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  1. An easterly first after a brief PM... That just doesn't cut the mustard. Good but not good enough anymore the bar has heightened these last few days . Fingers crossed we get a Greenie high first that will at wish move to Scandinavia or the other way around . Very Imby ofcourse but IMBY would sum up the model thread at mo.
  2. GFS very good for Monday night onwards. PM flow then an easterly.
  3. parrotingfantasist

    Arctic Sea Ice - The Refreeze 2018/19

    I presume at the time you made a painting or diary entry to document this Wooden Vessel? If so could we see it?
  4. A bit of depression in the MOD thread because they don't get their Southern England nirvana in one op lol. Wait and see
  5. I don't think there should be any negativity at all. Its at least returning to something chilly and well, normal, for this time of year. That'll shock the daffodils back into the ground. Lupins too. Go away, its too early!!
  6. Sweet Mary mother of God First snow symbol of the Winter...
  7. No drearyness allowed. Chins up !!
  8. GFS is rubbish but to be expected with this government shutdown playing hell on it . GFS P is the one to look for I say this but I really have no clue on what I'm talking about
  9. Speaking of lamp post watching ... To hell with the council. Bright white LEDs replaced the old halogen streetlights.Whatever will I do !
  10. The GFS P is beautiful and after all thats t he model which is going to take over the GFS soon enough (after the orange headed buffoon gives up with the us govt. shutdown) and its within ten days too! Look at it. Fabulous.
  11. On the plus side it'll get more seasonal and chilly after Wednesday. Coincidentally, after the Brexy vote...
  12. We don't know how far out he booked it man ! Have some sympathy lol
  13. That's terrible to laugh at !!
  14. Clear as mud for me with what the models are showing for us in the next week. So I'll be probably sticking to the MetOffice forecast for now until the model thread turns a little less vague...
  15. Is it me or is the GFS completely different to the ICON 18z for the same time period Wednesday evening?