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  1. What I'm most disappointed about is that Tuesday seems to be almost nailed on as a rain event looking at majority of models when it had an oppurtunity for significant accumulations with heavy precipitition. Everything else is too far in FI.
  2. Very light snow here in Walsall. Any chance the precipitation will get heavier around the Bham area?
  3. I'm sure Steve Murr posted a few hours ago a good event for West Midlands to Wales for Tuesday.... so some disagreement
  4. I know I'm going to get blasted for posting this but it shows no snow accumulation away from Wales on Tuesday. It is possible that it will be a rain event on Tuesday? Just asking the question?
  5. It's heavy precipitation as well so should accumulate quickly even if it will be wet snow
  6. Not according to the charts i'm afraid. Appears to be non accumulating sleet/wet snow, 12z on top vs 6z bottom
  7. I disagree. Looks like its going the way of the ICON to me. Let's see
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