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  1. Blue Noses are easily confused but what's a Dyer ? I have visions of Danny Dyer in front of a weather map, swearing about cold fronts !
  2. What sort of snow depths will Peterborough see from this band mate ..... in your opinion ?
  3. So the edge of that low is going to catch Peterborough before sweeping west ...... isn't it ?!!!!
  4. So I'm in Peterborough which is Midlands as far as I'm concerned ...... what should I be expecting this weekend ?!!!!
  5. It will not snow in Peterborough ..... it never snows in Peterborough ...... we have a snowshield protecting us !!!
  6. All this Winter has demonstrated to me is that (a) all these models try their best to forecast ahead but frankly they haven't a hope in hell of knowing what Mother Nature is going to do and (b) our interpretation of the models simply adds a further layer of guesswork to it all. I love seeing the models and getting excited at reading the model interpretations (sometimes !) but really - and no disrespect intended - we really haven't got a clue what the weather is going to do beyond 3-4 days !!!
  7. This is all well and good but can somebody just tell me that the infamous Peterborough Snow Shield WILL be breached tomorrow ?
  8. I think it isn't the content of what you post but the tone of your comments ..... no need for it IMHO !!!
  9. The more intense snow is still up over the Borders area and that may offer more hope as it comes down this evening in colder temperatures. The current snow is turning back to sleet at Nottingham and beyond so best hope is from later this evening. Temperatures above Nottingham currently around 1c whereas more like 4c/5c around London.
  10. Looking at the NW Radar, the band is definitely more east than was projected BUT it is clearly weakening as it comes down AND its also looking like sleet and even rain for anywhere home counties and below.
  11. Just been watching the animated movement of today's snow band and am I just being wishful here or is it sliding significantly further east than was initially projected ?
  12. Unfortunately the title "Model Discussion Thread" is a bit misleading to those of us who observe and try to learn. There are obviously various different models and various different ensembles out there such that those on here with a bias - for whatever reason - towards ramping mild or ramping cold will always find output from somewhere that appears to back his or her case. Its frustrating but its entertaining and at times like this, it just underlines that no matter what your chosen model says, anything can happen !!!
  13. Go Timbo ..... this is the banter forum not the model forum so good on you and please do lead us up that path !!!
  14. Santa very kindly brought me a Technoline WS9130-IT which I love to bits except for one real big annoyance. The max/min readings are rounded to the nearest degree and not very accurately either ..... if temperature moves up to 13.1C the max rounds up to 14C !!! I need a station that records a max of 13.1C as 13.1C and not 13C or 14C ...... and I don't want to pay much as I'm now in the post-Christmas poverty period ! Any suggestions would be gratefully received !
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