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  1. Well this GFS is going to be different, jet running out south at 150 and we have a cut off low, plenty of height building to the north as well This could end up witht he sinking low into the continent
  2. Don't know about cold but a nasty little storm on the GFS at +78
  3. Ye sit is interesting, especially the huge and deep low that comes in and then just sits on top of us
  4. To be honest, don't look at standard GFS anymore, just the Para. This is just trickling out now.
  5. Brian on TWO reporting latency issues so GFS MAY be late from all sources.
  6. When a model goes the way of GFS (all flabby and disorganised) this is sure sign the model has lost the plot. It normally means there is a change coming but the model has not been able to resolve it
  7. Just had a very sleety shower. Sure there was the odd wet snowflake in there as well. Temp 3.3c.
  8. Some strikes appearing mid channel at the moment
  9. A few sparks beginning to fly the other side of the channel
  10. 10:46 and already 28c here. Looking forward to the cooler weather.
  11. Storms to the left of me, storms to the right, here I am stuck in the middle with poo
  12. Yep dry here as well. Temp has dropped 6c in the last 35 minutes, now 25c