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  1. Just seen a bit of sun ! But looks like showers soon. 86.8 mm rain since weather broke on the 26th Sep. Please come back lovely summer, so much more to do yet.
  2. Only the odd trace here since 21st Aug. 2 light showers today so far have dampened the ground. Wall to wall cloud, calm and feeling very sultry. Butterflies have made a run for it, so could be more rain to come.
  3. Snap. 73.7 mm for Aug so far at Met Office rain observers sta here in SW corner of Bowland Felt cold last 2 or 3 days. But nice to see some spells of good warm sunshine today. Max got to 19.1C.
  4. A grim wet cloudy chilly autumnal day today. Nature's revenge. Suspect someone has been grumbling too much about having to water the garden. Until these last 2 or 3 days we've had a memorable sunny hot summer in Bowland. Kindly weather for superb displays of flowers and butterflies up to the middle of last week. Dry enough on the land to allow heavy machines to crop and harvest grass from the most difficult fields. But nicely enough rain now and then to keep plants growing. Picture below taken in the 6 day dry spell in late June. Glorious summer weather. June rain total only 35.1mm. In July we had more good dry spells including from mid month a 2 week drought and heat. 2 days with max 29.4 C. Yet July rain total, 124.8 mm, was just above the 52 yr average of 110.3 mm. High evaporation soon got rid of puddles. But big change today. Collected 52.4 mm from the gauge at 9 GMT for previous 24hrs. About 20mm of that fell between midnight and 1am GMT. Come back summer all is forgiven, Sunhat not put away and there's fruit to be ripened.
  5. Not had a drop of rain here since the bit of drizzle on 31st July. Is there any prospect of a share in the showers tonight or have I to go out watering veggies again. Been hot an sunny here this week -- grand camping weather.
  6. Still dry and dusty up here, Those few drops this afternoon changed nothing. Abandoned evening chore of garden watering as it appears some rain is approaching form the west. May not be much, but some real rain will help thirsty plants, Temp dropped - now 16.7. Max been 21.0
  7. We had a 14 day drought by 9GMT today. Broken by a few spots 1.30-2pm. Large mass of rain has brushed past us and gone into Upper Ribblesdale.
  8. Big shower somewhere near Clitheroe and Pendle just now.
  9. Max got to 29.4C up here, Now 27.3C. Sweaty and sultry and another day with lots of clegs hunting for blood in the garden and fields. Tried to keep all flesh covered up but got bites on wrists. . A very light breeze stirring now.
  10. 23.6 C now. Some small cus drifting over from the north. Just completed 9 consecutive dry days. There was a lovely golden orange sunset last night. Wondering if the smoke pollution from forest fires is already here?
  11. Developing anvil onwards and upwards. Can't hear rumbles at present from here now though.
  12. A few mins ago looking SE. Rumbles coming out of this. I reckon it's over Rossendale
  13. Max in SW Bowland was 29.4C 84.9 F Now 27.6C 81.7F. Got some work done in garden between 7and 8am. Was misty and chilly then.
  14. Why isn't there a better way than the lottery of penalties -- count the corners, fouls etc. Or do the top brass want the shoot-outs to add excitement. What's wrong with "joint winners"? Drizzly day -- indoor work being tackled at last.
  15. Rain been thumping down for last half hour. Puddles are back. Had just started watering in garden after a dry hot day.
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