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  1. @reef you seeing some of the white stuff also?? Be good to get your location back in the game after a fail last year..?
  2. Got to admit I wasn’t expecting as much as I got in my location overnight and still snowing with a line of showers still incoming... Nice little surprise.
  3. It does however state that they don’t know the exact track yet and how far north it gets. And then there’s the wrap around later with the change of wind direction which could offer a kind of stall over our region for prolonged periods of snow.. If It is to reach our Regions hopefully the south west and Midlands don’t take to much intensity out of it.. ?
  4. It will be down to now casting, But I wouldn’t be to optimistic of them reaching the east of the Pennines. I think only the far west of our Region will really benefit from them and still not everyone will see them even in those areas. The main threat will be Ice it’s very wet out there and with the temps dropping sharply below freezing after sunset it could get very dangerous indeed. And yes Thursdays event needs to track further north than some models suggest but I’m hopeful.. However I’ve seen it so many times when these southward trends get hold we end up with a none event as it scut
  5. Been Snowing in my location for around 2hours now intensity has altered throughout this period from light to Heavy and back again. So far nothing has really settled even with my elevation a little on cars and grass but that’s about it to marginal for any real disruption.. Still nice to see it falling from the sky. Expecting a freeze as the sun goes down which could be quite disruptive and any snow showers following the front coming into the west could settle quite rapidly and add to the danger. Now we chase the Thursday/Fridays low which I still believe is where our best chance of lying
  6. Look north have showers for West Yorkshire and Western parts of North Yorkshire some this evening and overnight giving a dusting Followed by a more persistent band of snow reaching the more western parts by around Noon giving around 4-5 hours of snow as it moves west to east how heavy and how much will be down to the day and higher routes will always do better when it comes to depth. Still lots of change possible as the low hasn’t developed yet so the exact track still isn’t nailed but the current run shows our entire region could see at least a few CMs almost anywhere. Looking forward to this
  7. The BBC weather forecast still promising for the South East later on around the evening Rush hour a few CMs almost anywhere.. Exact Track still not nailed. Lots of change is still very possible as the low develops out in the Atlantic.
  8. Haven’t had time to look at the models yet is the low showing a slightly more northern track Hence the downgrade for the south? Or is it the angle?
  9. Very Likely it’s all about the track it takes, Too far south (South France for example) may only bring the tips of the south into the mix if at all, Too far north the question will be does it pull down the cold enough uppers so could be to marginal and only offer accumulations on higher routes and the southerners will be throwing the toys out, But if it tracks the channel as shown on many runs even a few miles north or south put our region well into the mix for seeing snow for Tuesday into Wednesday how much will be down to the day and the exact track then I think it will be followed by snow s
  10. I watched a video from a Met office forecaster earlier, He said that either side of the extreme of the Track the Tuesday Low would take is either the Med and the other side of the spectrum through the Channel. However he stated the most likely track would be the middle of France.. Obviously if it tracks through the Med it’s a fail for the UK and if it tracks through the Channel it could be good for southern UK up to the midlands. But if it tracks through France it would only just clip the most southern parts of the uk..So it’s hard to see based on that video that the Low will track any further
  11. I realise this may be slightly off topic so I apologise if so and please feel free to move it to the relevant if needed... I posted this question in the mods and banter thread which could of been missed by the relevant people that could possibly answer it... this was the question. Given In certain areas Japan see’s the most snow fall on average than anywhere else in the world during winter, been an island like the uk and seeing something similar all winter like the lake type effect snow we do with a “Beast From The East” when winds come from a Russian direction, In the event of a SSW w
  12. It’s frustrating I know but the place that receives the most snow in the world during winter is on the island of Japan. Effectively they get something similar to what we do when the Beast from the east arrives on our shores from Russia(West). But they get it all winter along with sub zero temps so it just keeps accumulating. Which leads me onto a question for you more experienced folk.. In the event of a SSW when the winds reverse does this result in Japan getting a milder less snowy winter ??
  13. Yep the Otley Gap streamer didn’t materialise in fact in this case it ended up pretty much avoiding it all together..lol. Thats the nature of these showers some do pretty well and some get next to nothing. Ahh well I’m sure they’ll be more opportunities before this winter ends. Especially with the slight upgrades on the models earlier.. ?
  14. When I posted my first post if you read it back I state some people with elevation may do well out of this.. I wasn’t initially referring to myself. But I’ll look into altering my bio to save confusion in the future? Anyhow good dusting here this morning very cold and ice any showers are snow even to lower levels so stay safe guys & Girls hope everyone sees their first proper snow of the winter ??
  15. I’m definitely not disagreeing with you at all buddy I’m just pointing out the fact that some not all may get some decent accumulations especially with elevation where some of these showers are more frequent and band together, My location is up on the moorside around 250m above sea level so I’d say I’m in the game if the showers play ball.?
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