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  1. There is intermittent cloud now in Heathrow area and chertsey where I am, which is 7 miles directly south. Probably affecting temps I'd have thought.
  2. Me and dave hanging out at 32° in chertsey surrey....
  3. Getting moody here in chertsey....clouds wind eeeriness
  4. The meto would have been on this if it were to happen. No surprise to see changes today. Stay safe
  5. Loving the optimism here steve....at what is our first true go at some white transient something or other...!! I too am excited none the less....even in lowly chertsey 6m asl! Lol! Bring it south!
  6. Didnt someone say end of feb/early march was our best shot sometime back in December?? Have we not know this all along??... and if proved right that prediction would deserve a huge cigar and decent wiskey! For now...a few miles further south(as theses runs normally do) and we could be in!
  7. Cant be right. Speed of sound is 767mph....no commercial aircraft can currently do anywhere near 825mph!
  8. First sustained gusts of note here in chertsey just then...its building...
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