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  1. In Bath we got very heavy snow in the start if February but I think it was very localised to the South-west of the UK. Around 20cm here! Hoping even more than that widespread for everyone in the depth of winter and Christmas this year!
  2. Having been to Florida a few times before and later this year again, I've seen a fair few thunderstorms and I can officially say that I have never seen that much electricity in the sky. Constant rumbling and flashes every second. Then the rain hit and some massive gusts of wind. That is the best thunderstorm I have ever seen.
  3. Very nice here, the cloud gives some nice breaks from the hot sun actually. Still very hot under the clouds though and gives a tropical feel it's so humid!
  4. It was pretty dark here earlier from the rain clouds and there was a nice petrichor smell along with it.
  5. I did thanks. Amazing going around Nicosia and crossing into the occupied Turkish side.
  6. Haven't been on for a while, just got back from Cyprus though last night at about 1am in Bristol airport. Weather there was sunny and hot most days, but one day had some very loud thunderstorms in the morning. Good welcome back to the UK also with a warm and sunny Easter!
  7. Expect no more than some snow on the mountains and sleet if you're lucky lower down. Some of us got very lucky with snow this winter, but most didn't. I'm hoping for a hot summer again with some thunderstorms mixed in. Cold-hunting for me will start again in November!
  8. Hoping for cold is pretty pointless and hopeless now, unless it's something spectacular, it will just be a day like today. Giving out too much false hope to people who don't know as much as them to be completely honest. You can see the hot temperatures rising up through Europe on the charts and the cold temperatures fast receding back to the Arctic now. Not expecting anything more than some rain and maybe some snow on the hills.
  9. Foggy here this morning. Looking forward for it to go for another warm and sunny day. Personally, I don't think there is any need to be excited about next week's "cold", it may have been good in mid-winter but seems very pointless in April and I would much rather be having warm weather.
  10. It was very heavy rain here earlier. Chilly out too once the front had passed through.
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