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  1. What with it being the hunt for cold thread an’ all.....
  2. GEFS has the prolonged cold for February ending on the 3rd Feb. yes, cold snow for some over the next couple of days but not a noteable event and certainly not the arctic freezer type conditons many yearn. lessons? Models are just that, and they have all failed big time this winter. Everything of interest is always at T240 with a 48 hour climbdown on every event...... how does gfs vs ecm look on verification stats this week?
  3. No, people say Wales and the Midlands without realising that that won’t mean yhe entire country. e.g “major event for wales and the midlands” well, no actually. Completely different between Penarth/Barry at southernmost tip amd Llandudno at northern most.
  4. Hi Paul, isnt that the definition of bants? Or top bants even? Isn’t that why there’s a focussed model discussion thread and then this one to provide a safe space for weather AND bants? Given the dire downturn in output I feel that bants is an important coping mechanism for those of us who’s lives are preoccupied with chasing snow for 3 -5 months of the year! ?
  5. Or understood. This is new science. Our understanding of this phenomenon is at the very beginning.
  6. Cardiff looking nailed on to see a sprinkle mon into tues. brief ‘mild’ (less cold) interlude next weekend before temps nosedive - and look - double figures in the snow row from semi-reliable all the way to the end.
  7. Two then against an overwhelmingly cold trend, cold cold cold signals consistently all saying the same thing. Big picture needed to be borne in mind...
  8. Cold and plenty in the snow row for the whole period.......havent seen that before
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