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  1. UK winters for the years '69-'70, '76-'77, '83-'84, based on the MetOffice CETs. Cool-cold months experienced in the UK during those winters. 1969 -110th coldest December - 3.3 1970 -105th coldest February - 2.9 1970 -56th coldest March - 3.7 1970 -60th coldest April - 6.7 1976 -47th coldest December - 2.0 1977 -133rd coldest January - 2.8 1977 -102nd coldest April - 7.2 1983 -289th coldest December - 5.2 1984 -128th coldest February - 3.3 1984 -125th coldest March - 4.7 1984 -44th coldest May - 9.9
  2. Cold Decembers in the US? I wonder how Decembers in Europe compared! Interesting to see the Met Office UK CET ranking December 2010 as the second coldest in 334 years. The third coldest December occurred during the last Grand Solar Minimum. And the coldest December recorded (1890) occurred during a rapid decline in sunspot activity, before recovering in the early 1900s. Observations are now trending towards the next Grand Solar Minimum. Current sun spot activity alarmingly low. Notice the total lack of solar activity in
  3. A spec of snow showing South of Sheffield on the radar. And growing in 5 mins!
  4. I wouldn't worry about the Northern Hemisphere at T216. The next few days are unpredictable enough!
  5. Recall posting something towards the end of January flirting with the (daft) idea that winter will arrive just in time for the Game of Thrones finale, as HBO would have wanted. Shortly after, this post was removed by the mods. Now observing the charts there are indications (think ECM) that this may well be the case. Will be interesting to see what happens around Easter, equally interested to see whether this post also gets removed for suggesting something so absurd. Exciting times!
  6. Instead, you might have misunderstood the 'Cold Hunt' thread.
  7. Looking at the recent Met Office forecast on YouTube, earliest looks to be 10pm this evening, with consistent showers and a more organised band around 4-5am tomorrow.
  8. I can't help but feel that the model Gods are mocking us yet again... Here we are... 10 days away... But it's nice to see you again ECM ❤️
  9. The models have been hinting at 'colder conditions' towards the end of runs since mid-late November. Therefore, I can appreciate the frustration others feel when the cold is continuously pushed back. If this trend continues through to Spring, this will turn out to be one of the strangest winters I have ever experienced.
  10. Agreed. It'll snow when it snows, it'll rain when it rains. I imagine myself and many others probably spend too much time concerning themselves with things like this, although it is human nature to desire anticipation of the unknown. Unfortunately, the models will never be reliable.
  11. Snow joke, I think it's coming...
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