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  1. It's true long range models were actually going for a back-loaded winter and the temperatures have just started going below average and I wouldn't be surprised if they remain so and possibly much colder than average at times for the rest of the winter season. Seeing as the last 2 major cold spells were in March (2018, 2013) I have moved spring to April now because we still have a good chance of getting snow. They say a White Easter is actually more likely than a White Christmas in the UK. Just annoying though as once you pass mid-February, snow melt starts becoming a problem. We need some cold soon if we want get the most out of it!!!
  2. A couple weeks back I did the maths in my regional thread based on when we had those cold days at the start of January, I worked out how long it took to arrive verses how long it was forecasted. I then did the same thing with the amazing charts we where seeing in Fl and worked out that the cold should start on the 27th of January. It was obviously a joke at first but now next week's easterlies are off the cards it might actually happen!
  3. I know it makes me quite sad as I know everybody wants to get a long but they let this get the better of them. Everyone is nice in the regional threads though On a bright note: we have the happy reaction back!
  4. What makes this model wobble even more odd is that the NAO is now forecasted to be negative: Snippet from Gav's video -
  5. True, it can be very misleading in there sometimes and part of me still believes there will be a cold spell, but the endless IMBY people and contradicting posts really confuse me sometimes.
  6. Well... that cold spell disappeared quite quickly. Odds on the ECM producing a BOOM chart next? At least I'm going to the Alps for snow in Februrary now because I can't be bothered to be in the UK in winters like this.
  7. Was quite sleety here for a bit, very thick raindrops landing in little bits of ice on the windscreen. Next Monday night/Tuesday morning is our next best bet.
  8. First flake on the season. I had it wide open to lamppost watch and a big ice blob fell onto the window. Just one. But still counts I'd say! Hoping for some more later as the dew point is still below freezing here.
  9. I remember that day! I spent all of it being sick inside That was the last proper snow fall before March 2018.
  10. Just went outside and saw my mum's plane flying to Amsterdam for a winter city break and I could feel the chill of the cold. Forecast shows it being this cold and colder with snow for ages! 1.7°C with light north-easterly winds.
  11. This pleased me, and it should please you too! Imagine if we had snow next Tuesday...
  12. Strange how quickly this cold weather crept up on us, probably something to do with no cross model agreement about it until last night! Looks like possible heavy snow next Tuesday and maybe a little bit tomorrow evening...