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  1. For the third time in a month the clouds are now travelling in the “wrong” direction. Way too late (here at least) ,in the now stupidly extended season but still pretty amazing
  2. Weird moon halo thing going on tonight
  3. Catch - if it is going to do it at this time of the year it may as well do it properly
  4. The South Queensferry snowshield is forecast to be at quite incredible efficiency
  5. What is that big, yellow, bright, round thing in the sky today ?
  6. Can feel a bit of warmth in the sun today (If out of the wind) Latest gfs is ridiculous(ly cold) for Easter tho
  7. Just checked what the models show going forward. Oh dear. For those wanting Spring then better hope the ecm is onto something. Otherwise (gfs especially) I cant see anywhere in Scotland getting into double figures temps apart from maybe a 12 hour window for Aberdeen area .... out to start of April (When more snow is forecast from the north)
  8. Full on bean bag balls powder snow attack here. Setttling instantly
  9. Will we see the beast in the clouds again like last time (I posted this at start of the original beast but was at the time we were generating a page of posts every few minutes so don’t know if it was lost in the mayhem , either that or people thought it was cack)
  10. Starting to settle here, current depth around 0.0004mm
  11. And shock horror another northwards shift brings Scotland more into the mini beastie party. Nothing drastic but snow is snow Met office warning now updated and more of the country shows in warning area. Only a yellow warning though ; booooo ; must try harder.
  12. Manky , filthy weather here now : really cold wind picking up and rain not exactly tropical temperature either. Just took the dog out and weirdly quite enjoyed it (Helly Hansen winter wear is unpenetrable) was looking the the weekend as a bit meh but starting to raise an eyebrow at the ongoing northwards nudges from all models. Last time round the models had a longer period to nudge northwards each run but as this one appeared in a shorter timeframe the nudges are more significant and noticeable. Another 50 miles north movement and more of us may join the fun .... maybe , possibly. certainly is down to this thread to exchange thoughts as MOD too fixated on daaarwn saaauf again : whatevs
  13. Wet snow turning to wetter rain here. ho hum. Think I can live with it given the last five days magnificence. and right on cue the giant snowman’s head has just fallen off : symbolism at its finest
  14. Gaps between white outs reducing now. Getting near constant. This is moving into epic territory now