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  1. Stunning day out there today. Refreshing to see clear blue skies , so much better than the mehfest of late. totally get why the downbeat vibe in the MOD thread , good to see some of our more learned posters from here trying to inject some positivity there. but it’s still only 18th of January, model accuracy falls of a cliff like a drunken lemming after about 7 days so ........
  2. Meti Office Amber Warning Affecting ; Scotland (North, South,West,East) Warning for Meh Valid From : Start of Winter to ...... - Members of the weather enthusiast community should prepare for continued complete and utter weather boredom Chief Forecasters Assessment ”Combination of solar minimum, MJO, IOD, +NAO & WTF are expected to lead to the square root of hee haw. Members of the public are advised to seek immediate shelter from the resultant country wide weather blandness”
  3. Not that we need more evidence of the shocking winter so far but just found this when tidying up the garden this morning .....
  4. Merry Christmas everyone. At least some weather to report today, I just had to get some altitude to photograph it
  5. Can I play too ? I grew up in Peebles so it’s the River Tweed for me. Although they have a smaller river spectacularly named The Cuddy. Merry Isthmus
  6. @ciel I hope your dog gets better quickly. Just been out in the horizontal rain , we are stuck with it for a few days but at least it hasn't been like this all autumn as has been the case in past years. Obligatory dog and bridge photo from walk
  7. For those of you that watch I’m a celebrity get me out of here ..... spoiler alert ! tonights question for the dingo dollar prize is : “What percentage of the model output discussion toy throwers yesterday told everyone they know Snowmaggedon was incoming ? “ 87% or 94%
  8. The Madder Than a Box of Frogs Thread is indeed going Into full overdrive. To be fair though most past Decembers have seen the clinging on to monthly or seasonal forecasts giving faint hope , but this is only a week away. bring it on
  9. 1.5c max and 5.4c min here over last 48 hours. A proper start to winter , dog is loving it as it means more walks
  10. I think we are all looking for extremes Stormeh. So , given what was the forecast directions of attack , if the MT are banging on about snow for the southern extremities , it should by default equate to a snow fest up here (even if Scotland doesn’t get a mention). a disappointing trend in the last 24 hours but it could equally flip back just as fast. And if not at least we have continued encouragement from the esteemed @lorenzo happy to live of scraps in the meantime .... sort of (brave face smiley whatever that looks like)
  11. In light of their violent mood swings the European and American weather agencies have now agreed to rename ECM and GFS Kevin and Perry A spokesman has confirmed ”It’s not fair”
  12. Had business in Aberdeen this morning and drive up a90 was brilliant. Was a reminder of why I am so fixated with winter. Mostly stunning blue skies but then short but heavy snow showers and yes below photo taken when I was completely stationary (an artic had taken out central reservation at brechin) far more snow now please
  13. Oh dear. The mood on the model thread suggests some people get out of bed then straight away watch the sad part in Bambi
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