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  1. It’s disgusting having a mask on your face in hot weather, it’s not an excuse when you have sweat dripping from your whole face and have to deal with food.
  2. This time yesterday shoreham airport was 27c (the max temp) Before it cooled down, now It is 18c much nicer and going to reach about 23c so not much different here than yesterday afternoon.
  3. 27c at 9am always seems the warmest part of the country early in the morning
  4. Another nice day here again 19c now and nice and sunny, beach yesterday, beach again today??
  5. Lovely blue skies with a few clouds around here and 24c already, feels fairly humid too
  6. ‘‘Twas completely dry here all day again thanks to the South Downs rain shield and a mostly sunny afternoon reached 20.3c the only problem is that unrelenting SW wind which doesn’t seem to want to stop!
  7. Mostly sunny here all day and reached 22c but didn’t feel like it in that very gusty wind from the south west, managed to be blown along the seafront all the way to Brighton without peddling!
  8. Yes the satellite shows most If not all showers passing to the north of here last few days, grass is still quite brown ish around here but not quite as bad as it has done recently, but a little rain is still better than none I suppose.. as is always the case the areas that don’t want rain get it all and the areas that do want rain don’t get any
  9. Last time I checked it was still June, we haven’t even entered July yet so you can’t go making comparisons just yet.
  10. Well after 31c yesterday and a half decent lightning display around 3am it’s a lot fresher here on the coast today, 20c a whole 11c cooler with a refreshing breeze and low cloud/ mist off the Channel, not really felt anything remotely muggy or humid so far this year unlike everywhere else today.
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