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  1. Some strikes appearing mid channel at the moment
  2. A few sparks beginning to fly the other side of the channel
  3. 10:46 and already 28c here. Looking forward to the cooler weather.
  4. Storms to the left of me, storms to the right, here I am stuck in the middle with poo
  5. Yep dry here as well. Temp has dropped 6c in the last 35 minutes, now 25c
  6. Starting to get rumbles here now
  7. Cells seem to be initiating in the same place they did last night, just north of the medway towns
  8. Lightning strike near Dover, so it is beginning.
  9. 32.7C here with VP2 with FARS so probably pretty accurate, it is horribly hot. But spare a thought for our friends over the channel, I was in Brussels yesterday and it was 38c
  10. Well if you call 0.2mm rain then it has rained. I think most evaporated on the way down. First recorded rain since June 17th (if you call 0.2 rain).
  11. Looks like a bust, even for the areas with the Amber.
  12. Amber now released and it is for Central/Southern England. Just out of our area.