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  1. You're on the coast though aren't you? I'm inland low elevation and had most snow since 2010 this year.
  2. Agree Nick. The irony is this SSW may have even made us milder by getting rid of the constant pm shots from the West and North West.
  3. Wasn't looking great even before this run, like I said when we're using ICON as an example it's just desperate times. The GFS gets a right old rollicking it would appear it was more on the money the UKMO.
  4. Ice warning from 7pm Chief Forecaster's assessment Frequent showers will affect Northern Ireland during Thursday, falling as sleet and snow at times with some slight accumulations possible above 200 m. These showers will become less frequent and fall increasingly as rain overnight into Friday. Surface temperatures are expected to fall widely below freezing on Thursday evening across Northern Ireland with ice then forming. With showers continuing to affect Northern Ireland, particularly western parts, some wash off is also possible.
  5. Snowing again. Roads were bad this morning, car was in the ditch on one of the back roads that was white. No warning from met Éireann.
  6. Chief Forecaster's assessment Surface temperatures are expected to fall overnight into Thursday with showers, falling as a mixture of sleet and snow at times, pushing eastwards across Northern Ireland during the night. Ice is expected to form on some untreated surfaces and with the showers some wash off of treatment is possible, particularly in northwestern parts.
  7. One snow flurry here today about 1 hour ago. Still patchy snow cover even with last night's rain. Modest elevation still very white.
  8. Best of luck to those in the East, met office update looks good for you. Dry with me and radar looks dead to the west. On that note, time for zeds. I'm wrecked lamppost watching ha.
  9. Met office automated forecast shows constant precipitation in West Tyrone until 5am. That's wrong unless there's another band in coming.
  10. Can't see it happening for me tonight. Maybe better luck further East.
  11. Belmullet on the west coast coldest met eireann station at 1c. I don't think I ever seen it as the Coldest location in my life. Gfs had it to be 5c at 10pm, can't see what the projection was for 9 but seems colder earlier that thought. Good sign.
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