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  1. So here's a question JH.....living in the South East (Kent), at what point can I expect to rely on a forecast? Basically can it ever be certain , or is it just a case of only believing what I see out of the window!!
  2. Sorry for being childish.......but always have a giggle when I see a warning for Yellow Snow🤪
  3. As DRGL mentions (and to be fair), the so called "beast from the east" 2018 didn't kick in till late Feb and lasted into early March, and as I hear so often on these forums.....the models are not really giving up anything better than about 10 days out, if that!!!
  4. I know its exciting times with a SSW looking extremely likely, but as an "observer from the sidelines" for serval years now was wondering if anyone knows where "Recretos" (and his brilliant modelling) has gone?
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