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  1. As much as I love the snow and cold, I'm sat in the garden with just a pair of shorts on, it's lovely to finally feel some sun.
  2. It's my birthday on the 14th wonder if it will be a white one ?
  3. Didn't the 2010 cold spell breakdown keep getting pushed back and back, will that be the same here?
  4. Thanks Matthew, this certainly has lived up to its name!!!
  5. Absolutely unbelievable!!! Lost for words!!! Is it right they are saying this cold spell is getting extended?
  6. We have gone 30 minutes now without a blizzard, what's going on ?, best night tonight I've seen in terms of blizzards and thundersnow, hopefully we might catch a few more showers before morning or is that been greedy now!!
  7. Cheers, I've not seen anything like tonight for many years, I think if I remember right, 1991 I'd just started secondary school and is snowed for 3/4 days may have been late October time. Obviously 2010 had some unreal spells but tonight has to go down as the best blizzard I've seen round my neck of the woods anyway.
  8. Here's the next video as promised. 20180228_213753_s04.mp4
  9. I'm going to upload the next minute an even bigger flash of lightning!!!
  10. Managed to trim the video it was 10 minutes long ?. Unreal, will never forget that storm!! 20180228_213753_s03.mp4
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