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  1. Hi peeps, Unfortunately the storms over northern France seem to be decaying away. Certainly the chances of them coming towards us now I think have diminished. Alas this is a all too familiar story looks yet again further north of us there is storm activity. oh well tomorrow is another day and my chase will start again. good night all
  2. Hi peeps Hope everyone is well This hot weather makes you wonder whether it can get anymore oppressive. But those who like the heat must be loving it. Not good here in Walthamstow far too humid.I have got my eyes open now for the thunderstorms and I hope when we do get them they hit us during the night. Some up north were lucky last night there were some huge storms. Anyway I have kept an eye on the radar and just now some really huge storms are showing up in Northern France. The lightening radar is picking these up well. In fact instead of fizzling out it seems the cluster is getting wider. Folks if these storms stay the same intensity and move up we could be in for a very noisy night tonight. Having said that we have seen this many times before where these storms seem to give some hope but then very quickly fizzle out before getting accriss our shore. Lets keep an eye on that radar looks promising fingers crossed. have a lovely evening stay cool regards
  3. Evening All, Been a long time since I posted on here I hope everyone is well ?. Being a storm lover in summer I do hope it goes bang later tonight I love night time lightening. Felt really hot here in Walthamstow today but there's a nice breeze out there now. There are also few more echos now beginning to show over northern France on the radar.hope these are the start of some big storms that will cross the channel and head for us later. Wishing you all a lovely evening. take care regards ????
  4. Just been keeping an eye on the radar some very bright echoes now just heading up from the channel. Anyone near Brighton might be seeing some activity soon, only if these are storm clusters. London could be a direct hit later. But as we know from past experiences it may not come to anything except rain but this cluster does certainly look menacing on the radar. regards ?
  5. Yes that is a shame really because if it was warmer and the humidity rose than I think we would have had a better chance for storms to crop up. Saying that the area of showers over France could still deliver something just see how things develop over the evening. I don't think we have got enough humidity at the moment for the big storms we want to see. However heavy showers can also bring good few claps of thunder. ??
  6. I agree the rain was not forcast until maybe later tonight and even that was in the form of isolated showers. The main heavy possibly thundery downpours are not forcast till tomorrow. However me myself being a thunderstorm lover, I have been keeping a close eye on the radar especially in the France area. Looks like there are some lively echoes beginning to show up in the last hour and these showers are slowly moving north. Whether they will be a decaying feature by the time they get here who knows, but worth keeping an eye on what develops as we go through this evening. regards ?
  7. GOOD BYE WINTER The long journey since November has come to an end now. I waited months for you and then you came in November with a cold start to the season. The hopes of us coldies went up we thought this would be the season that you would show us what you were and bring smiles to our faces sadly this was not to be. Come December you suddenly changed your tone and became best friends with PV he stuck to you like glue and now it's all over PV wants to let you go. Your service has been crap you have lashed us with wind and rain and now we believe it's an activity you are no doubt highly adapt to. Those people whose houses up north you flooded and the poor tree and fence that had been standing in my garden for years, just could not stand the dismay that you inflicted. Yiou have tormented us coldies by suggesting something good was going to be delivered to us in the 10 or 16 day period, but this was like a false mirage in the desert there was nothing there as we got closer. No doubt when you read this oh winter you will be chuckling at the heartbreak you caused this season, but remember us coldies will never give up in 8 months our hunt will start again and the new winter may be much better than your records this season. I have nothing more left to say winter except I leave you with a glass of melted ice that I took from my freezer to remind myself of what I have missed. Please keep this for your archives and records not that any of us coldies will need to re visit. I gues it's now time for me to give up got no picture of you on my coffee cup as there was nothing to admire. GOODBYE WINTER
  8. Goodmorning peeps ? A sunny start to the day here in Walthamstow, before the showers arrive later. i want to make it short this one, but us coldies are still clinging on for a final hurrah from winter. Sadly the reality is with temperatures forcast to climb up to 9 degrees in Moscow and 7 in Oslo what chance have we got with an Easterly if it was to come. The reality is staring at our faces deep down we know sadly there is not much left our search for a winter wonderland I think has in reality come to an end. Sorry but I am trying to be honest as I can, unless something extremely dramatic happens now. wishing you a lovely Tuesday regards ????
