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  1. Normally head to the ensembles for clarity , but the EPS and GEFS are flipping from one run to the next
  2. A split in the middle to lower strat is forecast tomorrow , will be interesting to see how this now plays out with the models in the coming days
  3. How can a week of below average temperature be described as ‘cool’ in winter ? That’s a contradiction in itself ? Curious anomaly on this forum , people with snow in the username seem to want anything but
  4. It was the night before Christmas and the strat was beginning to stir, While the cold was incoming where is Steve Murr? Will it or won’t it , a split or displacement, Let’s hope it results in two foot on the pavement Catacol called it , Crewe said we couldn’t avoid it, Let’s hope it doesn’t go down the damn toilet. A very strange year , could end with a grin from ear to ear, Let’s hope the GFS isn’t hammering the Beer. The first week of Jan , Chino could be in his element The weather gods eying an historical development From Sussex short-waves , to marginal uppers, Santa is downing his multitude of suppers We are all in the same game , no matter the username, These model runs are so difficult to tame. We wish for hot we wish for cold, But the chase from year to year will never get old. We salute the regular posters , too many to mention, For giving us such fun , and 00z runs full of tension. We welcome new members , in this strangest of December’s. Spare a thought for the gone , many of us have at least one Onwards we go, Snow Angels in Snow. It’s time for me to go, Let’s hope this post avoids the mods saying no! Merry Christmas to everyone , have a safe festive period and thanks to everyone for their input this year
  5. This is an intriguing question .... But I also have one of my own , are we seeing these eye candy trop scenarios because the GFS is seeing a SSW ? I shall pass that onto Crewe and Scott , the more experienced and knowledgeable
  6. Basically the 00z has finally had enough of being called the ‘downgrade run’ and has spat out a historical masterpiece ! Fully enjoyable run what happened out west certainly was the best this morning
  7. Not a bad perch to be sitting on , in only the second day of meteorological winter eh crewe
  8. Indeed , And when it theoretically should be rampant , the vortex is marmalized
  9. The 1% battery life he has had on his phone the last two years has finally ran out
  10. Clearly knows his sweets , but Christ is he cryptic !
  11. They also could be suggesting it’s not seeing a ‘technical’ SSW but it may well be seeing a warming event ? Was a bit vague in that regard
  12. Love the confidence ? , the Met Office weekly show on twitter today noted that their Glosea model isn’t seeing a SSW , only the American model’ is , interesting times
  13. Not a million miles off yesterday’s super UKMO 12z either
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