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  1. Indeed, that'll certainly be a memorable St Davids Day that people will remember for many years probably here in Wales
  2. Hope not or we'd never get a decent summer without it
  3. Jonathan Rhodri Roberts

    Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    I'm not too surprised tbh as Derek did mention this last night.......
  4. Jonathan Rhodri Roberts

    Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    Some heavy freezing rain showing up for parts of mid & South Wales on the GFS 12z
  5. Jonathan Rhodri Roberts

    Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    Lol when Barry Island gets full there'll be plenty of room in Porthcawl, perhaps Trecco Bay will leave you stay in the caravans having said that, I'll be in Tenby staying at a friend's house
  6. Jonathan Rhodri Roberts

    Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    Awesome I've seen photos like that from the 80's with big snow drifts over cars in John st (the main shopping street) I was too young to remember though. I remember some decent snow around in the 90's and 2010. Last March's snow was good but melted quickly here
  7. Jonathan Rhodri Roberts

    Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    That's a great snow map, is it from an app or a website?
  8. Jonathan Rhodri Roberts

    Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    Same with me lol, I'm in Porthcawl so I expect it'll mean just the cold old rain for us especially as the sea is still relatively mild @ 9C lets hope February will deliver that's usually our best chance followed by March for some years
  9. Jonathan Rhodri Roberts

    Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    Plenty of snow around next Tuesday (away from the far south of Wales) this gives either an indication that it's coming from the north and the Brecon Beacons and other mountains are blocking/reducing the amount of snow from reaching the far south as often happens in northerly airflow or it could be because the sea temperatures are still around 8-9C making any snow turn back to rain/sleet near the coast
  10. GFS 12z brings rain and milder air back by Friday across the SW then by the early hours of Saturday the centre of the low is just off south Pembrokeshire, behind it a somewhat cooler airflow with some further showers, wintry in places, at this stage high pressure builds again by Sunday though to give a drier day for many.
  11. GFS Para has a big difference in 850mb temperatures across the entire country between the 6z and 12z in FI (22nd Jan)!!
  12. GFS 18z disappointing to say the least, apart from some brief colder air it seems to be dominated by mild air in southern, western and especially south western areas next week with temperatures once again up to 12C Sunday afternoon like last weekend here on the south coast of Wales. Problem is all this frequent relatively mild air is keeping the sea temperatures up which may actually hinder our snow chances
  13. GFS 12z has some tightly packed isobars in western & southwestern UK & Ireland by the end of next week, SW gales initially but the potential for severe W or NW gales as the centre of a low moves southeastwards from Ireland across into Wales then over to the SE coast of England taking the strong winds with it. A lot different to the past 2-3 weeks that's for sure!
  14. Ah now that's a tad gutting the GFS Para 12z has lost the channel low next Wed and replaced it with one over NE Scotland and as a result, the snowline has moved further inland so just the plain old rain (for now) for many coastal areas and central & eastern areas (away from western & northern Scotland) on the latest GFS Para which is a big difference to 6z
  15. Oh wow 7 foot! I know Laura street as I have a friend living close by in Princess st. I saw some photos of the drifts last March in the Rhondda and they were up over the cars, but it wasn't as bad as we were expecting down here, in fact we had more lying snow in Dec 2010. Anyway GFS 12z still doesn't have that low running through the English Channel like the GFS Para 6z (high pressure looks more in charge at that time although a band of rain would quickly push through from NW to SE) so it'll be interesting to see if that channel low still shows on the 12z.