5. Not a flake of snow last couple days. Mad seeing other places getting buried.
  6. The easterly wind has picked up last half hour. Feeling cold now
  7. Ballymena getting snowed in. Typical weather always misses larne
  8. Do you see the showers on radar almost hitting the Irish sea from southern scotland and England. Wasn't expecting that. Might pep up a bit crossing the sea.
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