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  1. It's quite nice laying in bed on a Monday morning listening to the rain bouncing off the window sill. 13c .
  2. That was some serious heavy rain about 30 mins ago, haven't seen that for a while.
  3. The humidity cannot rise more than it was today it was like a sauna outside today. Very steamy at 99% most of the afternoon.
  4. 20c, dew point 18c, RH 95% it's real steamy outside haven't experienced air like this for a while, no wind either.
  5. I think it drifted up from the south east over warm sst and hit the Brighton Worthing area on the morning of the 28th July 2014 about 7-8 am. Constant flashes every few seconds with hail, Worthing train station was under a meter of water and lots of homes flooded. Haven't had anything surface based like that since.
  6. 18c with dewpoint of 18c it's extremely muggy. Need a good storm! Where are they?
  7. Feeling rather warm and moist here now in the sun, still blue skies here. Could be a sweet spot here or once!
  8. Very warm and sticky in that sunshine with barely a breeze. 24c with dewpoint at 16c 'feels' prime for storms later.
  9. High of the day was 22c at 11 am. Hope these storms happen it's been 4 years since the last good one. And almost a year since I've heard thunder. Slack lows do nothing here, we need the plumes!!
  10. 24c today, light breeze, blue skies, there really isn't much better. Some storms Wednesday night, wish they'd arrive in the day, haven't had a daytime storm for years, they're so much better.
  11. Reached 22c today with clear blue skies and no wind for once, perfect summers day felt very warm. Tomorrow looks like it will be the warmest day of the year here with 25c forecast and quite humid. Glad to finally have some heat on my day off.
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