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  1. Hi peeps I am back again just had a thought. With regards to this SSW it has been said that it will have a impact on the models. I was just thinking could we just be at that stage now where the models are getting confused and that's what has brought along this swing. I know we could just think this just to ease the nnerves but 1 in a 10 chance could it just be this I wonder. Once we pass this stage then all will follow one trend. Well this was just a thought I had. I think deep down there are some underlying factors that are making the models jump. We will have to see but st this stage I would say we don't know what's going to happens beyond 2 days away. It's just a matter of seeing how this situation unfolds and where we end up going. Kind regards again
  2. Morning peeps hope you all are ok . I know think I dare ask that with the doom stormcloud that has come over. Alas my heart sinks a few days ago things were looking worthwhile and there was light on the horizon, but now it seems dark storm clouds have taken the excitement away. There is nothing positive I could pick out to get our heads up the reality of the British weather is staring on our face, However just had a look at the latest update on weatheronline and that seems to be sticking to its guns on cold and snowey weather but with uncertainty. There is still time for the models to flip again but that's me thinking dreamland. I know it's disheartening but let's keep our heads up. Let's see what the later runs bring. We live in hope and always will hope you all have a great Saturday the search for our winter wonderland continues kind regards
  3. Evening peeps A very late one from me hope you all are ok. Just saw the extended BBC forcast I am confused. Com. The presenter said it will get cold for the week ahead but he went on to say high pressure building over us. This has got me concerned we all know what the previous high done. He did say at the end there is still uncertainty and keep tuned. No one knows for sure what's going to happen it's a waiting game. Fingers crossed we get our Easterly. the wait for our winter wonderland continues. night night peeps kind regards
  4. Good afternoon people Hope you all are well and having a good Saturday afternoon. It's been a cloudy day here in Walthamstow North East London today but temperature seems milder than recent days. We are 12 days into the new year and our waiting goes on, but is there now some glimmer of a change showing on the horizon. I am firstly so glad that after having this annoying high for weeks it is finally going to give way to a more of a changeable pattern which comes as a big relief. I have been so annoyed with this high pressure and on the face of it a good several weeks of our winter have been spoilt due to this slug. the change coming is something I was hoping would have come weeks ago but better late than never. This now leads to the big question where are we going to be heading from here. To be to the point (and to take into account I don't take anything more than 5 days away seriously) I would say we don't know what's going to happen. Even at this stage everything is up for grabs. On a positive yes there are signs that the weather is going to get colder and the wintry potential will increase. However to what extent and who will benefit is still to be sorted. From my heart I am hoping that the Northery is a starter and as time goes on hoping everything falls into place this norrherly eventually becomes a northeasterly then the main easterly to fix a prolonged cold outbreak. Things will be flipping and changing but I think the next couple of weeks will dictate how this so far boring winter is going to come to wrap up. So peeps let's keep our fingers crossed and hope everything falls in place for our island and also for the desire to our hearts. Another thing that will be becoming a concern as time passes is that the days of winter are going past we need something to come to our rescue we are nearly mid Jan and sooner we know it will be Feb time will not be on our side as it is now or has been up to now. It's time to get a bit serious. On a lighter note once again it's a pleasure to read all the posts on here and I am so honoured to always see the regulars posting keep up the good work. We are all in this ride together and my heart says something special will come to us. I can hear the distance horn of the Siberian express maybe this one will be on time. wishing you all a great evening take care for now heads up and stay safe. Our search for our winter wonderland continues kind regards
  5. Good evening all My first post of 2019 I wish you all a Happy New year. We continue from where we left off last year any news on the ECM? our search for our winter wonderland is to continue speak soon peeps take care kind regards
  6. Good afternoon peeps Hope you all are ok and having a relaxing Sunday afternoon. Can't believe it's the last day of this year tomorrow, how quickly has the year whizzed past. I was going to post yesterday but to be honest I just had a sinking feeling in my heart from all the outputs that I went away to refresh. so here we are still search for our snow. Rather s from day here in Walthamstow today not a glimmer of the sun. I must admit from what I am seeing from today's posts looks like a glimmer of hope is beginning to show, are we on the cusp of something special. Having said this we are still in the unknown and what the weather is about to do in the coming weeks is anyone's guess. The big question mark that is making me scratch my head is what is this high going to do. It could either be our sincere saviour and help the weather deliver our goods or it could be a heartbreaker and herald a pattern that we don't want to see going further into January. i think we have only started moving on this rollercoaster the coming week is going to be tense and at times it's going to have us at the edge. Let's just now think positively and hope everything is on our side and hold our heads up. On s finishing note back in Feb/March it's the ECM that led the way and the others followed persuitr can it happen s second time. We live in hope our search for our winter wonderland continues take care for now all stay safe kind regards
  7. Good evening people Hope you all are ok and well and hope you have had a lovely Christmas. Well the hunt continues, it's been another one of those quite days today here in Walthamstow where you know the weather is not going to do anything . It's like being in no mans land and to be honest I am a bit fed up with this high pressure setup, I rather prefer the weather to be moving which allows more chance of quick changes to happen. So the SSW is well underway and in about two weeks time we will be buried in snow. I wish this comment was the only outcome that could happen but unfortunately it's not a definately answer. this raises the following outcomes that we could face going forward. 1 - The current SSW makes our dreams come true we have the models catch on and everything falls in place and in a couple of weeks frozen Britain is the headline. 2- The current SSW has an effect but our little island misses out and we are heartbroken in other words we end up with no Freeze. 3- The current high pressure in control of the weather could collapse and move off into central or southeastern Europe and we get stuck then in a south westerly pattern. This could linger for ages ( I know we don't want to think of this but if the SSW does not help us then this certainly could be an outcome). 4- the high could be shunted to Iceland or Scandinavia and this is what we want deep cold from Siberia Beast from the East again I am no expert but from my understanding and being honest I think the above could be quite plausible outcomes going forward . Whether we are going to be winners or losers from this SSW no one knows yet, all I can say is that next few weeks are going to be challenging and tense on here. Let's hope our little island is in a lucky place and we get the opportunity to take those great snapshots and want to remember this winter. Fingers crossed and let's keep our heads up peeps. The search for our winter wonderland continued take care for now all kind regards
