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  1. I think we are all looking for extremes Stormeh. So , given what was the forecast directions of attack , if the MT are banging on about snow for the southern extremities , it should by default equate to a snow fest up here (even if Scotland doesn’t get a mention). a disappointing trend in the last 24 hours but it could equally flip back just as fast. And if not at least we have continued encouragement from the esteemed @lorenzo happy to live of scraps in the meantime .... sort of (brave face smiley whatever that looks like)
  2. In light of their violent mood swings the European and American weather agencies have now agreed to rename ECM and GFS Kevin and Perry A spokesman has confirmed ”It’s not fair”
  3. Had business in Aberdeen this morning and drive up a90 was brilliant. Was a reminder of why I am so fixated with winter. Mostly stunning blue skies but then short but heavy snow showers and yes below photo taken when I was completely stationary (an artic had taken out central reservation at brechin) far more snow now please
  4. Oh dear. The mood on the model thread suggests some people get out of bed then straight away watch the sad part in Bambi
  5. Repeating bursts of cold seem to be the theme now. Waaaaay better than the continuous burst of meh we have had so far this winter.
  6. @Stormeh those animated gifs are so much easier to follow than the individual frames. Thanks The myriad of shades of blue rather good to see too. Obviously I won't mention the purples that look like they would be heading out way if the animation ran on a couple of days more.
  7. So ... if I get this right it's to get cold from the NW .... then colder from the north .... then freezing from the NE .... Sounds like we have most of our bases covered Ramptastic
  8. Your roads will be blocked from MOD toys thrown from prams if there isn’t any snow there by end of month (forecast directions means it needs to come through us first if it’s to get to MODland .... and starting from NW). End of month a long time away tho
  9. For the third time in a month the clouds are now travelling in the “wrong” direction. Way too late (here at least) ,in the now stupidly extended season but still pretty amazing
  10. Catch - if it is going to do it at this time of the year it may as well do it properly
  11. The South Queensferry snowshield is forecast to be at quite incredible efficiency
  12. Can feel a bit of warmth in the sun today (If out of the wind) Latest gfs is ridiculous(ly cold) for Easter tho
  13. Just checked what the models show going forward. Oh dear. For those wanting Spring then better hope the ecm is onto something. Otherwise (gfs especially) I cant see anywhere in Scotland getting into double figures temps apart from maybe a 12 hour window for Aberdeen area .... out to start of April (When more snow is forecast from the north)
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