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  1. Jeez. I can't sleep with this humidity! I just hope we get a decent thunderstorm in the next few hours as a trade off!
  2. You have said this before only to appear a week later-with that in mind you will be back at Easter
  3. well you got a lot more snow than me in the first easterly. i live 250 foot above sea level, but only had about 7 cm of snow. i guess being in the north west of London was a big factor in this. It has been a long wait for me too for snow, that's why I am desperately hoping we get more snow during Easter. i just fear when we go back to our normal weather pattern,we will be waiting another six years for a decent easterly, possibly even longer. that's why I will never understand people yearning for the snow to go. we will have plenty of warmth in the summer. London is not like the west of Irela
  4. yes it's a bit disappointing more snow did not fall at night,particularly last night when it was sticking readily. i would love if we got a snow event like they do in the channel,which dumps a lot of snow. we were so close to it in March 2013 and again this year. still people who did get a fair bit of snow this month, will be thinking what is he on about. Also even without a serious dump of snow,it has been an exceptional month all in all. we have been very lucky this year. i am just being greedy,really.
  5. Just very light snow now I would love just one more 10 minute burst of heavier snow before it all ends. Hopefully we don't have to wait year and years for another easterly blast after this.
  6. yeah it rare enough to see them. i know it's illogical to be scared of them. my ex liked them-thats not why i dislike them though. i guess it's a learned fear.
  7. Do you think we will get any snow out of the northerly at Easter?. i know we are in the least favoured position for a northerly,but if it was potent enough would the showers, if they got here, be of snow?
  8. I must be honest i dont mind spiders of any size,but I am frightened of rats. anytime i have to go out to the binyard where i work,i make a lot of noise before i go out so if there are any rats around they will hopefully scatter.
  9. you are just looking for excuses. we have had snow from a northerly before in April. its very rare,but so is an easterly twice in March.Now get that damn bra on your head and starting doing the funky chicken dance aka snow dance hehe. there is a guide online on how to do it.
  10. I guess its the last of the snow here for this spell and maybe for a long time. At least everywhere is white. I will go for another walk soon to enjoy it before it goes.
  11. but will it be cold enough for snow down here from the north? you might have to clean your bucket for six hours this time and do a snow dance. are you up for this task?
  12. North West London,Cricklewood. I am on my mobile so i log in under my real name. I post usually as Bricriu
  13. I think that might be it for my area. the wind has picked up again, not a good sign-means i had too much Guinness
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