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  1. Hi snowray Thanks for that, it does depend on where the high pressure sits to favour our little island, all the jigsaw pieces have to fall in the right place. I think back to the last beast from the East how memorable that was. I think it's just a game of patience for us coldies on here and even doing that does not guarantee we will get the goods. All we can hope is that we fight our way through the current pattern we are stuck in let's digest this out and hopefully fingers crossed better things will be waiting on the horizon. Alas we wait all year with our hearts content and yet still get left waiting for the next wiinter. Hopefully Mr Snow will decide to accept our hospitality and pay us a visit soon. All the best regards
  2. I really hope this comes to fruitation snowray I really do my heart beats looking at this chart. Out of interest what has their forecasting reputation been in past winters would like to know. all the best fingers crossed regards
  3. Good afternoon peeps Hope you all are well on this Friday morning. The day started pretty damp here in East London Walthamstow, but now it has gradually brightened up and there is even some sun peeping through. Temperatures don't feel too bad although a tad nippy in the wind. So what is the latest on the models since I last posted a couple of days ago. Looks as if we are still stuck in this unsettled pattern and the next few days don't look different. The theme continuing I think with showers or longer spells of rain also some hint of the white stuff over high ground and maybe some lower levels further North. At this moment of time I am not confident that any place in the south will see any snow to lower levels, I imagine cold rain or hail in showers may well be the best ( but we never can be so confident). I still stick with the thoughts in my post a few days ago that at the moment we are in a very changeable and volatile pattern of weather and trying to predict something 5 days away would be sticking my neck out. I know today and yesterday there have been some posters (who with due respect are more knowledgeable than I am) hinting or saying that there are signs of a pattern change to something us coldies are waiting for. Again from my eyes these predictions (who knows which may prove correct) are coming about by looking at the unreliable timeframes, I would again just like to add we have been here many times before and to avoid disappointment let's not get taken in with confidence on outcomes which are more than5 days ahead. If come next Friday and these charts are still churning out cold easterlies heading our way then yes the confidence in the outcome will increase. This pattern is changing day by day so let's just take it on a daily basis and see how this evolves, An important thing to watch is to see if European temperatures start dropping over the next week, if it is from here our cold is to come then the source of direction has to be cold. At the moment it's s patience game we need to watch developements in the coming days. Who knows this may be another edge of the seat chase that comes to nothing or will our Siberian Express arrive only time will tell. in metreological terms we are on day 12 of winter today. THE SEARCH FOR OUR WINTER WONDERLAND CONTINUES Wishing you all a great Friday and a safe weekend kind regards
  4. Good evening peeps How is everyone? Hope you are all doing well. I have just left Milton Keynes for my commute back to East London, the rain is coming down and the wind is quite strong out there, but it seems milder than it was this morning. So what is the latest on the models? To be honest at this moment in time I would not want to hold my hand up for anything up to the weekend. Looks like we have had and will have our wind and rain over the coming few days with temperatures being up and down. I believe we are in such a volatile pattern of weather that the models are all over the place. I would not take anything serious past day 3 at the moment. Who knows what this coming weekend will pan out to be but a few lucky ones especially further up north may get a wintry treat. Whether we may be lucky in the south here I cannot say but we shall see what the next few days pan out. Its 10th December today and how can some people on here say winter is over. It's a personal comment from a frustrated person but by writing that here I don't think it is fair on others. I think it just lets the whole forum down. If we don't know what's going to happen in the next three days, I would love to know what you have seen that has made you make a confident comment about the rest of the season. What this winter holds who knows it may be the best one to come or it may be one we will want to forget. Let's just sit back and get through this together hopefully the goods will come for us coldies but with patience. Hope you all have a great evening and fingers crossed changes may not be as far as we may think. THE SEARCH FOR OUR WINTER WONDERLAND CONTINUES kind regards
