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  1. Still divine out there. Not much cloud here in the NW either and with hope a thunderstorm or two would be grand there is certainly the heat to spark them off..
  2. Hopefully your favourite set up never happens then.
  3. Beautiful few days, and is set to continue. Cracker May, funny watching theSouth Englanders in the model thread bickering as usual. (Maybe they aren't getting the best of it this time around lol)
  4. Nice few days. Too bad its bleakened up but regardless still dry for now.
  5. It really hasn't been that bad these few days. April showers interspersed with sunshine. Granted its cool compared to the last weekend but not shabby at all!
  6. Can't tell if you are joking or attempting to make fun out of the real fact of climate change in a weather forum.
  7. Glad the miserable drape is on its way out now. A whole week of utter depressive low cloud.
  8. The Summer here was going good (June and May were fabulous) until a Spanish plume came and flooded the whole NW in the middle of August.
  9. Rain here low elevation
  10. No no grudge at all just that the winter promised so much but snatched it away or left it to the hills only lo Terrible weather yesterday, today is a better with some sunshine out.
  11. I'd should say more cruel rather than bad.
  12. You know its a bad Winter for ye when Dublin gets more snow than you had all year.
  13. Nice day out, felt like Summer. Roads still tainted in salt waiting for that rain tonight.
  14. What a miserable day yesterday was!!
  15. Warm weather watch now..