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  1. Lovely day but bitter in that wind. If this is the last cold spell of the winter i won't be too disappointed. I would rate this spell 6/10 as although it delivered around 4 inches of snow and there were some impressive cold temperatures it could have been so much better in terms of snow depth. However compared to last winter this winter has been brilliant if a little marginal at times. Enjoy the cold today and tomorrow.
  2. Christ this is a bit of a let down, at least the hole of doom is now heading north so still the chance of some light snow.
  3. Some hefty showers building off scarborough area, newcastle north looks in the firing line.
  4. Definitely some potential for tomorrow then going on that met office forecast. Gfs has some snow clipping the region. Lols better the further north you are.
  5. These 2 beauts could be the final hurrah. Stunningly crisp night out there now. I reckon newcastle will get these.
  6. I think that could be it for now, let's see how cold we can get tonight. Be great if the small feature can nudge a bit more toward us tomorrow and give a surprise fall.
  7. Stunning evening sledging with the kids, decent enough cover of around 4/5 inches so cant complain too much. Be great to get a few more heavy showers but looks like things are dieing off on the radar
  8. I hope the radar has broke and those showed haven't just vanished! Looks like we got a little bit more snow overnight. Edinburgh is still getting battered.
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