  8. Hi people good afternoon all Hope everyone is well and we are in the final countdown to the big day. Well here in Walthamstow North East London it does not feel like a Decembers day nor like late March or Early April really springlike, where has winter gone? As this will probably be my last post before Christmas I just like to firstly thank the forum management for their great efforts in keeping this site running, without this I would certainly be lost in weather prospects. Secondly a big thank you to all the wonderful posts that I have read throughout the year and the experts who have taken time to share their knowledge with the less knowledgable ones. Last but not least thank you to everyone who has been on this rollercoaster we have had our ups and downs together and it has been a great pleasure in seeing all the regulars in here. So looks like we are in a high pressure situation in the coming days and it all depends where the high pressure is that will dictate our weather. It looks as though we may see some fog and frost and some murk and gloom as well. As I mentioned in my last post I don't think we will start seeing any candy charts untill closer to the new year or even after. A lot of people have said that all the signs look great as we head into January but the usual Covets apply. I know our hearts are really dying for this freeze let's hope everything falls together for our island and we finally see our awaited winter wonderland . The Siberian Express will be running s new timetable that has its stop here. finally hope you sweet people have a Lovely Christmas take time out to spend with loved ones. Stay Safe and keep heads up our search for our winter wonderland continues Merry Christmas kind reagards
  9. Good morning all Hope you all are ok, I know by reading some of the posts today frustration is taking a upper hand again. Well I thought I would share a bit of a glimmer of hope. I often read up the weather in the Times newspaper and on here there is a column where a little buzz article is written on a daily basis. Now back at the beginning of December thoughts were written about the weather for the month ahead which has up to now tied in very well with what we have had basically unsettled and windy with rain and a few drier interludes but no severe cold. i have read the article in today's edition (and for those who want to refer to it, you will find it in the Times weather page) .... today's buzz was all about this SSW and there is a stark warning with high confidence that our winter is about to start in the new year. I do trust this article as extracts are taken from the met office. It goes on to say that we are likely to see Easterly winds with Beast from the East and severe cold. The approx timing of this has been set to mid Jan onwards. So there we go people just to put a glimmer of hope as this is what we live on on here hope. On the other hand it does say that it could miss the UK but this is a unlikely scenario as thunderstorm systems in the med are likely to move to the east Pacific at this timeframe hence enhancing the Easterly. But peeps let's keep a cool about this and patience it could all still go horribly wrong as no human on earth can control our weather, I don't think we will see anyghing showing on the models untill late December. Out wait for our winterland continues Santa you know what our hearts want Wishing you all a happy Wednesday kind regards
  10. Evening peeps Hope everyone is ok well just wanted to say we all look out for the future but also treasure the past. Exactly 8 years ago on this date Dec 18th 2010 it was a Saturday and London had heavy snow. It's a day I will never forget and a day which I wish gets repeated again and again. i just hope winter will show us its wonderland again soon. DEAR SANTA all I want for Christmas is UPGRADES - search for our winter wonderland continues night night all
  11. Good afternoon peeps Dear oh dear me I have been reading some of the comments on here today and my heart has sunk. There was me thinking that something good was showing on the horizon but alas now I wish I did not check the comments. To be fair I think toooooo muchhh expectation has been put on this SSW and a lot of people are at this stage now, that seeing anything negative is beyond our control to brush our frustration and heartache. Such a big hype has been created on here that our big freeze is coming in January that even those that don't look far ahead have had their expectations mirrored in this. I feel sad in my heart but if it's any comfort we have still got 14 days of December to go and a lot of time for the models to change. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do to ease our frustration that's what we should be ready for on this forum. Let's just see how the next few days develop and pray hard ...... please Santa I don't want any presents I will always be good and kind ........all I want is my Snow. Take care for now peeps chin up
  12. Hi peeps Very heavy rain at the moment in Walthamstow still bitter wind. Steve you did mention that 6pm-8pm we get an overcut. Is there still a chance for this to turn back to sleet or snow or have we now passed that point of no return with the slight rise in temperatures. Kind regards
  13. Looks like all the fun and games over for this cold snap. Looks like the onslaught of the Atlantic returning for a week at least. just been reading the comments in the MOD thread, people on there making presumptions on what is showing 10 days out. As we know going out more than 4 days is something that will always be subject to change. the good news is that the mets long term outlook still sees something brewing. So we will have to see what pans out considering we still have 16 days of December to go the forcast is subject to change. Anyway peeps love you and leave you all. Have a great day. kind regards my wait for a winter wonderland continues
  14. Just starting to drizzle here in Walthamstow wasent expecting any white stuff, but still live in hope.
  15. Morning people Feels bitter here in Walthamstow North East London. Not a drop of rain or flake of wintriness yet, and there's me awaiting to see what falls from the sky. Hi Steve any thoughts about here hope you all have a fab day no matter what comes down kind regards