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  1. Good evening peeps Hey how is everyone? Hope you all are keeping well. I have not posted for ages on here but I do come on now and again. The day has ended rather damp here in Walthamstow. We had some rain earlier and there is still spits and spots. Thankfully the sky seems a bit more spread out now still cloudy but not the heavy cloud But it does feel humid. I wanted this to happen reason being I love my night time storms and I will be eagerly awaiting tonight for storms to arrive from France hence I am glad we are getting the break from the rain now before it gets dark. For those like me who love the night time lightening i am sure we will be watching that radar closely for developments down south. Fingers crossed we see a good display. Anyway peeps as always it's always a pleasure to post on here. The chase for the storm has begun. wishing you all a great evening take care for now. regards
  2. Good evening peeps Hey how is everyone? Hope you all are well, have not posted for some time, but I still like to come here now and again and catch up. Well it's been a nice day in Walthamstow lots of spring sunshine and I have seen quite a few queen bumble bees flying around, so yes spring definately is in the air. Looks like temperatures are going to be picking up as we go through the week more specially here in the south thanks to high pressure. Next week has caught my interest could we have one last taste of winter still to say goodbye to. If we do get a very decent northerly I am sure even the south could catch a wintry surprise. Anyway I will make this short and sweet, hope you all have a lovely evening and speak soon. Take care and stay safe all kind regards
  3. Morning Thankyou so much for your kind post Mattwolves I am honoured. It's so nice to see so many good people on here and it's such a pleasure coming on here and sharing because that is what life is about. We may never see the posters on here but just knowing that we can make it like a family environment is so good. There are many good posts on here daily, and some take a great effort in sharing their knowledge and making it easier for the less knowledgable ones to understand and that is such a honour to see, so keep up the great work . Anyway really stormy start to the day here in Walthamstow. I am sure there are a few twigs lying around. The sun has come out now and the winds should start easing later. See some up north are enjoying winters legacy, hear reports of heavy snow. Anyway whether it's the snow or the wind hope you all have a great Sunday. stay safe as always apeak soon kind regards
  4. Hi peeps Hey how is everyone? Hope you all are well and enjoying the weekend. I have not posted for a few days, but here I am . well it's been a blustery day here in N/E London today. The day started grey and rainy too but we managed to squeeze some sunshine in the early afternoon before cloud arrived heralding the next batch of wet weather tonight. Looks like a turbulent few days coming up with lots of rain and wind. Not expecting any wintriness here in London but looks as if places further north will be seeing some surprise snow more especially tomorrow. As some others have said this is probably winters last showdown, I think it will be probably safe to say that widespread freezing cold temperatures and snow have a slim chance now, but that does not discount snow still to fall especially in the north and higher ground in the coming week. My focus now will start to turn on humid and thundery weather. I know last summer we were lucky to get some night time storms pushing up from the continent, and I hope we have more luck with this weather than what we have had with snow. Anyway peeps enjoy the rest of the weekend, and for those further North enjoy the snow . stay safe all speak soon regards
  5. Evening peeps Hope you all are ok, what a change a week makes. Last week it was the unusual warmth making headlines and today it has been the wind and drop in temperatures. Just goes to show how much of a swing our current weather is having. the next few weeks look cool or below average temperatures. There will be wind, rain, frost, sleet and snow and it may be on different days we experience this weather. There may be even some wintry surprises coming up especially if the charts verefy. Anyway peeps I always like to come on here now and again and just say hello to you all. Keep up all the great posts. Speak to you soon take care stay safe all regards
  6. Evening peeps Hope you all had a great day just got back to London Euston still feels warm out here. Big changes on the way though, will have to dig out the coat again. Anyway will make this short got to get the underground now hope you all have a great evening. Take care stay safe
  7. BOOOOOM!!!! Oh dam I think I have just blown my heater, no wonder it's been so warm time to wrap up now
  8. Morning peeps Hope everyone is good on this sunny Wednesday morning. I am just on my commute from Nirtheast London to Milton Keynes, there was a frost overnight but it is disappearing fast. It's going to be one more final warm day, temperatures may not reach as high as yesterday but no doubt a few spots may hit the 18 or 19 deg mark. From tomorrow we will probably see the temperatures slowly begin to subside and by Friday probably max will be 12 or 13 deg. Then next week we could be reminded that winter is not too far, will be feeling distinctly cooler if not cold and with that some rain sleet or even the snow word coming back. Could winter be holding the best till last wouldn't one more snow event really make up all this recent warmth. It's still to be seen I think it's just a matter of watching and seeing how things pan out after the weekend. looks like at least if winter does have a final sting there will. Be a job vacancy ---- anyone one interested in picking up all the towels and handing them back to their owners. hope you all have a great day and if you are lucky enough to have the day off enjoy the warmth while it is still here. Stay safe all regards
