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  1. Hail in Bolton this morning then turned snowy. Now in Manchester CC nothing much occurring
  2. Nothing all day here bar a few hailstones around the school run time this morning. We seem to have fallen just between he two bands of showers ?. Maybe we’ll snatch a few flakes off the incoming band in an hour or two
  3. Gone really dark here. Wasn’t expecting round 2 to be quite so dramatic!
  4. Just started to go mad here, too. More rain than wind but that’s building too
  5. The whole new BBC weather service seems to have gone downhill to me. They seem to be out of step with most of the models. Bring back the MetO to provide them with their info!!!!
  6. Thanks, SS. That sounds much more sensible. It wasn’t Darren on the one I saw and I was really surprised because whoever it was didn’t mention elevation etc (which I would have expected). Perhaps I had nodded off and was dreaming of snow!!
  7. Did anyone else see the BBC forecast at 9.55 last night clearly showing quite a lot of snow for Saturday? It was the longer one on BBC News but I can’t find anyone else at all saying this really. No one on here or Meto or other channels. But he seemed pretty confident! Am I going mad?!!
  8. Wind has suddenly picked up here quite significantly. Hoping that might be a good sign of the more intense weather getting nearer! (Well you can’t blame me for a bit of straw clutching!!)
  9. Snowing here and loads on the radar. Will snow all day I reckon!
  10. Yep saw the same forecast and snow on Friday much further north than previously thought. Snow reaching our region big style
  11. Can you elaborate on the curve ball? I’m on tenterhooks!! (Ps love reading your posts...thank you )
  12. @chris78 I’m in Bolton on the north side. Funnily enough I was just putting that in my profile while you were posting to me!!
  13. Been radar watching all day but the showers keep losing their mojo before the get to us!! We do have a nice covering but that’s all. Be nice to get a bit more off this incoming band
  14. There is a decent band heading our way according to the radar as long as they get over the hills ok. Looks potentially strong enough though.
  15. I really hope we see some. So exciting for coldies next week but it does look like we might miss out on the snow. I managed to be out of the country Jan 2010 when they had a foot here. Be sorry if we don’t get anything this time !
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