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  1. Has there been any response to the SSW anywhere? The PV just looks strong as normal with no change.
  2. So the QTR is well gone...are we actually seeing a SSW response? Even in FI? Is the UKMET easterly actually because of the SSW? Is the PV actually splitting and being destroyed? Genuine questions.
  3. Indeed, but the rest of the ensemble spread is not that exciting at all. I mentioned the mean the other day, and still nothing notable has changed.
  4. No no..not an outcome that could ever be considered!!
  5. Comment related to 6z output. Thats what it showed. Maybe should of added: 'going by the 6z output...' Lots of panicing and jumping on posts again it seems.
  6. Indeed. Put perfectly. Seems that will be how February pans out unless something significant suddenly changes.
  7. Can we have a greenland high please? Anything from the east is always on dodgy ground. Such a strong PV continually modelled over canada/greenland. Will the SSW nuke it...a split will just strengthen the lobe over that area...maybe (?). Atlantic looks strong, even the above chart has a LP system heading to the UK. Edit...just seen a fat sausage entering greenland.
  8. There maybe northern blocking, but to my very untrained eye all I see is a big strong chunk of PV sat over Canada/Greenland sending weather systems off the Atlantic to the UK. Until that big chunk of PV does something else or disappears it just looks windy, wet with snow over high ground. Of course its not as simple as that due to the SSW, which I'm sure someone will point out. But if the SSW was not happening it just looks like good old english wintry weather, cold and damp down south and wintry in the the north.
  9. GFS 6z, looks Atlantic dominated right through out. Lots of cold zonal air, usual places seeing wintry stuff. In the main pretty wet and windy.
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