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  1. Yes we had that, is it a sort of a damp, seaside sort of weird smell?
  2. Woohoo! First rumble of the day. A good one too!
  3. Rain's past now, it gave 2.6mm with a maximum intensity of 19.8mm/hr. But very dark outside now as the clouds have now blocked off the sun!
  4. Very dark here too and getting big gusts of wind now.
  5. Second thunderstorm this way now. Please hit us!
  6. That giant cloud that was coming over an 1 hour gave nothing! New showers coming, praying these don't miss us by a mile too!
  7. Strike just north of here about 10 miles, didn't hear it though but it is on lightningmaps.org
  8. Should be raining at my location but it isn't?
  9. If so, what time are we looking at fir the best t-showers/storms?
  10. We've gone from a great winter and early spring snow to a great summer.
  11. These thunderstorms on Monday could really be big!
  12. Met o and Google have me down for thunderstorms Monday!