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  1. Think you have answered your own question posting a chart from a week next Tuesday and saying fail
  2. Yep, not even a sprinkle down here in the valley
  3. You thought yesterday's ECM was bad then close your eyes today
  4. Yep not a sausage here in Tonbridge but the hills surrounding us look very white
  5. Still pouring with rain in Tonbridge
  6. Control going same way as main run. Mild mild mild.
  7. Bluebell Hill is getting pretty bad
  8. Flakes appearing here again in Tonbridge
  9. No idea where ICON is going with that run, shoves a low across at us then just dissolves it in situ just to our west over the course of 5 days.
  10. Cold grey with light rain. Yuk
  11. The issue is the lobe over Canada, with this here the jet will always be fired up. With the jet fired up then the Azores high is trapped and meanders around the azores to southern Spain. With this pattern we can get no forcing. We either need a cross polar high, or the Canadian lobes to do one.