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  1. I like Dark sky, you can see the direction of PPN clearly, as there are arrows. If any of you guys click on the link, you can move the map around to see more of the UK
  2. You can clearly see this evolution if you look at the radar, and on https://darksky.net/forecast/51.3918,1.4001/us12/en
  3. I also like the way wetter snow plasters everything, and doesn't blow around! Plus it does seem (at least to me) that you get bigger fatter flakes with more moisture
  4. Can one of you more knowledgeable folks predict what type of snow it would be, if some fell? would it be powder like last time, or more traditional wet snow? (asking for someone who wants to build a snowman! )
  5. https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/news/releases/2018/temporary-return-to-colder-weather
  6. looks to me like the channel is firing up a bit on radar..maybe the PPN over NW france is going to push up and start some convection. I dunno..Just a thought..
  7. The pressure and temp is still due to drop considerably( thus increasing convection) plus a change of wind direction, all to play for, those not seeing much right now!
  8. Proper chucking in down in Margate! nice medium flakes, but lots of them! YAY! Haven't seen anything to this extent in 5 years! My youngest son will get to build his first ever snow man tomorrow!
  9. Radar is just starting to pep up slightly, can see clouds over the sea beginning to thicken..
  10. Radar is still stuck..and the data from uk area seems to be stuck to on the dutch one...and another that I tried. I think they are having issues! It's fixed.. north sea looks dull atm. Roll on tonight!
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