  9. Thanks Mattwolves I love this forum when there is great people on here and great posts. It's not only me there are many more like yourself as well who make this forum worthwhile. Especially seeing the same names every season makes it feel good that the have travelled on the same train heading for the same destination. Kind regards
  10. Hi peeps How are you all? Well what a warm day today in London and by looking at the posts the all time new record has been set now at 21 deg at Kew Gardens. I even saw a queen wasp today and that is the earliest I have seen one of them. Anyway looks as if we have big changes coming next week and it will be quite a shock to the system. I must admit that I ended my search for snow a few days ago, but looking at some of the posts looks like there could well be a few surprises ahead. I am not expecting any here in London but who knows. I think the more North you are the better the chance of seeing something wintry. The weather this year has started off very bizzare and I wonder what other surprises lay ahead for the rest of the year, We live in a ever changing climate and there are many arguments and debates as to the ifactors influencing our weather. Whatever is going on this warm spell has certainly lifted some eyelids. Could there be one more last surprise left for winter who knows, but soon all this warmth will probably be a distant memory. speak soon stay safe all regards
  11. Hi evening peeps Hope everyone is ok and you all have had a nice relaxing weekend. It's been really warm today here in Walthamstow North East London even seen people with t-shirts. What a sight on the 24th Feb, did we ever think at the beginning of the winter season that we would be looking at exceptionally high temperatures on this day. What a difference a year makes. This time last year we were all jumping with delight and could not wait for the arrival of the beast. Alas that is the weather and sometimes we win and sometimes we lose out. Its a bit sad really have got so used to this forum during the season and now people are slowly one by one leaving the winter train. All that is being left behind is the towel that was once clenched but now has been thrown. Before whoever is left out of the coldies on here decide to leave I just wanted to say a big thank you to you all. The posts have been amazing and the atmosphere has been so family like. There are the more knowledgable ones who have put so much effort in collating different factors and sharing their great knowledge. Without you I would certainly have been lost. For those who will hibernate untill autumn I hope you have a great summer and stay safe and look forward to seeing you on the next winter train. That leaves those like me who will remain here for the next search humidity and thunderstorms. Let's hope we have a great storm season coming especially night time storms. There is nothing more really to add except this winter has taught us a lot and one thing a lot of us will remember is that no matter how good outside factors may look there is no guarantee the weather will follow that. The search for my winter wonderland this season has come to an end. A new chapter will start again in autumn. Wishing you all a lovely evening stay safe kind regards
  12. Evening peeps i know I have just trodden on a lot of towels on the floor and a lot of coldies have probably gone into hibernation mood till the next winter season (unless like me your next chase is thunderstorms) but I though I pop in here and say hi. There is not much left to say about this winter now I think it's all marked on the walls. I don't think March is going to deliver anything special down here in London where I am, although some people up north may still get a wintry surprise. My next chase now is storms especially those that move up from France at night. I still remember last years June storm was very spectacular lots of non-stop continuous lightening but hardly any loud thunder. Anyway peeps wish you all a great evening speak soon. Regards
  13. Hi That is 14/15 days away what's the reliability that it will verify. I have been here all winter and what I will walk away remembering this season is that if all the tasty charts showing cold in the 14 or 15 day timeframe had come off it's a winter I would remember for a long time
  14. Hi peeps Hope you all are ok, I thought I come in here and see if we have got blizzards next weekend but obviously thee has been no dramatic change in the hearts of the models. felt really balmy today here in Walthamstow today did not need the coat today. Probably won't need a jumper by next weekend by the looks of things. Oh well what can we do us coldies just have to grind our teeth. Anyway there's not much more to add from me. Hope you all enjoy the rest of what's left of the weekend speak soon peeps. Take care regards
  15. My blood pressure is high now as well, having trailed through a week of boring weather. Something has to give in soon. Please mr high don't you get the message yet or shall I spell it out PLEAS GO. You have a free offer of accommodation from Greenlaand or Scandinavia. Please accept this brexit deal
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