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  1. Western Cumbrian Fells had big rainfall yesterday also. Atlantic weather in full spate. But someone has to volunteer to face the onslaught and protect the rainshadows. 🙄
  2. Soaking up the deluges In the firing line at the Met Office rainall observation site at 150 m on the upslopes in SW Bowland. Collected 50.9 mm at 9GMT this morning for previous 24 hrs from manual gauge. Oct total so far 257.4 mm. Wettest months this year -- Feb 333.2 mm, June 194.5 mm, July 266.0 mm, August 200.0 mm. Year total so far 1645.9 mm 50 yr average 1481.1 mm Max 1984.0 mm in 2012.
  3. Another lovely day.. Max 18C. Wall to wall sun and more forecasted.. We deserve it after such a rotten summer.
  4. Air pollution caused by the Oregon wildfires is way above the hazardous scale in some places. Monitoring here. https://www.purpleair.com/map?opt=1/mAQI/a10/cC0#5.59/43.538/-122.114
  5. Appalling pollution in Oregon at present cause by the wildfires. Oregon's Governor warned yesterday that it's the worst in the world. https://www.windy.com/-PM2-5-pm2p5?cams,pm2p5,45.213,-110.435,4 The fierce east winds have stopped and though there is a forecast change to the more usual westerlies, it is only slow - indeed days away. So the air is almost static and the authorities mentioned an inversion trapping the poliution over the fire ravaged areas. The scale of all tis damage is incredible.
  6. Yes, hello, it's me Chrs. I had noticed you around too. Feeling very depressed at the state of farmland and buildings up here after this dreadfully wet cloudy summer. A long dry sunny spell would lift spirits and allow some catch up with work.
  7. Patchy drizzle and light rain on and on. Picked up 12.9mm this morning from the manual gauge on the Met Office site here. Already 38.4mm this month. Somewhere up there maybe there's a sun shining. Work on the land this summer has been so difficult. Crops poor in the wet sunless.conditiions. August total was 200.0 mm exactly. Total for June, July, Aug = 660.5mm. !! Did fellow residents in the NW see the charts here -- https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/binaries/content/assets/metofficegovuk/pdf/weather/learn-about/uk-past-events/summaries/uk_monthly_climate_summary_sum
  8. Storm Francis - Picked up 37.3 mm from the manual gauge at 9 GMT for previous 24hrs. Aug total so far 194.2 mm. All on top of June 194.5 mm and July 266.0 mm. Only 5 wetter August totals since readings started here in 1968, but 2 will soon be beaten if we have some heavy showers.
  9. Met Office shipping forecast at 6pm gave centre of low as 979 mb. Was then in N Irish Sea east of IOM. Where did it come ashore? Somewhere in Morecambe Bay?
  10. Clip just now from Windy.com. Wales sheltering us perhaps.
  11. Interesting watching this as the strong winds advance into the Irish Sea basin. https://www.windy.com/?53.264,-2.822,9 Zoom to get live cams in our region.
  12. I see others have enjoyed the sunset sky! My pic when it was at the peach stage ..
  13. NW sky appropriately on fire this evening with bright golden orange colours changing to intense red. However to south there's black threatening clouds. So -- what next? Not a drop of rain here today. No thunder as yet, though could hear very distant drumming late afternoon. Max temp today 29.2C. Sweaty and tropical. Currently 24.0C. Occasionally there's been a light NE breeze, but calm now. Clouds moving slowly from south all day.
  14. Constant distant rumblings for last hour from all parts south and southwest from here. Like a far away battle field Large anvil came up from south half an hour agp and has spread cloud all over now. Previously had plenty of clear sky most of the day.
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