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  1. My dad said the same here in North Yorkshire on their dairy farm,I wasn't born til 80. Seems remarkable these days that you could get snow as late as June. Summer 1995 was my best memory no rain all summer til September cows fed on straw and molasses as grass was brown,would love another summer like that now I'm out of it !!!
  2. Givendale towards Garrowby Hill Road got stuck had to turn around drifting was too bad,warned a few others and watched them get stuck too 🤷‍♂️🙈
  3. Working in Eastrington near Howden this morning, was clear when arrived ,heavy snow shows been piling in here! I hope Malton is doing as well 🤞
  4. Wouldn't worry about these precipitation charts yet,from my experience little features pop up out of nowhere nearer the time, so will be plenty of surprises I'm sure. Can always remember one around 2009 or 10 where there was a small area of snow sitting off the coast circling on the rain today radar one Sunday afternoon, it then moved inland and give Stamford Bridge(where I was at the time) a right dumping for a couple of hours. Wasn't forecasted either! Good luck guys 🤞🌨🌨🌨☃️
  5. Light Hail here in Malton still and over the top of the wolds was rain. All very strange!!
  6. I'll expect nothing then ,bit like this week then 🤪
  7. Any news on the band of rain/sleet and snow coming south on Thurs/Friday? Are we expecting any potential surprises?
  8. Took this while working Yesterday morning In Brough, summed it up on lower ground 🌧🌧
  9. You must have nice views from your house then!! Worked on farms at Acklam/Scrayingham and leppington 20yrs ago ,fab views over that way,if only mobile phones were decent back then would have had some cracking photos.
  10. Just travelled home from work,Pocklington to Malton over the top, was snowing heavily and white over between Millington towards top of Acklam.
  11. I've come to the conclusion that Malton must be a 1000ft below sea level! 🌧🌧🌧🌧🌧🌧
  12. Just let the dog out, hard frost not lifted all day ,and it's raining slightly must be lethal out there! Happy new year to everyone!
  13. Some great snow pictures out there! Especially yours Cold Winter 😉 The proper snow forecasts for us to the east of the region never seem to get any closer,will be end of January at this rate.
  14. And was cloudy when went outside not long ago. Hard to believe we are more than likely to wake up to a wet mess this low down.
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