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  1. Yes, we just missed out on that event where I was. But it does make me appreciate the fact that we do get snow at least a few times a winter here. It really is horrendous there for snow, I mean horrendous.
  2. Aye, I know. I go to university in Southern England, it's hilarious how they react to snow. We had a few sugar dustings in December and a number of people were outside dancing around in the grass. Unbelievable.
  3. Don't know why it's only turned to snow now, don't know what's different between now and 30 mins ago, no change in temperature. But i'm out now.
  4. Freezing rain all night, finally turned to snow. Probably not amont to much now!! But it's sticking readily which is a big plus. Hopefully I get a few centimeters in the next few hours.
  5. Incase everyone thinks i'm lying. Here's a photo of the ice on my roof. Not sure why it is raining with negative dews and so on.
  6. I'm not convinced it will turn to snow if it is already 0c lol!
  7. It is subzero here and raining. Not a sign of ice in the rain, whatsoever. Bizarre.
  8. Bob the showers are heavy though, so not sure if it will change later.
  9. Anyone know why these showers are fading so fast? Convection cap?
  10. Enough digs about a dormont member. This shower appears to be holding...
  11. Right fingers crossed this doesn't fade! Crossing the Foyle!
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