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  1. 21c and sunny on the south coast, by far the warmest day here so far by about 6-7c
  2. Long sunny spells with a few clouds around on the south coast, 11.2c but feels warm in the sun with light winds
  3. Anticyclonic gloom is by far the worst, nothing happens but cool cloudy still weather.. wet and windy weather isn’t good but at least there’s an element of excitement like radar watching and potential windstorms...
  4. Very windy on the south coast, surprised it hasn’t been named if the other night did...
  5. What confusion and a mess that would be, would that mean we skip a letter in the naming or have 2 different names for the same storm?
  6. I like cold in winter but if you want a cold wet summer why not fly to Iceland and suffer it there
  7. 7c and foggy, hasn’t burnt off all day and it actually feels cold outside in the wind...
  8. Top of 10.5c on the south coast due to the southerly wind, didn’t feel spring like in the wind as other places have felt due to the cold English Channel waters... but in the sun away from the wind felt nice enough for the time of year
  9. I know many inland areas are very mild during this spell, but here right on the south coast I’ve barely been scraping 10c maxes... down here this time of year usually gets higher maxes during westerly spells...
  10. I kinda know what you mean I love warm weather sub 25c (to me) but more is tiring as I work in a kicthen lol but I can’t wait til spring now
  11. As much as I love cold weather, how is being warm outside misery?..
  12. You watch... they’ll come about around April may time just when it’s too late like they always do....
  13. Thanks mate so just need to wait for the heavier bursts for the snow level to lower...
  14. I don’t understand why the radar says it should be snowing or at least some kind precipitation but there’s nothing... is the radar wrong?
  15. Saying ‘at least it’s mild’ in winter is the same as saying ‘at least it’s cold’ in summer... or ‘at least it’s dry’ in a desert...
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