  5. Good afternoon all Hope everyone is well. We have finally got a brief rest bite from the rain today, it's a much better day here in Walthamstow East London and it does not feel as cold as it has done on previous days. So what is our weather pattern doing? Seems to me that the models have been all over the place,a week and a half ago us coldies had our heads up at a possible cold snap being played by blocking to our north. However it all seems to have change now as the picture looks to be pointing to a milder outlook with not much excitement (although some sort of blocking is still evident up to our north) it's not quite the setup that is about to drag bitterly cold air towards us and that is what we are anxiously waiting to happen. High pressure present to our east has really been a spoiler over these past weeks it has blocked any. Cold from Siberia to head west and it has driven our Atlantic systems to sometimes become stuck right over us till they fizzle out. To be honest I was not personally convinced of a November extreme cold snap, even a good part of Europe has been mild so it would have needed something more potent for us to go into the freezer. The models did with some of The outcomes point out to a possibly colder solution but again for me to get interested it must fall in the reliable ( for me that is 5 days the most). The trend going forward seems to indicate that we will now encounter a milder period for how long who knows What I really want to see now is for this current pattern to shift and the high in the east to move on. I only think it will be then that Europe will have a chance to cool down, and I do want this to happen because if the jigsaw is going to fall in place and cold air does head west we don't want it to warm up before it gets to us. When will this happen and how it's hard to say as this setup is so complicated at the moment and I would not put too much faith in what Iis being modelled as it is changing a lot from day to day. It's a game of patience now, and to ne if we are going to get a milder period let it be anything to shift this pattern is number one on my list. I would be concerned if only 2 weeks of winter were left, but that is not the case. Some people have commented on the long range predictions. I just need to add if we can't predict what's going to happen in a few days time but only can take a rough assumption. Then what is so different in these longer range models that will higher our confidence for such a outcome to happen, What the models are predicting may tie in with How this winter pans out but this is against the probability of how it may go the opposite way too. lastly we have only gone past mid November and is it not good just to think we have not had the headline of it being very mild for the time of year etc. The general layout looks good with a lot of HLB to out north, Exciting model watching and pattern setup I am sure is still to come. wishing you all a great saturday THE SEARCH FOR OUR WINTER WONDERLAND CONTINUES kind regards
  6. Good afternoon peeps how are you all hope everyone is well. It was a cold start here in Walthamstow East London this morning with even some fog and frost and now the cloud is covering the sky again heralding the next batch of rain due this afternoon. I must say watching the models recently has been exciting especially at this time of year. I have a gut feeling that we are in a good position us coldies taking the recent track of weather systems. The general normal west to east pattern of our weather fronts has been different. Instead we are finding a lot of low pressure diving southeast. Also the Azores slug had stayed in the far southwest, which is why more low pressure has been to the south of us. The latest model data seems to indicate no change in this pattern and my interest will be more of a focus to the north to see how high pressure develops and where it sits and also how much cold air there is. The unsettled theme is set to continue with more wet weather and at times drier periods with fog and frost. The higher ground in some parts further north will be lucky to see some white stuff. However later on we may se another change this week. As a weather front is set to clear on Wednesday night through Thursday, behind it we will be pulling in north Easterly or Easterly element. The big question here is will the air behind be cold enough to turn the rain into something wintry before it clears. We don't know that, the models are changing on a daily basis and as pointed out by some others today there is a very cold pool air developing over Siberia and Russia. We will have to see how the next few days of model watching pans out, but all in all very interesting developments may be to come. We are only on the 9th of November yet let's sit back and enjoy the ride could it be a winter we have waited for, time will tell. Wishing you all a great Saturday THE SEARCH FOR OUR WINTER WONDERLAND IS UNDERWAY kind regards
  7. Good afternoon peeps How is everyone? Hope you all are doing well. I have not been on here for ages but now my winter chase for snow has started and I have boarded the winter train. its a very wet start here in East London Walthamstow today pouring with rain and I think that's the way the rest of the day is shaping up, autumn has certainly started. By looking at the current modelling and the comments from the more knowledgable, looks as if we have got this pattern for some time, with some signs of the Azores high making a presence at the later stages. I mention the Azores High every summertime fans dream but every cold chasers nightmare in winter depending on where it sits. As many of you, i do hope that we see some sort of pattern movement come November that may set us coldies up well for winter. I must admit I do feel a bit cautious due to the latest long term model predictions I do hope it's not a winter that comes and goes without any show. I will be looking closely at the movement of the Azores Hight as this has been the destroyer of many of our winters. Let's hope some HLB sets up and changes the pattern we don't want to be stuck in. figers crossed THE SEARCH FOR MY WINTER WONDERLAND HAS BEGUN wishig you all all a great day regards
