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  1. That would bring a bit more excitement to the place, actual weather
  2. What a lovely day, 11c blue skies and barely a breeze, very hazy though felt like an early April sunny spell
  3. We get southerlies in winter, and I bet we get northerlies again in spring, is the climate back to front??
  4. I think the months are getting increasingly easier to predict now with the ever warming climate, April to early June northern blocking, cold in the lead up to winter then turning milder the instant winter arrives, hopefully there will be a few surprises this year
  5. I know exactly what you mean, I’d rather a snowy winter but in terms of excitement stormy would be 2nd best
  6. I remember the 2nd November storm that wasn’t named but produced near 90mph gusts here, but zilch other than that... yes can’t wait for ‘chilling in the garden with a beer’ weather.
  7. Absolutely, I don’t like any weather type on repeat, just a couple of notable storms to keep me interested
  8. From a weather enthusiasts point of view it’s much more exciting, minus the floods and damage of course
  9. Decent day sunshine between the clouds mostly dry apart from a heavy ish shower around 7-8 o’clock, been very showery here the last week or so
  10. Wouldn’t mind if they were storm force sw’lys, don’t like boring mild benign nothingness
  11. Personally if we can’t get any decent cold and snow I’d much rather see some deep Atlantic storms with severe gales, at least for me that’s exciting
  12. True it’s been very wet, but there haven’t been any relentless storms so far like 13/14 and the pv was much stronger then than it is now
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