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  1. Raintoday for the last hour has it fizzling out about 15 miles south of Reading, looks to not be pushing up here at all.
  2. Lol - me too on Tuesday and mowed it...didn't want any blades poking through my cm! ?
  3. Lawn mowed in preparation for 1cm, not having grass blades poking through it ?
  4. It’s stunning and had the foresight to bring the sledges! As you’ll know it’s pretty hilly here. Still snowing as well.
  5. Picked the right weekend to take the kids to centreparcs! Ended up in a sweet spot!
  6. They're pretty weak...I'd disregard most of what you see on it..Flakes in the breeze stuff, nothing noteworthy overnight
  7. Very true but tends to always be a bit of both. Lovely day today though feeling warm in the sun. Managed a pint outside at lunchtime first outdoor one of the year...and this week was supposedly cold and snowing lol
  8. Lovely sunny day here today feeling really warm in the sun...even managed a pint outdoors at lunchtime at the pub. Getting excited for Spring now!
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