  8. Good evening peeps Hey how is everyone? Hope you all are keeping well. I have not posted for ages on here but I do come on now and again. The day has ended rather damp here in Walthamstow. We had some rain earlier and there is still spits and spots. Thankfully the sky seems a bit more spread out now still cloudy but not the heavy cloud But it does feel humid. I wanted this to happen reason being I love my night time storms and I will be eagerly awaiting tonight for storms to arrive from France hence I am glad we are getting the break from the rain now before it gets dark. For those like me who love the night time lightening i am sure we will be watching that radar closely for developments down south. Fingers crossed we see a good display. Anyway peeps as always it's always a pleasure to post on here. The chase for the storm has begun. wishing you all a great evening take care for now. regards
  9. Good evening peeps Hey how is everyone? Hope you all are well, have not posted for some time, but I still like to come here now and again and catch up. Well it's been a nice day in Walthamstow lots of spring sunshine and I have seen quite a few queen bumble bees flying around, so yes spring definately is in the air. Looks like temperatures are going to be picking up as we go through the week more specially here in the south thanks to high pressure. Next week has caught my interest could we have one last taste of winter still to say goodbye to. If we do get a very decent northerly I am sure even the south could catch a wintry surprise. Anyway I will make this short and sweet, hope you all have a lovely evening and speak soon. Take care and stay safe all kind regards
  10. Morning Thankyou so much for your kind post Mattwolves I am honoured. It's so nice to see so many good people on here and it's such a pleasure coming on here and sharing because that is what life is about. We may never see the posters on here but just knowing that we can make it like a family environment is so good. There are many good posts on here daily, and some take a great effort in sharing their knowledge and making it easier for the less knowledgable ones to understand and that is such a honour to see, so keep up the great work . Anyway really stormy start to the day here in Walthamstow. I am sure there are a few twigs lying around. The sun has come out now and the winds should start easing later. See some up north are enjoying winters legacy, hear reports of heavy snow. Anyway whether it's the snow or the wind hope you all have a great Sunday. stay safe as always apeak soon kind regards
  11. Hi peeps Hey how is everyone? Hope you all are well and enjoying the weekend. I have not posted for a few days, but here I am . well it's been a blustery day here in N/E London today. The day started grey and rainy too but we managed to squeeze some sunshine in the early afternoon before cloud arrived heralding the next batch of wet weather tonight. Looks like a turbulent few days coming up with lots of rain and wind. Not expecting any wintriness here in London but looks as if places further north will be seeing some surprise snow more especially tomorrow. As some others have said this is probably winters last showdown, I think it will be probably safe to say that widespread freezing cold temperatures and snow have a slim chance now, but that does not discount snow still to fall especially in the north and higher ground in the coming week. My focus now will start to turn on humid and thundery weather. I know last summer we were lucky to get some night time storms pushing up from the continent, and I hope we have more luck with this weather than what we have had with snow. Anyway peeps enjoy the rest of the weekend, and for those further North enjoy the snow . stay safe all speak soon regards
  12. Evening peeps Hope you all are ok, what a change a week makes. Last week it was the unusual warmth making headlines and today it has been the wind and drop in temperatures. Just goes to show how much of a swing our current weather is having. the next few weeks look cool or below average temperatures. There will be wind, rain, frost, sleet and snow and it may be on different days we experience this weather. There may be even some wintry surprises coming up especially if the charts verefy. Anyway peeps I always like to come on here now and again and just say hello to you all. Keep up all the great posts. Speak to you soon take care stay safe all regards
  13. Evening peeps Hope you all had a great day just got back to London Euston still feels warm out here. Big changes on the way though, will have to dig out the coat again. Anyway will make this short got to get the underground now hope you all have a great evening. Take care stay safe
  14. BOOOOOM!!!! Oh dam I think I have just blown my heater, no wonder it's been so warm time to wrap up now
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