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  1. parrotingfantasist

    Report Climate change ipcc

    I wish I could be as blissfully ignorant (or just ignorant) like many of the denialists on here. Then everything would be hunky dory....... "The oceans aren't acidifying, they're just neutralising. We were much warmer in the past anyway, and its just a 40 year natural cycle. The ice extent is at a record maximum. Anybody who says anything otherwise is easily-brainwashed. He didn't call you a political animal.
  2. parrotingfantasist

    Met office report

    And usually the experts go by the names of "Al Gore" and the Tabloid Media!
  3. parrotingfantasist

    Storm Callum - Atlantic Storm 3

    Wind wise not much to talk about here. Was quite wet but dried up, as others have said it was a lucky miss!
  4. Wet and windy last night. Come daylight it hasn't been much but a strong breeze thankfully.
  5. Storm on Friday is veering further west so winds probably not as strong as Ali.
  6. Not a nice one Friday...
  7. parrotingfantasist

    Storm Ali - Atlantic Storm 1 18/09/18

    Storm has blown through here in Derry. Was quite windy and a lot of branches lying around the place as you would expect, some vulnerable trees down too.
  8. Getting a bit windy out there at the moment. Heavy rain coming down, hopefully there is a quieter interlude before the real shenanigans during the later morning.
  9. parrotingfantasist

    Storm Ali - Atlantic Storm 1 18/09/18

    Winds definitely picking up here in the far NW, not due to Ali but that passing low system. Calm before the storm is in the early stages of the morning.
  10. A bit blustery out now. Garden is prepared. Can't save the flowers though, will just have to wait and see if its a next Spring story...
  11. parrotingfantasist

    Storm Bronagh- Atlantic Storm 2

    Agree @The PIT . Its a bit overestimated because of its ex-Hurricane status.. ... I wouldn't be surprised that a last minute Amber is slapped on here to the Wednesday warning for parts of NW England, N. Ireland and Scotland. Doesn't look like a nice one arriving during morning commutes and continuing for most of the day, gusting over 50mph in places. Forecasters only just talking about it now.
  12. parrotingfantasist

    Storm Bronagh- Atlantic Storm 2

    Yellow weather warnings currently issued for the storm on Wednesday. Still unnamed, so I think we'll see the warnings for Thursday be issued soon or tomorrow....
  13. According to 12Z, we have an eventful week past Helene. Wednesday a storm, Thursday another, Friday could possibly feature one more too. No warnings out yet.
  14. parrotingfantasist

    Storm Helene - ex tropical system for UK

    Helene is detracting attention from the real wind, Wednesday/Thursday/Friday. Warnings should be put out imo.
  15. What a horrible outlook. Autumnal.