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  1. Hi people Sunday evening and here we are the same as we were yesterday the nerves are still ticking. I think we need to calm down a bit and let this just unfold. Many people will have their own opinions about this upcoming cold and due respect they may be right the way they are thinking. We all want this to verefy and I know it matters the most now than any other time simply because of the fact we are fast running out of time. We may be sitting here next week this time and lamppost watching or even sharing out where snow is falling. On the other hand it may not come to nothing. The good thing is that we are in a good place and up to now it's going to plan but will it stay like this who knows. Let's just keep fingers crossed that's all we can do. But as today ends we can say it's one down and one step closer (taking that nothing changes later in the output). I hope Steve Mur can just do a little update for us tonight just to calm the nerves. All the best peeps calm and have a relaxing evening. Kind regards 😊😊😊😊
  2. Well said I know it's hard to control the excitement and one part of us tends to think if this is about to verify it will be the best ever. Then another part says what if there is a sudden flip all this could be washed away and we would be left thinking only if Thats why on my post above I said caution is still needed if we get past the next 4 days without a flip then yeh we are nearly there. It's so tense at the moment and the worst we want to hear from anyone is the word downgrade. Having said that things as they stand are looking great for us. Keep up the spirits guys we will get there. 😄😄😄😄
  3. 😂 thankyou but it keeps me busy and I have a different Sarurday job so it does change from the office scenery 😄. anyway like a lot of us on here I am so so tence and sitting at the edge of my seat please please if we can just manage to get through the next 4 days without the models reversing I will be so happy. I tell you I haven't been on this forum for long but I can feel the tease of it. fingers crossed hope it stays as it is except upgrades 😄. All the best people we are in this together let's hope it ends with joy. Kind regards 😊😊😊😊
  4. Good morning all hope you all are are ok 👌. Lovely start to the day here in Walthamstow was frosty though. Looks like it's going to be like one of those spring days for now. I am excited 😊 but trying to take things with caution as well hope everything goes to plan next week. Anyway my only day off today so will have a chance to enjoy bit of the sun. Hope you have a wonderful day all speaks soon 😊😊😊😊
  5. Phewwww we are still in the game then I can sit back and relax a bit lol 😂. Just finished work here in Upton Park on my way back to Walthamstow now temperatures dropping away now but still doesn't feel bad. Regards 😊😊
  6. OMG are you being serious lol 😂 lol 😂 I have been so tense to go on the MOD thread all day today and I was actually was thinking of checking and I have just seen this. Serious please tell me it's a big upgrade well it was super last night 😊😊
  7. That's true completely agree I still think there is going to be a few twists and turns. The Metoffice are still broadcasting with uncertainty and they use super computers so I am not surprised at the models. This episode is far from solved yet and I am afraid it's just the waiting game, seems to be going on and on. Spring is round the corner so we will know sooner than later if this all pans out. Fingers still crossed stay together people regards 😊
  8. They have been saying that nearly all week there is still so much uncertainty on this situation probably still many twists and turns to come. I am really feeling the exhaustion of model watching and cold chasing lol 😂. Seems like itself cold keeps gets shunted further in time. Let's hope this winter will go out proving it can still do the good deeds. I have not been on The MOD thread all day today just promised myself I will stay on my regional thread and hope for the best, regards 😊😊😊😊
  9. Wowww when was that forcast !!! Is it today's ? I nearly fell off my chair when I just saw the picture look at the snow over us. Oh my days that looks good hope it is the latest chart. 😊😊
  10. Come on own up who pulled the plug out the server went down was locked out. Or has there been a big downgrade and the MOD thread has gone pure mad 😡 lol 😂 and it's got too much to handle. Anyway best get back to work otherwise I will be barred out of here. Speak to you guys soon 😄😄😄
  11. Awww bless that's nice 😊. I am stuck here at my Saturday job here in Upton Park so keep standing out side the shop to catch some warmth from the sun before it goes down. Being so clear at the moment if we don't get any cloud cover I suspect temperatures will dip away quite quickly once the sun is gone. AnywayI am trying to keep myself away from looking into the MOD thread just incase there's been a downgrade or something lol 😂 . Hope you enjoy the rest of the day kind regards 😊😊😊😊
  12. Agree you don't want to do that the snow will kETCHUP on them 😄😄😄😄
  13. Hope it all goes well for you it's a lovely spring day here in Walthamstow today would be hard to believe that in a weeks time it won't possibly feel like spring. Best wishes 😊😊😊😊
  14. Hi Staffordshire at this moment of time it will be really hard to answer that question. I would say nothing is nailed yet, despite the fact there is a lot of excitement and hype I think it will be better in this case to be realistic and cautious and not jump too high at a single model output. The way things are standing (this may be subject to a change) but if this cold weather verifys I think we are looking more in the way of snow flurries for now rather than a complete whiteout. As mentioned there are still a lot of twists and turns going on. So my best advice would be to update nearer the time when there is likely to be less of an uncertainty. Best is to just hold the party poppers and wait with fingers crossed hopefully our dreams may be about to come true for us cold lovers. I did say hopefully not definately kind regards all the best 😊😊😊😊
  15. Good morning all hope everyone is well. Nice ☀️ Start to the day here in Walthamstow had a frost early morning which is melting now. i must say this is going to the most tence few days coming up. We are so close to getting in grips with a. Bitterly cold easterly and I feel so exhausted now from waiting for this to happen. I really really hope from my heart that this comes to verefy, we have all known the failed easterlies that always give up on the last minute. I think in our region we are the best place for this set up. Anyway I am biting my nails now lol 😂 that's how tense I feel am I about to sit a final exam nope I am waiting for that beast from the east. Lets hope this all comes together the wait for my winter wonderland continues. Wishing you all a wonderful Saturday what ever you do. All the best kind regards 😊😊😊😊