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  1. Just started here in SW Sheffield... nothing major but I'll take what we've got
  2. and now we have bright sunshine in S11, so that thin coating of snow we're clinging on to won't be around for much longer 😞
  3. I can see the stuff, it's covering the ground, just about, it's just not falling out of the sky
  4. At least we still have covering, but not too exciting. Next street across from us had fun n games with silly drivers attempting to slalom downhill, I'm hoping our lot see sense and leave their cars at home, it seldom ends well on a hill...
  5. It’s not all grim here, you would be surprised at how the city has changed for the better - and we’ve got the fabulous Peak District on our doorstep too
  6. We has snooooooooow. and an elderly Dobermann with a thyroid condition, who is a blur in her rush to get back indoors
  7. snow has JUST started again at the same time as the sun has decided to come back out ....
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