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  1. Surely you are used to having a blue nose 😉 !!! #UTV
  2. Blue Noses are easily confused but what's a Dyer ? I have visions of Danny Dyer in front of a weather map, swearing about cold fronts !
  3. What sort of snow depths will Peterborough see from this band mate ..... in your opinion ?
  4. So the edge of that low is going to catch Peterborough before sweeping west ...... isn't it ?!!!!
  5. So I'm in Peterborough which is Midlands as far as I'm concerned ...... what should I be expecting this weekend ?!!!!
  6. It will not snow in Peterborough ..... it never snows in Peterborough ...... we have a snowshield protecting us !!!
  7. All this Winter has demonstrated to me is that (a) all these models try their best to forecast ahead but frankly they haven't a hope in hell of knowing what Mother Nature is going to do and (b) our interpretation of the models simply adds a further layer of guesswork to it all. I love seeing the models and getting excited at reading the model interpretations (sometimes !) but really - and no disrespect intended - we really haven't got a clue what the weather is going to do beyond 3-4 days !!!
  8. This is all well and good but can somebody just tell me that the infamous Peterborough Snow Shield WILL be breached tomorrow ?
  9. You ARE wrong ..... Peterborough will average 10cm of snow ...... Paston will get 20cm !!!
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