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  1. yes it was a bit of a surprise here in SW Sheffield, the frostiest the car has been so far this year! so much for milder weather (mind you, we had seen a gritter last night heading up Ecclesall Road on a mission, when we were coming back from music class around 8pm)
  2. chance of snow coming back in Sheffield around 4pm according to METO and BBC weather, earlier forecasts were looking at 4pm to 7pm so disappointing that its downgraded again. It isnt hanging around long when it does snow but does look pretty for that brief period. Any further (hopeful) models out there we can turn to?
  3. Skies gone dark here in Sheffield city centre again, more of the lovely white wet cold stuff.
  4. METO Update shows possible snow/sleet touching Sheffield in next few hours
  5. Well The Sheffield Star has JUST posted this on twitter - heavy snow due to start again in Sheffield in the next few minutse - so it must be true because the Star never lies https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/sheffield-snow-live-heavy-snow-falling-across-sheffield-1-9570169
  6. well it was nice while it lasted here. Seems to have stopped, dunno how long for at least i can still see snow on the hills over towards the peak dsitrict
  7. They look fab ? We suddnely have a lot of fog here in Sheffield City Centre looking over from the direction of the station towards the SW) can't see all the usual landmarks - Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Bramhall Lane, VelocityTower or even the new construction taking place further up St Mary's Gate/Ecclesall
  8. ...and at the same time in 2010, our heating packed in for several weeks and we were lucky if we reached 8degrees max downstairs indoors brrrrrrrr
  9. Come home tonight to see that the frost has lasted here too (Sheffield S11 neR city centre) yet a couple of streets away it had cleared. Flipping cold now out there
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