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  1. Oh dear....the pub run is not up to its usual party antics and instead is just stumbling home falling FLAT on its face. Tomorrows another day.
  2. 3 or 4 days was it steve...glad to have you back...if you ever left of course. Liking the depths there(not likely accurate of course)....I'm hopefully going to Edinburgh in a week or so and hoping to catch some white stuff. A cold northwest flow is dropping it the wrong side of the mountains though... Here's hoping!
  3. Cant we just turn them all on and off again.? I mean we all know they flip flop when clueless with different output from run to run but this just seems a total mess, a complete mess, not even any variations of a theme. For me it's looking like a continuation of wet and windy.....but that strat warming showing last night will get me through the day! Still...the chase goes on!
  4. Which begins to make me think we should just have a sole ukmo thread! It's pretty poor...but it's not completely without interest. I'll give it all of today's runs before putting the phone down. Fingers crossed.
  5. For a fact...anyone who looks for breakdown and a path to mild in a 'hunt for cold thread' is just a serial reverse phcology merchant more desperate for a beast than anyone else. After a break for a week or 2 I'm well up for a chase! Let's go!
  6. Will get to me first sis....I'll let you have it in a bit....unless it's decent then it can stay right here!!
  7. Can you draw a cross on the back build please....and the direction it's moving or not moving??? Cheers!
  8. So this would suggest that north easterly is gonna blow it back in land towards London north surrey....maybe wrong or right but encouraging none the less! VID-20190131-WA0018.mp4
  9. Well....I'm hopeful as ever...proper nowcast though. Chertsey is a bad snow place unless the Thames streamer is involved. Let's see how we get on...3cm I reckon.
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