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  1. Still raining here in Walthamstow but my iPhone app is saying it's snowing in London lol
  2. Hi sweet peeps hey how is everyone Hope you are all good. It's that time again and the wait has started and I am sure we will have some good and memorable pictures to cherish this winter. I have just got home in Walthamstow from Milton Keynes and it is pouring with rain here. I must admit I was watching the lamp posts while I was walking to see if there is any sign of the white stuff but nothing yet. Although the phone app is showing snow symbol from 10pm till 12pm ( something I would not put any accuracy on) but we shall see. Hasent time flown since our beast from the east. Glad to be back and to see all the regular posters on here. Wishing you all a lovely evening with fingers crossed for later the first lamppost watch of the season. kind regards
  3. Sorry people forgot to highlight one thing on the subject of models. If we cast out minds back to the March beast from the east the others models had backed away, then we saw ECM come on board showing the very low uppers and then the other models followed on. Will the ECM tell us the real truth this time. Come on ECM show us something to lift our heads. We have not even started proper meteorological winter yet so this kind of situation at the moment is a bonus. Let's just hope it is the leading path to Snowlland. ECM will shortly roll out
  4. Hi good peeps Hope everyone is having a great weekend, here at Upton Park east London it's been a sunny day but now it feels quite chilly out here. Nexr week looks as if things will get colder but as I mentioned in my post yesterday it's not going to be the brutal cold we are all waiting for. Looks as if there will be a lot of rain and drizzly weather from this easterly but I still think we won't see any snow yet. i love all the great posts on here and the effort that is put by some to share their knowledge. I must admit that seeing so many suggested outcomes after next week I am a bit in no mans land at the moment. It is a situation that will keep on changing easpecially when it comes to positioning of a high pressure. What I am dreading and I hope it does not go that way is for the high to drift southeast into the continent. If this happens we could become locked in a situation where the south westt winds prevail and this pattern can become stuck for weeks. We will just have to see what happens. So for now getting colder but where this will go remains to show. Wishing you all a lovely evenig kind regards
  5. Hi good peeps I don't normally post on here but on this occasion I will. Some of you may not like what I write but I want to be to the point and look at reality. For those hoping for a 2010 repeat, at the meeting moment with the current output I cannot see any brutal cold coming here so soon. Having said that yes it is going to get colder next week and it will be something we have not been used to for a while. Unfortunately in reality this is not going to be a freeze up situation (this is what our hearts are dying to see). the continent has not gone cold enough yet and the North Sea temperatures are still fairly mild. So the easterlies will not be as cold as we hope. So to be realistic yes it will get colder but there will be very little snow if any. We will have night frosts though at times. Sorry if this post sounds disheartening but that's what is currently on the cards. Who knows December may change all this let's wait and see. Kind regards
  6. Anyone from the BIrmingham area there are reports of snow falling.
  7. Hi peeps Hey guys how are you all? I have not been here for ages hope everyone is good. It was back in March since I was posting quite a lot here but since then apart from one or two hellos I have been away. Well I am back and my chase for Snow has started again, I suppose it's the first blast of cold weather that has bought me back. Let's see what the coming months bring for us collies. Anyway I am at work right now in Upton Park East London quite sunny at the moment. There are reports of snow already falling in the BIRMINGHAM area. We are due some showers later so let's see what they throw at us. Anyway peeps I will be back here soon hope you all have a great Saturday. Regards
  8. Hi peeps well well it's been a long time since I was here. Can't believe how fast time is flying. Hope everyone is ok and you are all having s great day. Just finished work here in Milton Keynes on my journey back home to Walthamstow it is humid, i am hoping for some night time storms will be a relief for the garden to get some water. Anyway peeps will love you and leave you all just popped in to say hi. As I am a snow lover I am counting the time down. See you all soon. stay safe and take care regards
  9. Goodmorning peeps Hope you all are good. Well we are finally nearly there with all this warm weather predicted for this week but will it be as warm? Let's see what happens. i was hoping for the warmth to be broken down by storms from France but don't think that will happen yet. hope you all have s lovely day regards
  10. Hi peeps What a horrible murkey day again today so gloomy. According to the forcast last night the cloud was meant to break up today and one or 2 spots were even meant to reach 17deg and then tonight we were even meant to get some lightening storms moving in from the continent. Well that's another forcast gone pear shaped. Anyway looking forward to some warmth next week. take care peeps stay safe kind regards
  11. Hi peeeeeps hey hope you all are ok Just leaving MK for my journey back to London. What a horrible murky day, been that misty type of days more like November than April. Anyway looking forward to the warmth and the sun next week . Just looked at the radar anyone for a Thames streamer lol pitty it's not cold enuf for snow. Anyway sweet people shall speak to you all soon stay safe and be good kind regards
  12. Hi peeps hey how are you all I have not posted for a while but just wanted to see how you all are. Hope everyone is good and well Been a lovely warm spring day and even now this evening it's not bad out there. The days are beginning to get warmer now and I am just wondering when my chase for night time lightening storms coming up from France will start. anyway peeps stay safe and speak to you all soon. Take care all and stay safe regards
  13. Hi peeps how's you all Hope you all had a great Thursday and yes Friday is here again tomorrow. Just been updating myself on the mod thread and it looks more and more likely that there is cold weather on the horizon and even our part here could see snow returning next week, but that could all still change. What a winter hey and what an ending it could be. so we could even see a third breast from the east. Oops beast I mean lol don't tell me all that is going to start again thought I stir it up lol . Anyway that's why I love this forum and the sweet peeps humour just makes the day. Speak to you guys soon stay safe all and be good regards
  14. Don't worry Ed Stone not leaving still here .......just got home a fresh evening out there wouldn't call it really mild. Just had a thought would it not be so crazy to have another beast that delivered snow to our part of the UK that would be unbeleivable, but never say never it is still possible, only yesterday I watched an old BBC weather video for 5th April 2008 and that had snow moving from the north to our location and it was forcast for a few centimetres. So just goes to show it can still happen. Anyway it's been a long day at work and a long journey from MK so going to put some dinner on and relax . speak soon take care for now all