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  1. I really like the fact that it’s corrected sooo far south and even missed south in fact. I think it’s like we’ve seen the Northernmost possibility and now the Southernmost possibility and so the eventual outcome should be somewhere near the middle of the two, which is hopefully right where we need it for maximum snow! The pendulum has gone one way and will surely go back the other way before coming to rest in the middle.
  2. I’m also heading off to Canada at half term. Jasper for a week and can’t wait! Not heaps of snow there this season but so cold that it’s not an issue
  3. I look in the firing line in North London. A part doesn’t want snow today because I have hockey today! But I pray for it year round so if it does get me I won’t complain!
  4. This thing is pivoting! Radar from 21:00 skip to Latest really shows it well.
  5. Heavy snow for a few hours here. Expected 0-1cm. Got 5-6cm instead! DADD9C90-696B-41DE-B6FD-4BB571E0B94C.MP4
  6. Amazingly heavy in Watford again. We talk about 50p flakes but these are dollar bill flakes! Grass under snow now and roads covered
  7. Completely white ground here at school now. Everyone’s speculating if school will be called off tomorrow! (As it standard for people down here)
  8. Very heavy snow in Watford for last half hour. Already a light covering
  9. I think that every event in the atmosphere, whether it be an SSW or whatever, has an effect on everything else so even if it didn’t immediately or directly affect the troposphere how we wanted, it would have caused something else to lead to something else etc etc. So if something did pop up in February or March or whenever, I think we could still say the SSW was helpful in assisting it. Merely an opinion on the greater picture however and I’m only new to this. (So new in fact that although I’ve been following the models for a while, I only really learnt about properly about the atmosphere in my Alevel geography lesson earlier today!)
  10. Amazing looking at the overall radar for the UK after having been zoomed in on our corner of the country all night. It’s really extensive now did they forecast it to be this much?
  11. Can confirm first flakes within the rain in North London! Have had to wait a painful amount of time this evening but it’s all a bonus in November!
  12. Snow has been very heavy in North London for last half hour or so. Roads covered and gritter only went round recently! Does look its slowing now which will mean higher totals of snow. This has been very surprising considering when I looked at the radar earlier I was wondering where this snow would come from!
  13. The system looks to have made it to London. Just. Thought It would turn away just short leaving us with not as much. However just started snowing in north London and hopefully should continue for a while.
  14. Dont post much but noticed this on the radar and thought I’d share. Actually still at school but got cancelled today and should be tomorrow looking at this! BE8D6C5C-6331-426F-810B-023FEA6904CB.MOV
  15. Hi there New on here and only 15 but have been looking for a few years. Acc from London but noticed the interest from ‘ana’ in the channel and want an idea for track as the SE could come into play tomorrow! I’m seeing some pretty intense ppn growing. If it does fall as snow here tomorrow they’ll be A LOT I think! That’s if dp and temps allow it!
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