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  1. Agree. Personally it’s much more fun watching the radar than being constantly dry and cloudy, I can understand why people don’t like it but autumn is what deep lows wind and rain is all about as well as early cold shots and the odd misty calm days thrown in.
  2. Being on the south coast of England I would agree with you, but falling snow always an added bonus
  3. To be fair he did say last ‘true’ white Christmas, which means snow actually falling not just on the ground
  4. As a weather enthusiast it’s nice to have something slightly different for a change rather than above average temps and anticyclonic conditions persisting in autumn, I love all weather types if they don’t persist for more than a month or so, we had endless dry weather throughout summer (at least here anyway) so it’s nice to see a wetter period for me
  5. What do you expect it’s autumn, we’ve been lucky the past few years escaping with little rain in autumn, for me it’s more exciting than mild dry nothingness as I enjoy watching the radar, hopefully a respite as we enter November
  6. That was probably the heaviest most prolonged rain I’ve had for at least 4 or 5 months, very welcomed, feels tropical at 17c humidity at 98%
  7. 22c at 10 o’clock in the evening, feels like a hot July night...
  8. I’m sure people thought this during previous warmer periods in the last century before it cooled down again with colder winters, saying we’ll never get colder records again is silly, it was only just over a year ago we had the coldest March and spring maximum on record on 1st March 2018
  9. Also noticed that temps do not drop that much after them either.. here on the south coast at least, a couple cooler nights but temps still nudging 20c by day, I suppose it’s still late summer
  10. Is it me or do cold fronts never seem to make it to the south east anymore, other than a thin band of light drizzle that doesn’t last 10 minutes, heavy rain in the north west but literally turns to nothing by the time it gets here.
  11. Blue skies and already 19.5c with 70%humidity and a light breeze from the south west, still waiting for the ‘shock to the system’...
  12. Being on the south coast I quite like an early gale and driving rain in September reminding me autumn is setting in, gives a much different feel to the summer just gone and season change taking place, however I also like a late blast of summer aswell either one doesn’t bother me I like any weather type apart from very mild in the middle of winter
  13. Felt hot at 25.6c max and pure sunshine and humid, not pleasant working in the kitchen, and a very clear sky rainbow just spotted ( or whatever they’re called)
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