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  1. i would have loved to go and say how us southerners have not gotten snow for a long while but i suspect someone has already done it! @jethro
  2. Same here but for me I will only 100% believe it when I see it falling!
  3. people are saying we get a short spell of cold of early next week then more cold thats prolonged, how prolonged are we looking at if this is right?
  4. https://www.express.co.uk/news/weather/921055/UK-cold-weather-forecast-snow-BBC-Met-Office-weather-freeze ah! there we go - was wondering when they'd post that!
  5. shi* i went out for a 30 mins run and i have 142+ REPLIES ????! MUST BE GREAT THEN OR IM GONNA BE MAD
  6. oh wait just realised, i though you meant anywhere south of the m4 but no just the south coast it looks like on those maps
  7. these uk snow risk maps have no similarities every time they have updated today so it shows how uncertain this is
  8. okay i am a little more excited now from the gfs 18z!!!!!
  9. for some reason i don't feel excited, i bet its because of the killkoys pointing out everything bad in the mad thread making it seem worse than it really is
  10. im too confused again can i have a quick summary please, i think its still good but the ecm has backed off a bit?