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  1. It's so nice to see GEFS still bringing a half decent weekend with a ridge on Saturday but more especially from Mon - Thu next week giving us in South Wales (and elsewhere in southern UK) some much needed drier weather, thereafter a hint of low pressure returning but obviously that's a long way off yet.
  2. Interesting to see all that snow streaming into west Wales especially with the gales or severe gales that's also forecast ???❄️❄️❄️?
  3. I'm optimistic of a half decent weekend here in S Wales and also across S England with that higher pressure just about edging in from France on the GFS 12z ??
  4. Hooray ? GFS 6z has a high 1025mb across S Wales & S England this weekend so no torrential rain/thunder or gales for a change ⛅️?
  5. Not quite as stormy (at the moment anyway) as the infamous Feb 2014 that really was horrendous
  6. Plenty of showers but nothing thundery showing up on the CAPE/LI, I guess that's because the upper air is milder. Cold unstable air usually brings the thundery downpours at this time of year from off relatively mild seas
  7. I worry if we can't break out of these prolonged periods of overcast skies even within high pressure systems, sunshine amounts could be lower than average and therefore keeping the temperatures down too I'd have thought
  8. Latest CFS is dreadful as it resembles a February 2014 repeat: Storm after storm after storm...... That's not good ?????????
  9. 'Should' being the keyword there, remember February 2014? Storm after storm. The railway line got washed away in Dawlish, Devon and a week later on the 12th wind gusts reached 100mph in Swansea ?
  10. Well I must say last Summer wasn't too bad at all especially July, now that was very dry. Doesn't a -NAO mean low to the south and high to north though? if so it managed to bring us a reasonable Summer here in South Wales and across southern England but I'm sure the high was close to the south and lows were further north so I assumed that meant a +NAO?
  11. Well a what a turnaround on the cards from a rainfall/flooding point of view, now this is a marvellous GFS run for southern UK with it becoming much, much drier (finally, especially in South Wales & SW England) while NW Scotland becomes much, much wetter than its been this Autumn a good hint the jet is moving north taking it's lows with it and higher pressure is becoming more influential in the south ? Thanks Santa ???
  12. As nice as it would be to see a bit of snow, a decent period of fine, sunny weather would be equally just as nice, wouldn't you agree?
  13. Hi, I'm not sure which thread I need to report data issues but I don't know if you're aware Netweather team, the storm forecast seems to be having data issues with the LI index over the past week or so as you can see from the screenshot for tomorrow for Porthcawl, south Wales. There is a further thunder risk through tomorrow showing on the models but LI around 0 to -1 not -30 lol
  14. Well the GFS isn't feeling very festive this morning with the low teens making a comeback all thanks to a long fetch of southerly winds for Christmas Eve's Eve ?
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