  9. Evening peeps Well after storm Ciara we are on the 17th of Feb today. The clock is ticking and we are on the final footsteps of full time for this season. Is there still a possibility for us to at least score one time. Us coldies are anxiously still holding on to that lolly stick which was empty when we started our journey this season and still is right now. This is the final few weeks lefft now and we desperately need something to break. Can we at least get that high further north and get an Easterly feed. The models seem to be showing a mixed bag a bit confusing really some pointing to early spring warmth and some wanting cold pooling to filter south. Who knows if something will come to our rescue but with a sigh our journey for this season in the hunt for cold and Mr Snow is almost over. We will always live in hope a new journey will again start in eight nonths. wishing you all a great evening regards ????
  10. Totally agree I think us coldies are just trying to look for the last scraps of comfort now. Alas probably deep down we know chances are very slim for a nationwide freeze but we still live it that hope that maybe something extraordinarily will happen. Who knows till we don't come to the end path of winter we will never give up. Our love for cold and snow will never die. regards ????
  11. Hi peeps again ? I know time is running out for us coldies but we have still got enough time to deliver some decent cold and snow even here in the South. I know the pattern is such that what we are seeing today on the models might be a lot different come tomorrow. Is there something that is going to happen and make winter go from zero to hero. It can still happen, makes the nerves a bit calmer when we consider 2018 it wasn't till the very end of February that the Beast came raging in. However that time we had a SSW which was the main factor that's the only difference. This is our last hope to scrape something worthwhile in the next few weeks. If that high can get enough northeast (PV allowing) then we have a chance of undercutting energy and also a chance maybe for cold to start heading west from Europe, it's a hard and challenging call but can it be achieved. We got to get this breakthrough come on winter you can do it . we watch and wait at the edge of our seats regards ????
  12. Morning peeps, This trend to an Easterly has been showing for quite some time now. I recall back at the end of January watching one of Gavs videos that this trend was showing up more as we headed towards the last third of February. I know it's in dreamland but if this was to by any 1 percent chance to verefy then I am sure us coldies would forgive winter. The thing that has got me is that we are now seeing quite a lot of outputs I know it's la la land but the jet is trying to dig south. We are in a very changeable pattern and any small changes can have an effect upstream. I think for now it's no point looking more than 3 days ahead. My heart cries if only winter for once you can just bring us that cold Easterly how happy us coldies will be. Who knows what holds from an Easterly it may be record high temperatures we just don't know what the heavens above have got lined up for us. 8th of Feb today and that winter click is ticking on we now need a desperate breakthrough come on winter you can do it for us we waiting such a long time for you. We cling on to the final road ahead to end this season. wishing you a great day stay safe regards ????
  13. WE LIVE IN THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE - Sadly charts showing. cold 10 days away seem to have mysteriously disappeared all winter
  14. Good afternoon peeps ? Feels like a very springlike day today here in Walthamstow. We had a bit of cloud this morning which cleared to give some lovely blue sky and it feels very mild in the southwesterly. From the models it all seems a bit of a mixed bag going forward. Looks as if there will be weather systems crossing us in the next few days then a brief cold encounter before high pressure comes over for a few days. There after indications are that the jet is likely to fire up again and we will be back to the onslaught of the Atlantic. The models seem to be toying around with the pattern in the next week after this it all seems a bit messy, but we will see where things go. Could we still have time left just to see a snowflake especially us down here in the south. I think for me it's come to this that even seeing a few flakes fall will at least satisfy my desire and frustration, taking into account what the winter has so far delivered. Alas I say this with a deep sigh today is 1st of February my memory goes back to 2009 it was a Sunday exactly on this date and was there so much excitement in the air for us coldies then. We had strong Easterly winds coming from Siberia and snow showers started packing from the east. By that evening a lot of the Southest was a whiteout. The next day the bus system in London even came to a halt and there was so much to enjoy with a wonderful winter wonderland scenery. Look at today where we are so many years later . anyway peeps that was just a short visit to memory lane, when we will be able to see the reality of that again who knows. Time is now running out the days are getting longer and the suns strenght is picking up. If we are to even see something remotely wintry something has to give now in the next few weeks. Otherwise non of us will want to remember this winter. We will always live in that hope which is the word MAYBE and we will cling on to the final couple of weeks that will mark the end of our search for this season. THE SEARCH FOR OUR WINTER WONDERLAND IS ALMOST NEAR THE END wishing you all a great afternoon stay safe regards ????
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