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  1. Met office are predicting a possible snow event. Possibly a covering on the higher parts of the Chilterns????
  2. Light snow in high wycombe. Nothing showing yet on metoffice radar... It is still further east.
  3. Another decent covering for the chiltern hills... This has been a very good season for snow round these parts. Much more than usual. Our best covering was in december but we have had a number of settling snow events since then.
  4. I was hoping to walk up Ingelborough with my dog today, set off early morning after sleeping nearby in my car. Too cold and too windy on the moorland Even with balaclava the side of my face was numb and even though Border Collies are good in cold weather I think this was probably a bit too much for him to carry on... If i did not have my dog probably would have trundled up to the top not to be defeated. Not loads of snow but what was their was blowing around.
  5. Hope Gatwick is not goint to have freezing rain. Am picking up a friend who is arriving just after 2pm. Can’t see them remaining open with freezing rain.
  6. weather forecasting can not accuratly predict the weather days ahead... especially snowfall, its often marginal, streamers appear at short notice and the location effected is different even with small changes to the wind. How about people learn about weather and nowcast by looking at the radar (would have helped if metoffice radar actually worked through this coldspell)
  7. Not much in the way of snow so far but this has to be the coldest day for some time....
  8. Bloody freezing on this mornings dog walk. -4.5 degrees C however with the windchill probably nearer -12! numb fingers! wrap up warm.... The sun had a halo around it this morning an also a 'sun dog'. It was not that pronounced compared to the examples found on the internet but was interesting nevertheless. From Wikipedia A sun dog (or sundog) or mock sun, formally called a parhelion[1] (plural parhelia) in meteorology, is an atmospheric optical phenomenon that consists of a bright spot to the left and/or right of the Sun. Two sun dogs often flank the Sun within a 22° halo.
  9. Got 6/8 inches in december and had no where near the hype of this easterly... so far got a partial dusting of graupal. Bring on spring!!!!!
  10. What if you live just outside on London but north of the Thames like Denham in Bucks... thats Home Counties but only 3 miles west of London... this is all very confusing.
  11. Unprecedented snow fall has fallen near Venice today, the seaside resort of Jesolo has snow on the beech... My mum grew up near and never did this happen.. An omen for what is to come in the UK? http://www.veneziatoday.it/cronaca/neve-spiaggia-jesolo-23-febbraio-2018-video.html
  12. During the peak of the cold spell tamper with the central heating for a couple of days, pretend its broken and make the house freezing. She might show a tad more interest in pending cold weather spells after that!
  13. I am driving upto Fort William for a weeks holiday on Saturday 3rd March if the charts verify it might be a long challenging journey in my 2wd BMW? How do those roads usually hold up in the snow. On the plus side it looks like I might be able to ski straight from my door. Bought some cheap snow blades for a bit of cross country skiing thinking I might have to carry them half way up the mountain. Not going by the latest charts! Snow right down to the lochs!
  14. I am driving up from London to Fort William on Saturday 3rd of June looking at the charts it may be a challenging journey. Definatly something to keep a close eye on as the time gets closer. My BMW is not the most snow friendly car. On the plus side if I make it it it looks like I will have plenty of opportunity of putting my snow blades to good use!
  15. Even though their is alot of support from the met-office, BBC, Net weather posters and more for this cold spell to come into fruition this is still a long way away in modelling terms. People have been talking about what models are showing in 10+ days time getting excited, chasing rainbows until this cold spell digs in its difficult to know what to expect and for those chasing snow their still could be some big disapointments. Saying that the weather was lovely yesterday, 10 degrees no wind and sunshine. Same for today going out at mid day is reminiscent of a late spring or early summer morn
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