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  1. Amazing that it is 19c here under rain but the east coast of Kent is up at 27 to 28c
  2. Looks like a bit more on the way from our French friends. Probably going to go just west of here.
  3. Tonbrisge storm shield to full affect last night. Storms to the left of me storms to the right here i am stuck in the middle with phew
  4. Getting multiple thunderclaps here at the same time now
  5. The back building is awesome as well, so once it hits it could be quite a long ride.
  6. I like the sound of that, after missing out on Tuesday this could be a beast.
  7. Next lookout for us is that huge storm brewing in the channel.
  8. Yes, just checked my station and now to decimal places. They must have changed it this morning US time.
  9. Just hit 34c here. Got a feeling it won't be just heat today is remembered for. The energy in the atmosphere is insane.
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