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  1. METO and google are showing rain and snow for me this evening and tonight so I'm actually looking forward to it!
  2. Has to be the cold spell now and the one in late October...
  3. Wow snowing in the far south-east! It's the 19th of November!
  4. I'm actually quite confident that we could see some wintry showers/weather tomorrow night, lots of forecasts are showing it now. Just want METO to be on board with it too because they are still only seeing 'hill snow'.
  5. Same for me just some different timings lol! Kind of hopeit comes true though cause it could make for some great lamppost watching tomorrow evening/night.
  6. Get the shovel. I'm actually happy, it shows it for a couple of times throughout tomorrow night!
  7. Could be a Common Buckthorn, not completely sure though, has it got spikes/thorns? They can be invasive if it is a buckthorn.
  8. I think we should be getting some turn arounds back to cold today from the model guys. How can they predict what they can now (boring average weather) 10 days out, but they can't predict a cold spell 10 days out. It's pretty much guarenteed to change, maybe not to what we want but it's not going to be 100% perfect at T+240, in fact, it will be far from perfect.
  9. ECM back in line again. Could still be better but not going to ask for more until all models are back on board for this cold.
  10. Watch ECM roll a corker out tonight! *he said* But seriously though, I wouldn't be surprised if/when it does.
  11. Should probably cut my lawn once more as well, acer tree finally dropping it's leaves in beautiful yellows and oranges and reds. Since it cleared earlier it has been a lovely autumn day, quite chilly in the SE winds but sunny and a spectacular sunset!