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  1. We had a minor streamer this morning...but even though it probably snowed a couple of hours it was like powder and only gave an extra cm or so. We are on day 48 with snow laying here continuously...54 days laying since 1st December. Depth at present is about 30 cm, much deeper in drifts. Sunny afternoon and max -3C. Lost count of ice days...Pic of road near house- they stopped clearing side roads due to cut backs🤬.
  2. Well , we are the Eastern Highlands- We are just within the Cairngorm National Park - the boundary is the river Livet 20m below the house, at the front. Yes, probably beat this winter’s min tomorrow ; -14C 2 weeks ago. Radiative cooling will be on max too...clear night with a snowpack of over 30 cm.
  3. So far...outstanding! Today is day 48 with snow lying. Frequent snowfall - often not falling when forecast, but wake up to a few cms when they dont🤔😜.....Many ice days- today’s max was -3C. Total days with snow laying since 1stvof December is 54. Early December we had a massive fall of 38cm - brought a lot of trees and branches down as it was heavy, wet stuff- I know , as a tree knocked out the phone line! Huge drifts now- this ten minutes walk up the road!
  4. Yes, many places should see their coldest minima ....already -9C here at 11pm. tomorrow we may get down to -15C...or lower. 👍❄️
  5. Well, we need another 7 cm then....We have had snow on the ground since 23rd December. ! Models from now on showing streamers and instability for many on the eastern side of the UK. Looking at how it will pan out....up here we will experience higher pressure from Monday/ Tuesday so that will kill or suppress shower activity and allow winds to calm. Expect severe frosts/ Ice Days where this happens over snowfields 👍
  6. Don’t feel guilty...we’ve had snow all day here in Glenlivet. Max 1C/ dp -1C. Now 0C/ dp -1C. Pic from this afternoon...couldn’t use the paths by fields as the drifting snow has filled them! Meant to be passing your place en route to Aberdeen tomorrow morning...or not, as the case may be 🤔😜❄️
  7. Got to come past you from Glenlivet Friday morning- taking someone to Aberdeen hospital...who knows what conditions will be like then ! 😲❄️
  8. Hi there! First post. Here in Glenlivet, NE Cairngorms we have had snow on the ground since 24th December. Today another 6 cm snow. Travelled 10 miles south to Tomintoul to check on my mum’s place ( she’s stuck in Somerset until restrictions lift) and MUCH more there. Currently-1C/ dp-1.5C. Photos taken in Tomintoul at 3pm. Car said -2C.
  9. Hi all, just joined Netweather. Looks like most will get some of the white stuff tonight.....?❄️
  10. Banks of the River Livet, Glenlivet, Banffshire, Cairngorms. 245m asl.

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      Nice up there , welcome :)

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      Welcome!  Given that I enjoy a dram of single malt, I notice that there's a rather well-regarded malt from your area - haven't had a bottle in a year or two, but I remember it as being a lovely Speysider.

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      Thanks- only just seen this from 3 years ago....back on the site👍👏🏽

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