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  1. Collective responsibility could be assumed if it was the collective that were responsible for what happened. But that isn't applicable to the climate mess which the fault doesn't lie at the common people. Put simply, the cause of this crisis can be found at the top band of the worlds income and wealth. They created this mess so you'd think have the power to change things, to make positive contributions and negate their own heavy carbon impact, yet the vast vast majority of them decide not to out of greed and spite. The amounts of money the very top bands get its unfathomable, enough money to solve the climate crisis five times over. Yet instead many of the big corporate elites go for lobbying and dirty politics, the fuelling of denialism and the encouragement of unsustainable consumerism, all to protect their empire! As long as the multinational elites continue to spew their bile and toxicity across this planet, I will have no guilt for leaving the lights on. I'm sick and tired of these campaigns telling people to make frugal changes in their life to help stop the climate crisis. In the grand scheme of things, the light bulbs you use means diddly squat! Its just another way for vulture capitalists to evade government action.
  2. Unrestrained international capitalism and neoliberalism have both proven themselves ten times over to be completely incompatible with anything green or environmentally conscious. Putting the responsibility for this climate mess on those at the bottom of the Capitalist pyramid is reprehensible, and the media must make it clear who is really to blame. We can start off with Trump and his sycophants of multinational elites.
  3. I think we would have progressed significantly in terms of our co2 emissions long before 1200ppm becomes viable. Very interesting read however!! I hope people don't take the title as literal as it may seem.
  4. Feels very freakish. Daffodils are out in full bloom, some spring flowers out and bees to accompany them... They'll be in for a shock when things return to 'normal' service.
  5. Does this not concern you? Where on this chart might it suggest that Arctic Sea Ice extent might be just as low as it is now, maybe 100 years ago?
  6. So far we aren't doing terribly on sea ice extent. But can consistent surges of warm air through the Bering Sea and Barents Sea slow progress?
  7. Might this help? Lowest minimum temperature: Lowest value of the daily minimum temperature for each calendar year, averaged over climatological reference periods. UK: 1961-1990 average -8.5 °C; 2008-2017 average -6.8 °C. Shown us that the lowest daily minimums on average have been rising, even with very cold spells in perfect synoptic conditions? Might this tie in with our ability to breach record low temperatures?
  8. You won't be promising anything next year haha! Not until it's in the 2 day range Lol
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