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  1. A tad disappointing this run for me when I'll be camping in Pembrokeshire, only Tuesday will be around average, Wednesday looks very cool @13C a bit like this week, of course there's a chance though if we avoid the very warm humid air we might actually miss the storms and stay drier perhaps
  2. Out of interest when people often refer to a NW/SE split, what would South Wales come under as obviously we're in the western half of the U.K. but closer to the SE than the NW? Next week for example what weather can we expect?
  3. Will the hourly timeframe GFS forecast still be available or is only the original 3hr one on the new model?
  4. ECM still keeps the high pressure nudging in from the Atlantic, (it's been suggesting this since Sunday) so increasing confidence that northern & western areas especially will at least see a couple of days of fine settled weather beginning and middle of next week but low pressure could quickly return by next Thursday, still if that decent spell comes off although short, its better than nothing ️
  5. Well the ECM is still keen on an Atlantic blocking high which moves closer to the UK & Ireland next week (1020-1025mb), so western & northern areas especially settling down for 2 or 3 days short but better than nothing, no heatwave but feeling pleasant in the strong June sunshine, however low pressure remains on the near continent so the east could stay rather mixed at times
  6. The latest radar..... A good clearance across southwest England and brighter skies are pushing in here to South Wales after some torrential downpours earlier on the back edge of the rain. Thunderstorms on the continent
  7. ECM still looks promising for next week with a nice build of high pressure keeping the low firmly to the south for a time so should see a decent 3 or 4 days of strong June sunshine something to look forward to fingers crossed
  8. GFS 6z Low pressure filling over UK with Atlantic blocking highs to the west, so still a chance of it becoming less unsettled next week
  9. ECM still going for a build of high pressure to the west by the beginning of next week, so settling down perhaps even if still a bit cool though in strong June's sunshine it would feel very pleasant for many, I'll be in Tenby that week can't wait to relax on beach!
  10. That's alright we're going to Tenby from Mon - Fri next week and apart from Mon & Tues morning it's looking wet & miserable was really hoping for some decent weather as we're doing lots of walking and going on boat trips!
  11. For that big area of high CAPE across Wales, high ground as Met Office suggests a chance of a few isolated thundery showers today, mainly over the hills
  12. A change in wind direction brings cooler weather this weekend...... but for some coastal areas that's been plagued for days by chilly sea mist/drizzle like here in South Wales, it could actually turn a tad milder than recently as we lose the mist with the sunshine set to return on Sunday bringing temperatures up to 11-12C, which should feel pleasant in the increasing strength of late March sunshine. Milder still next week with 15-16C possible inland 11-14C on the coasts
  13. It dropped to 3C with sleet after that squally cold front went through here in South Wales. Colder than the forecasts were suggesting
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