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  1. Well if you call 0.2mm rain then it has rained. I think most evaporated on the way down. First recorded rain since June 17th (if you call 0.2 rain).
  2. Looks like a bust, even for the areas with the Amber.
  3. Amber now released and it is for Central/Southern England. Just out of our area.
  4. Raining here in Tonbridge. Temp 18c
  5. Yep can see your Sevenoaks storm from here, seems to be building south and east as well
  6. Getting some proper thunder here now. I see there is now a flood warning out for the Cray. No doubt Hall Place flood control will be filling up shortly
  7. Distant rumbles has once again resumed here in Tonbridge, sky very dark tot he north. Just waiting for the first reports from Crayford of the Cray bursting it's banks, as it normally does in this sort of situation. Appears to be line convection along a convergence zone creating the storms, which in this situation occur along the same ares for a prolonged period.
  8. Just got proper flakes again here
  9. Looks like it has stopped here now
  10. Flakes larger now and more intense fall since this morning
  11. Lightest of the light snow we have had all day
  12. Just landed from 10 days in India, so what is all this talk of snow then.