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  1. Just checked my accuweather app - what exactly is ‘a sprinkle’?! Never seen nor heard it before other than describing snow?!
  2. Is it just me that hates the Meto generic term of 'by and large' what does that even actually mean ?!!!
  3. Looks like the streamer / not streamer is still gonna be giving us sprinkles for the next few hours - it continues to grow
  4. Nice coating on cars that were previously cleaned off ! Still not settling on roads / paths which is really frustrating! If it was a little heavier I think it would
  5. Radar show stuff coming up from the south ? Guessing this is the circulation around the low ?
  6. Yesterday i was in a tshirt in my garden enjoying the warmth and sun! So whatever this mini east beast brings is a winter wannabe bonus - but - bring back spring asap plz. !
  7. Been snowing here in Cliffe N Kent for a while - finally the roads that haven't been gritted are covered - jaffa cakesing me off ppl driving by and ruining the picture perfect scene !!
  8. BEen snowing for a cpl hours in Cliffe N Kent - did have around 1.5cm but most has melted except on grass and cars. Looks incredibly wintery and to think I was having a cuppa in the sunshine yesterday!
  9. Plz tell stuff coming up from France now is just warm rain. Loved all the snow but now - my hubby needs to get back into London from a cut off village in N Kent !
  10. Heavy grauple for last 2 hours even tho zero echos on radar had passed - my husband thinks im crazy now !
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