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  1. Stunning day again. Shame it's downhill from here for a few days but at least may keep the numpties from congregating Magnolia tree starting to flower for first time since I planted it a few years ago
  2. Hi all. Hope everyone doing as well as can be expected Bluest sky ever here
  3. Erm ... It's all kicking off here. Horizontal rain
  4. Numerous glasses of wine confirm I won't be walking to the other side of the bridge to confirm or deny that theory ?
  5. Bridge light reflection off the now incoming low cloud
  6. Meti Office Update Currently out of Amber printer cartridges therefore will update weather warnings shortly once the delivery arrives from PC World
  7. Thick , heavy and extremely wet snow in Queensferry now.
  8. Dunfermline. Some weird white stuff falling from the sky ; not sure what it is
  9. Stunning day out there today. Refreshing to see clear blue skies , so much better than the mehfest of late. totally get why the downbeat vibe in the MOD thread , good to see some of our more learned posters from here trying to inject some positivity there. but it’s still only 18th of January, model accuracy falls of a cliff like a drunken lemming after about 7 days so ........
  10. Meti Office Amber Warning Affecting ; Scotland (North, South,West,East) Warning for Meh Valid From : Start of Winter to ...... - Members of the weather enthusiast community should prepare for continued complete and utter weather boredom Chief Forecasters Assessment ”Combination of solar minimum, MJO, IOD, +NAO & WTF are expected to lead to the square root of hee haw. Members of the public are advised to seek immediate shelter from the resultant country wide weather blandness”
  11. Not that we need more evidence of the shocking winter so far but just found this when tidying up the garden this morning .....
  12. Merry Christmas everyone. At least some weather to report today, I just had to get some altitude to photograph it
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