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  1. Can I just confirm the best western post code/zip code is 75062- 5913. That's the one we are all staying in
  2. The people who are travelling the day before and staying at Best Western Irving, we should meet up!
  3. Sorry i did reply to this but it didn't send for some reason. I'm on flight BA1504. Cant believe its only a week away now, cant wait to see some proper storms!!!
  4. Yep me too!! Have purchased another memory card, just need a spare camera battery! I'm also staying in best western Irving on the 7th ?
  5. What size holdall is recommended, what capacity? I've been looking at different size ones, one that holds 100L or will that be too big for the car?
  6. starting to get all my gear together, does anyone have any recommendations for tripods? I've found one which is light weight and has clip legs locks instead of screw ones for speed.
  7. Thanks guys!! All booked flying in the day before and leaving on the 19th at 18.00 with BA
  8. Need some advice on flights. Flights to london are only in the evening or over night. So am I best to stay one more day and travel home on the 20th? And not risk it for the 19th?
  9. Love the pics! Love the one in Kansas
  10. Thankyou very much for all the info ☺
  11. Hi, who will be the driver for tour 1 and when is it best to book flights? Flying from London! And when will we receive the last part of the info and need to pay the balance? This is my first tour, so very exited!!
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