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  1. Think those near the south coast Brighton and Portsmouth should start seeing lightening flashes in the next few hours if these storms stay in intensity which so far don’t send to be dying out.
  2. I am back, just another update I have been watching the radar for the past hour. Definitely looks like those storms are moving north now across the channel. However as past experience dictates alas a lot of times these storms seem to die down in intensity before reaching our shores, let’s hope we are in luck this time. Another thing of note is that in the past few hours it seems a lot fresher out there the humidity seems to have gone, whether this will have any impact on these storms we shall see. Glad it’s a bit fresher though maybe something different will disturb our sleep tonight rather than the heat. regards
  3. Hi peeps Hope everyone is well . Looks like a weekend of chasing what’s on the radar could be some spectacular storms around. Right now plenty of lightening strikes showing up just across the channel, hopefully we will be woken up later tonight with a bang. Regards
  4. Hi Peeps Hey how is everyone? Hope you and your families are all well. I have not posted for a long time in fact the last time was when we had the icy cold weather. Anyway I am back and chasing my night time storms now and it is looking very interesting for tonight. I have been watching the latest radar and those storms are now brewing up across the channel, but I definitely want them to hold up until it gets dark. Will be keeping a close eye on how things develop in the next couple of hours. Anyway peeps going to make this short and sweet but all you look after yourselves and enjoy the fireworks tonight fingers crossed. take care for now stay safe regards
  5. Morning Peeps can confirm snow falling here in Walthamstow NE London this is unbelievable
  6. Morning peeps It’s been a while since I have posted hope everyone is well and safe. I thought we were done with winter but hey looks more than likely now that we have Mr freeze coming back to say hello. Amazing weather this week and the Met are really going for it early next week. Outlook for Monday to Wednesday: A change to much colder conditions this week, with strong northerly winds bringing frequent showers of hail and snow, especially exposed windward coasts and hills. Becoming less cold on Wednesday. Well let’s see what happens on the other hand the BBC were going for mainly dry on Monday for here so will be interesting to know what happens. Apart from the weather hope all your families and friends are well. Will be missing all the winter posts as always but I will be back here for my next chase whenever that may begin humidity and night time thunderstorms. take care all for now lov you all best wishes. stay safe
  7. Lol the phone app is saying it’s snowing in London now but there is nothing.
  8. Morning peeps What can I say a beautiful start to the day here in NE London Walthamstow. I still have some snow cover left at the back of my garden. Just been looking at it and thinking a few days ago this was all falling from the sky and what a happy hearted soul I was. Sadly today I am saying goodbye to the white covering that I was so excitedly waiting for a week ago. I am going to be really realistic looking at the latest model guidance I think if we are honest it’s fair to say that the cold of winter is going to become more a more of a distant memory. I know we will always say that if this could happen maybe one more shout and who knows it may. The output is hardly inspiring to say the least and deep down I have a feeling that the time is probably now closer than ever to sadly say goodbye to winter. At least we cannot say it has gone without giving us some cheer. Even here in London we have had several days of snow falling in this cold spell and not forgetting the one before this gave a coveting as well although that didn’t last long. It is sad but that is reality, but the good thing is in 8 months time we will be looking forward to a new winter season to start. It has been a rollercoaster ride but thank you to all of you who have shared your excellent knowledge and skills to make it easier for the newbies on here. It has been a great pleasure to read the posts and no doubt a lot of us will be back here next season on this ride once more. Winter may still have a sting but to be honest at the moment there is not a lot I can see to raise my eyebrows for a final time. hoping yo all stay safe and families have a great day all regards finaly LOOKS LIKE THE SEARCH FOR OUR WINTER WONDERLAND IS NEAR THE CLOSE
  9. Morning peeps Nice dusting of snow here in Walthamstow all the roads are covered was a nice morning surprise. Looks like a sunny day today once these clouds clear. have a great day everyone stay safe take care
  10. Hi peeps Hope everyone is well and safe. It’s not been a bad day in Walthamstow. Today had some lovely sunny sky’s, although a few light snow flurries were flying around this morning. Sadly looks as if that’s it for our snow in this part of the region got clear skies and it’s freezing out there now. I just was thinking this morning when I was seeing the light flakes falling that this might be the last goodbye to snow for this winter. Who knows still got quite a bit of February to go. Anyway peeps stay safe I guess it will probably get less busy here now in the next few days unless there is another snow surprise. It has been a real pleasure reading the posts in this busy period and the video and photos have been superb. I think we have all kind of built up a bond in here especially with all the regular ones. At least it has taken our minds away from the current situation we are stuck in. Things will only get better for all of us and hopefully sooner than later life can start getting back to some normality. keep up the good posts peeps take care for now and fingers crossed for another last hurrah from winter. stay safe regards
  11. Good evening peeps hope everyone is safe and well. Been rather overcast day here in Walthamstow with plenty of snow falling, but the snow was not all that heavy although quite big in size at times. We have had some melt of lying snow as temperature lifted a bit during the day. Most of the pavements are clear apart from patches. It’s a bit sad I know the cold is still here for now but I think falling snow will get less and less now. Was nice while it was falling so cannot look back at this winter and say we had nothing, although would have liked to have seen more in depth in lying snow. From later next week looks like milder air has got our name on it, but there is still a lot of cold air in the continent so things could still change. The next big question is if it gets milder next week how long for? And will we still have time left to squeeze another snowey spell before we say bye to winter. Who knows Anyway still the odd light flake coming down here but for the next few hours I think it will be clearing up unless the radar says different. hope you all have a great evening stay safe and warm regards
  12. Hi peeps hope everyone is well and safe. Was quite a snowy day in Walthamstow today, in fact I found today better than yesterday. The flakes were much bigger and at times there was some intensity, but mostly it was big moderate snow falling. Hope to see some more snow in the next hour or so from that blob heading this way. The roads are actually quite dangerous outside now saw so many people slipping today. Regards
  13. Morning peeps Light snow been falling here in Walthamstow since 9 am still coming down but nothing settling. Awaiting for this to get heavier
  14. Sorry peeps for the downbeat but like a lot of us in here I don't think we imagined this episode turning out as it is. By now if things went to plan was hoping for the snow to start settling and get going, but we have nothing. The only reminder outside at the moment is the noise of that wind telling us I Will hugf and puff but I won't bring the snow down. Its so sad , the weather is the weather and it just shows you no matter what we do and how much we wait for it, It will only do what it wants.At least it's another lesson in the books that tells us not to higher our expectations, but alas we never learn as that is the nature of us coldies and snow lovers we never give up. Stay safe all I wish there was something to be happy about but at the moment the mood I here I sense is not the best for the start of Sunday. regards
  15. So dishearted this looks like a bust again I am frustrated . Wasted my sleep to see nothing. good luck for the 5 to 10 centimetres whoever is lucky to get the lottery . I am done good night all
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