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  1. If the Beeb feel the need to mention the SSW, and its easterly effects, We must be in for a chance at a real snow event! Have Faith... the beast is coming! It's our turn soon!!!
  2. Im under the mini streamer..its cold rain
  3. Where abouts do you think they will merge?
  4. Light snow here in margate
  5. Ppn is definitely building.. looks good!
  6. I just had a couple of errant flakes fall. Actual snow flakes tho! Sad isnt it but I am actually hopeful now I have a chance at waking up to a dusting!
  7. Light graupel in margate. Gone very dark...temp 3 c
  8. Ive heard that the snow could potentially 'pep up' in the east later...I have a good feeling about tonight...:)
  9. Does anyone think it possible that a decent streamer from the current snow/rain over jersey could build up in the channel and deliver overnight? I noticed its grazed hastings...
  10. Heavy sleet/hail here in margate!
  11. I've got lashing cold rain...It would be a miracle if anything settles later here after this. However...temps keep dropping...was 4 not that long ago..now just above 2. Is it possuble for snow to settle on wet ground?
  12. The north east coast is a few metres from my front door, barely above sl. I seem to miss out even when slightly inland has a dusting! Hoping over the course of tonight there will be some snow..even to see a flurry! I have to drive to rochester tomorrow and I'd hedge my bets that they will have a small accumulation!
  13. Cold rain and brutal wind here in margate. Hoping the temps plummet!
  14. That weird tinge to the sky is a thing. Im sure of it!
  15. I think us folks in margate are going to just have slush or cold rain. Its ok..I will drive inland and build a snow man! 😂