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  1. There was about 5 mins of heavy rain in Bath, lots of thunder and about 5 or 6 flashes in the past few minutes. Looks like there is some more to come later as well by the radar...
  2. Had some very heavy rain last night. It sounded like we were in the attic on the ground floor! Possibly was hailing but couldn't quite see as the streetlights dim after midnight.
  3. It's been very nice weather today. 22c max and mostly sunny - some periods with high level clouds. I also have a question that is not weather related (sorry) - somebody in my close family got a sore throat and cough recently, they still have it, but I also have one now. Do you think it could be corona?
  4. Hottest day of the year so far today - 24.1c and probably will be slightly higher for the maximum temp. Quarantine should fly by if all the days are like this!
  5. Did have some snow today mixed in to a heavy rain shower. The others were sleet and hail.
  6. Was not expecting snow today! Just had a heavy rain shower which turned to snow for a few minutes!
  7. Just sleet for me this morning but friends said that there was some before I woke up. The hills to the north looks a bit white as well.
  8. There will definitely be showers about but according to the forecasts they will be on high ground - but you could get lucky... ?? All I've had today is a graupel shower for 2 minutes at about 5pm and some heavy rain with occasional sleety bits for about 10 minutes at 2pm.
  9. Sad to think that one year ago it was snowing so much and we have hardly had anything this year. Oh well, still 2 months left until I want it to be hot again.
  10. Some sleet in Bath under some clouds that were so dark the streetlights should've been on and then some hail just a minute ago. I saw a photo of by the uni on the hills near Bath and there was no accumulation but some actual snowfall there today.
  11. I'm cautiously optimistic but at least I actually got some in November and the south-west was the only place to get a big snowfall last year I think. So we've been luckier than most I guess. ? Yeah I just hope we get something else, even if it is small - though a proper cold and snow event would obviously be better. Sometimes they can creep up out of nowhere on the models maybe that will happen again. Always the chance of a cold March again but I'm not going to get excited for something until it's actually happening so I can't get disappointed. ?
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