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  1. Just seen a BBC national forecast and it still looked ok for NW tonight / tomorrow morning. Has confused me now given the model output and general opinions on here!!
  2. I was following the radar a lot of the evening and it felt weird...nothing when we looked to be under thick cloud or showers and squalls when it should have been clear. But a bit too soon to write off winter yet, as frustrating as this little episode has been.
  3. WAs just thinking about you down the road Winterhill and hoping you were getting it too!
  4. That band of showers to the west over just exiting Ireland is more organised that anything we’ve had yet. Hang on in there!!
  5. Just heading home to Bolton now from work in Manchester City Centre. My other half said it was a mix of sleet and snow in Bolton earlier, but we have a bit of height at home so i’m not giving up hope yet!!
  6. Really feels like this one will be a look out the window job. In everything i’ve read and seen no one really seems to know what is going on. I’ve not given up hope that the models will backtrack on their backtrack as I think they are struggling as well.
  7. Hello. I’m North of Bolton, too. At about 143m asl. Not far from you. Hopefully we won’t miss out!
  8. Me too but I can’t find a forecast which says anything but rain for Bolton! But not giving up yet...we’re at 143m. Not that high but there is some hope!!
  9. Sorry been at work. We’re at 143m where we are. Possibly marginal but I am so hoping not. Agree about the apps but just trying to manage my own expectations after overdosing on the model thread!!
  10. I live in Bolton but we tend to get lumped in with manchester in forecasts even though our weather is usually noticeably colder during cold spells. But my Meto app and and other app are both still saying rain until Friday. I’m finding it hard to believe that will be right?