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  1. Enough horsing around...I like what Fiona tried and who knows the horses probably know the weather courses better than we do right now. In what seems to be the longest chase for cold ever let's get eyes down for the 18z bonanza. Lets all Hope the models don't fall at the first fence.... Let's go....
  2. What an awful disappointing day....some of these minor details really have had major implications. Well done to those who spotted and showed concern. I didn't want to believe you but credit where it's due! Never again will I believe and easterly until it's a clean path to it.
  3. Right...model fatigue for today for sure.... What a great watch it has become in the last week or so....pretty much as predicted all along. Models now showing something some of us will remember for a long long time if this spell produces to it's potential... ECM BACK ON IT COME THE MORNING....?? IT JUST HAS TO BE!
  4. I'd go with that....out of all things going on the most consistent has been this Am v Pm vibe in the models.
  5. Would this get snow south Steve? Everything (including meto) seems always a bit marginal? Sorry...bit of anoptimistic question at best!
  6. Gfs pub run spectacularl later???....it's gotta come kicking and screaming at some point and stop being such a bias idiot!
  7. I'm bowing down.... From a 3rd year lurker....
  8. Banned!!! Lol....but yes thanks for the constant tidying up!
  9. It's a lesser spotted split polar vortex lama....! Count down to that spitting some cold air our way!
  10. Maaaan....give us something! Not even a ridge....not happy. Not writing off the winter just yet but seems like we miss out big despite some of the best synoptics/timings we have seen in a long time.
  11. Aaaaand back to the ecm....
  12. The Tottenham Hotspur stadium has been put back less than this cold spell! However ,as with the stadium , it's coming...the models are just finishing 'building' it! Onto the 12z to see progress!
  13. Give it a week...48hrs even. Maximum Patients required. If after another week when mid Jan gets modelled in the slightly more reliable then you can get despondent!
  14. And really that sums it all up. Give it a week or so....