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  1. Steady light rain here in Herne bay for the past hour. I can literally see the grass changing colour so that's a positive in my book!
  2. I see what you did there but would just like to point out that not all Kent residents voted that way. I'm happy to receive more storms as well as our fair share of migrants 😊
  3. My ASD son is a sensory seeker and loves the stuff as much as his old man.
  4. All the better for the drifting...slightly too optimistic perhaps!
  5. A few flakes now starting to blow around in Herne Bay (2 miles inland)
  6. Back in the 80s Thanet had regular snowfalls. For the last 25 or so years the temps are almost always the wrong side of marginal
  7. Snowing now in HB albeit pretty wet atm. Perhaps even the Thanet residents may get in on the action!
  8. I'm working in Margate today and I can confirm it's the wrong side of marginal here. Mainly drizzle but some sleet mixed in.
  9. It's more than we have in H.Bay. Not a wet flake in sight here!
  10. Earlier and better ridging towards Greenland leading to earlier northerly for UK by end of wkend. Just one run but promising!
  11. Good news with tonight's gfs run. Next wks potential cold spell being b/fwd to the wk-end!
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