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  1. Been busy looking at the tv and pc for the past 2 hours and its snowed fairly well in Bury. Sticking on anything but the main roads ofcourse. STELLA! pleasent suprise consdiering we aint expecting nothin till the cold next week!
  2. Got excited after reading and its now snowing in bury! Not much but its a bonus to see whats yet to come for the end of the month running into February!
  3. Ive been lurking these forums for the past 3 years and the charts still dont make sense to me. Anyone got a youtube video that kinda explains them a little?
  4. Beast from the east was something I have never even seen before in my life. Local street drifts was in excess of 1 foot or more atleast. Thats not even including Denshaw!
  5. Assuming it may start snowing within the hour for the north of manchester and beyond after looking at the weather radar.
  6. Nothing here as of yet in Bury. Seems to be coastal and southern Manchester so far? My eyes are waiting
  7. What you think we can expect by tomorrow at 10AM? Think I got a chance of calling in to sick?
  8. Just created an account. Been keeping tabs on this and the old topic regarding the recent snow. Currently got some heavy hail and snow in Shaw, Oldham right now.
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