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  1. Hi John You are one of, or maybe the most circumspect poster on here and your anomaly input is highly valued. So don’t get stressed out with what others are posting, or which charts they are viewing and their interpretations of such. You have been telling people for years not to get hung up on individual runs, but this is what many people on here do for fun. Let them have their fun! Each to their own, there is no right way to do this as the weather will remain as unpredictable as ever. That unpredictability is what engages us all.
  2. Totally fizzled out in Norwich. The blob heading our way all day greadually shifted west and we just caught the edge of it for 5 mins. I would not stay up in the south if I were you, this is not intensifying it is decaying!
  3. I have been following this forum for many years as a weather novice, but have learnt so much from it. I recognise names from the defunct bbc snow watch and have appreciated all the posts from the knowledgeable people on here that here that give their time and effort into providing weather predictions and forecasts. Thankless task as you will always get someone disagreeing with you. Fair play to you all and keep at it as this is the most fascinating and addictive forum on the internet. Well done Netweather and well done all you amateur (and some professional) forecasters. Keep it up. Que Sera S
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