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  1. Very cold this morning. Slight frost on the trees and thick frost on the grass, roofs, and cars. Something which has never happened before happened too. We got ice on the windows!
  2. TBH the talk of this winter not going to deliver goods is silly talk because most cold spells I remember appear out of nowhere usually less than a week before it happens. Usually there is some background signals too like the ones we had yesterday so why could they not come back later on?
  3. Last winters snowfall in Bath, in the south, 50 metres asl. sorry for being smug, but I hope we all get this this winter!
  4. Hoping that the ECM will suddenly be full steam ahead for cold now and then all the models will agree with that tomorrow morning? It has happened plenty times before where it's looking bleak and out of nowhere we're back.
  5. Not all hope is lost, it could only take another 24 hours to flip back the other way. It has happened before.
  6. Yes was just about to say that on the uksnowmap.com website, there is reports of snow beginning to settle in Okehampton! Weather isn't calling for it so we could be in for some surprises later who knows?
  7. Had a bit of a bumpy landing into Bristol Airport today! So sad coming back to such a cold and windy place . 11c and has been raining and windy since I got back. It was 25c yesterday in Ibiza.
  8. In Bath we got very heavy snow in the start if February but I think it was very localised to the South-west of the UK. Around 20cm here! Hoping even more than that widespread for everyone in the depth of winter and Christmas this year!
  9. Having been to Florida a few times before and later this year again, I've seen a fair few thunderstorms and I can officially say that I have never seen that much electricity in the sky. Constant rumbling and flashes every second. Then the rain hit and some massive gusts of wind. That is the best thunderstorm I have ever seen.
  10. Very nice here, the cloud gives some nice breaks from the hot sun actually. Still very hot under the clouds though and gives a tropical feel it's so humid!
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