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  1. Here’s a video of the storm coming through Barnet, North London! Some of the heaviest hail I’ve seen! The odd flash of lightning and rumble of thunder now as the rest passes through. IMG_2718.MP4
  2. Snow actually a bit heavier now here, to my surprise. A decent morning of snow-watching even if it won’t settle, I’ll take it. IMG_2193.MP4
  3. Been snowing for around an hour and a half now, just East of Watford. Flakes keep fluctuating in size, but fields are now turning an ever so slightly lighter shade of green!
  4. I’m hoping so but keeps on turning back to sleet whenever it gets lighter so it’ll be tricky I think
  5. Heavy snow! No chance of settling unfortunately but great to see nonetheless
  6. A tree came down in Cockfosters, North London during the squall line!
  7. I'll be going out to Reading festival this bank holiday weekend and I'm praying for good weather after last year was cold and wet despite what the rest of summer 2018 was like! What are my chances like of some heat and staying dry?
  8. Cloud coming in over north London which has brought it down from 36.4 to 36.1. Should get another run at a record before about 3pm I hope?
  9. In the space of 20 mins 3 or for small cells have grown or popped up. Whether they can survive to London in my case! Good luck everyone!
  10. My prediction was 24.6 in Heathrow! Unfortunately I was beaten today and Saturday but I’m amazed I got temp and location for one day at least! ?
  11. I think there’s still a lot of surprises out there for people today
  12. This is so British! Students at my school have started a petition to get school cancelled. We’re on 250 signatures in 45 minutes!
  13. Come to Papa! Just a mile or two more and then you can stop moving!
  14. Is that heading that way?! I was led to believe it was heading eastish and light just get Kent? I hope you’re right!
  15. Could be a radar error but a big gap in the middle of the PPN seemed to fill in really nicely in the last half hour or so
  16. I’ve got two problems: I’ve got no lamppost at school and I’ve got homework to do! Nothing will stop me from constantly refreshing the radar however.
  17. Amazing sunrise here in Watford this morning. Not sure how well that picture will come out though. Lots of areas in the shade still had yesterday mornings frost in the evening so much of the ground will be able to hold this mornings frost throughout the day. This could make it much much easier for snow to settle than it was on Tuesday on a warmer and wetter ground.
  18. Yes, having also watched the models on hurricanes they seemed really poor with them this year. Often reeeaaally overdoing it or reeeaaally underdoing it in terms of pressure. Maybe it’s a similar scenario here just for a winter storm rather than summer.
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