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  1. People need to stop looking at uppers at that range. It is going to turn cold and for majority of people thoroughly miserable.
  2. Yes the ECM is dreadful with a blink and miss it high then flattening out to zonal
  3. You don't want to look at where the ECM is going
  4. Looking at hemisphere view the Meto is pretty good
  5. There is no victory for GFS or ECM or METO or gem. The models are converging on the solution as data changes and time shortens. They are performing exactly as they should. Makes me laugh when people look at charts 7-10 days away and say they are correct. People have to remember that the starting data is changing all the time (today's for example last minute yellow for gales). So subtle differences in the short term multiple with time. So the data a few days ago pointed to a good block, and now it doesn't. That is the weather
  6. I don't even know what plot I am supposed to have lost
  7. You were all moaning about uppers last month and lo and behold a lot of you got snow at -2 uppers
  8. When people discuss model, please specify which model you re talking about
  9. I don't think the GFS can override the La Nina pattern, and is purely going with it.
  10. Nope, even the ENS can't seem to lower heights in the Med. Without that, you can forget it. Looks like GFS doesn't deal with a split jet very well. Seems to always want to push the energy north.
  11. It is as if the GFS gets to 168 and then thinks "I give up" and just keeps the same pattern.