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  1. yeah just started in Mow Cop, it should be with you shortly.
  2. I always think that once you go past red bull lights, its like the ultimate snow shield as you head towards Alsager, Sandbach, Crewe etc. We did really well for snow this past week in Mow Cop and surrounding villages.
  3. Actually travelling home from work, it was just up from Kidsgrove so closer to 220m asl. Main roads looked the way you’d expect to see side roads. Cleared quite abit now though, hoping for more on Thursday!
  4. Roads completely covered here, cars are struggling to get around.
  5. Only takes a small burst of thicker snow and it seems to be settling. A few top ups throughout the afternoon could make rush hour interesting for certain areas.
  6. It's really going for it now, could quickly cover if this carries on. Keep an eye on it mate.
  7. The famous Newcastle microclimate, I remember it raining there and back home it was white over with cars ditched. It's heavy snow in Talke now btw (I think I have seen you post that you are from there, right?)
  8. What dew points do we need to be looking at for the snow to stick to wet ground like it currently is?
  9. Yep, dew points and temperature on the way down now. Could get interesting soon.
  10. I think the mixed opinions on where there will be snowfall shows the uncertainty even at such close range. Interesting times ahead for anybody in the Midlands.
  11. Midday onwards is where our best chances are, right? Iced over this morning and the 10 minute spell that passed through stuck instantly.
  12. Have the winds slightly changed direction than originally thought? If so, could this have an impact on our potential?
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