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  1. Still so much uncertainty for what is coming in only 48 hours time!
  2. Generally speaking, the land to our east has not cooled down as much as it had done in previous years?
  3. Whats the use of blocking when there is no cold air to tap into, since the arctic has melted into oblivion? We're seeing it already. Synoptics needs to be more and more exceptional to get any good results.
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-49157898 Was indeed hottest day ever recorded.
  5. Only got one flash and a bit of thunder here. Looks as if the southern end of it has more to offer ATM.
  6. Heavy rain, but just narrowly missed the lightning here. Well needed rain though!
  7. You're so correct. If we just stuck our heads in the sand now, in a few decades we'd have an economy in tip top racing condition perfectly capable of handling millions of refugees, crop failure at home, poisoned and rising seas, a destabilised and eroded democracy along with global conflict over simple resources like water and arable land!
  8. It doesn't matter what we want anyway, the weather will do its thing regardless of our wishes or concerns...
  9. Oh my God call the police the MetOffice is showing 20C!
  10. Could get electrical next week. But there seems to be uncertainty about how west the rain/thunderstorms will go!
  11. Apologies for bringing this thread back a bit but God Almighty I can't believe in 2019 we are sitting here with some people on this forum virulently arguing that climate change isn't real, or it isn't anthropogenic. Its often ignorance, even wilful ignorance and perhaps I'd go as far as to say that its at times deliberate maliciousness that isperpetuating this nonsense. Please can we have a more robust attitude on this forum i.e remove unsubstantiated contrarian opinion instantly... Apologies again. I don't usually take a lighthearted forum seriously....
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