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  1. Well well well, what have we here? A week of glorious spring time fare here in sunny Sale, followed immediately by a direct Northerly shot with SNOW possible. You have got to love this islands climate. As my late grandma always used to say... "n'er cast a clout til May's out"
  2. Gusting quite strongly now... could be a noisy few hours
  3. 3 stunning days in row, and pleasantly warm in the sun here too! If we can't have snow then this will do up until September please weather gods 🙏.
  4. Looks increasingly spring like next week... could it be a false dawn??? You never know 🤔
  5. That wind is picking up indeed! One word sums it up nicely.... Windchill
  6. Glorious morning here, got lucky with that south manchester streamer last night so a thin covering remains. Another cold crisp few days in the offing. A blessing in the circumstances we are faced with, at least we can get out and enjoy it!
  7. This little feature thats cropped up over us in South mcr is ace! Been snowing for a good 45mins now. Still only a dusting at the moment, maybe 1cm tops.
  8. Well, it's been like pulling teeth but there is now a dusting finally.
  9. Well, its been on and off pretty much all day with what I would call 'snow flurries' here. Bitter in the wind, beats mild dross any day of the week.
  10. Light snow just started here.. not spectacular but its snowing!
  11. Enjoyed today's weather personally. An ice cold Easterly, snow flakes in the air all day, dry under foot. Yes it would be nice for lots of snow but as many have already said it just doesn't happen for the majority in this set up. I will certainly be making the most of the next week or so with plenty of winter walks!
  12. You have to laugh really, the rain has has no issue making its way across the hills to south manchester all day, as soon as the temp drops & snow appears it all just fizzles out 😂.
  13. I hope the ppn sticks around for all our members who are starting to see the snow fall... a good few hours this evening should give a decent amount that could stick around for a while!
  14. Just had a quick look at my March 2018 images of the snow & found a couple. 2 pics taken from Milnrow & 1 from Sale on the same day. I fully expect this next week or so to produce the same kind of disparity. Would love to be wrong tho !
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