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  1. We had a covering of slushy hail/snow last night which did cover the road when it fell but by morning it was mostly gone here.
  2. That's the end of the cold spell then! Happy for everybody who got any snow, unfortunately it was quite disappointing here. We still have time for another cold event before winters out and I would like that to happen but if not then I would love an early spring to bring the garden back to life.
  3. Some nice moderate snow fell about 15 mins ago! Heaviest of the whole cold spell Looks to be some more coming this way, don't know if it will settle but it's nice to see it falling. Edit: Met Office graphics have it stalling and fizzling over Avon area Bath weather forecast map - Met Office WWW.METOFFICE.GOV.UK Met Office 5 day weather forecast map for Bath including weather warnings, temperature, rain, wind speed, cloud, and pressure.
  4. Anyone in the far south of Devon might see some snow very soon Maybe a dusting on Saturday for where I live too. Anything would be better than what we've had so far really!
  5. Does it count as an ice day if the temperature stayed below 1c or does it have to be below 0?
  6. Just started snowing lightly. Judging by the radar it will be for a while but needs to be heavier to settle I think.
  7. What do people think about this stuff heading west from London? Will it fizzle out or actually reach us?
  8. Could end up playing into the Met Office extended outlook of battleground snow events in the south and west and more dry in the north and east.
  9. Yes really intensifying over Milton Keynes area. If it can just start moving then we could potentially get some good snow.
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