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  1. That delivered 14 foot drifts in the Vale of Glamorgan - at sea level too!!
  2. Trends are cold and the Atlantic is out to lunch. That is all.
  3. I’m thinking of this last week as the starter....
  4. Who said it’s all over. This would be so cold and snowy
  5. Reasons to be cheerful. If it’s obvious to a total amateur like me...... no Atlantic to back up lows. The reliable is 4 days at best (RT in my crayon below). The ‘warm up’ is already being moderated, get back under the 30 yr mean !!! Look at that spread beyond and into fantasy island some 15 degrees celcius so i would worry at all. All of the trends have been for cold. When the ECM latched onto it, the GFS gave up the ghost, (probably not able to handle the series of SSW’s and using default bias) but it soon came back on board. We are in a prolonged cold spell whi
  6. Has nobody noticed that the Atlantic is broken? Up on blocks so to speak. Factor in good coupling post multiple SSW’s and any “breakdown” just means snow. We are not having anything mild or zonal for quite some time to come. the ‘mild period’ is only going to be mild relative to now, which isn’t very mild at all and increasing all members will dip back under the 30yr mean imo. shortwaves? Bring em on!!!
  7. All Atlantic lows become sliders as they get crushed by sheer strength of cold and nothing behind them as back up to drive em through
  8. Seriously, how can the Atlantic ever recover from that? Look at the drain potential of that black stuff Siberia and beyond. Gallons of the stuff filters our way. Heavy cold 🥶
  9. There’s a mass production facility for them just off Canada. With a bit of luck we get persistent sliders and entrenched cold
  10. This is why you dont have to panic. Once we reach the bottom it’s a long way to go to get back above that 30yr average.... 4 or 5 days out at best is all you can really read into for specifics the rest as you can see really is fantasy island and the vortex undergoes a 4th warming event..... long cold spring on the horizon. The tomatoes will be slow this year
  11. Don’t worry, the drum has been beating for cold all winter. And now we have arrived almost at T0.....4/5 days max look ahead from here on in, enjoy as it unfolds
  12. some ridiculous slider potential out to our west on that chart
  13. Bonkers really, particularly if minus double digits 850’s are in place....
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