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  1. I don't know but this might help: https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/learning/atmosphere/polar-vortex
  2. When I woke up I wondered why it was no longer raining and we only had 4.8mm out of the 22mm we were supposed to get!
  3. "UK weather forecast: Britain set for TORNADO HELL as 70mph winds and rain hit THIS WEEKEND" Jeez The Express can make you cringe.
  4. What a dismal day. I've seen winter days warmer than this!
  5. No we arrived on the 23rd, but I did watch it progress from at home.
  6. Amazing looking clouds whilst leaving Mallorca earlier today. I imagine they developed into storms soon after this picture was taken.
  7. Ewww! Raining here too but barely enough to even measure on the rain gauge.
  8. I'm actually worried for peoples lives here, I mean 30s is lovely but this sort of heat can kill.
  9. If that latest GFS run comes off next week (we all know it won't) I will be happy to be in a different country where everything has A/C because that is dangerous heat.
  10. I'm going to Mallorca next week and according to the ECM it's going to be hot hot hot!
  11. Bath's valley shower shield is working today, only had a brief spell of moderate rain at about 11:30 and all the heavy stuff this afternoon has split and gone round us or formed just after passing over.